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  1. GrandmaAng

    Should I ask to be released?

    zil, I haven't spoken to our current Bishop about it, he was called 18 mo ago. I did talk to my previous Bishop but he didn't take me very seriously. I will talk to my current Bishop though ?
  2. GrandmaAng

    Should I ask to be released?

    Person0, no the other two organists love playing.
  3. GrandmaAng

    Newbie Grandma

    Hi, Just dropping by to say hello. Lifelong member of the LDS church. Married, 5 grown children, 3 of them married, one in school and one on a mission. 3 grandsons ?? Happy to be here!
  4. GrandmaAng

    Should I ask to be released?

    I didn't know where else to ask this question so here I am! Is it right to ask to be released from a calling? I have lived in my ward for 20 years and have always been one of the three or four organists. I've never been released from this calling, not even when I was Primary President or counselor in RS. I currently have 4 callings, organist being one of them. But I only play once every three weeks. I am also a Family History Consultant, Primary permanent substitute, and Stake Women's Volleyball Specialist (only 9 weeks out of the year). I don't think any of the bishops that have served in my ward over the past 20 years have ever considered releasing me, even though we have several other people in our Ward (not including the current other 2 organists) that are capable organists. And there are also two youth that have been playing the organ only for prelude. I don't mind playing, but I am beginning to think this is a lifetime calling. I have been an organist since 1989 in two other wards as well, but in the other wards there were only one or two people that could play. I should mention that when I was first called I had never played the organ, just piano. I lived in the same ward as my mother in law and she was the only organist at the time. She was moving so the Bishop called me and she taught me how to play for about a month before she moved. That was a long explanation, sorry! I don't mind playing but even after all this time I still get so nervous every time It's my turn. I recently heard from a lady in my ward that the Bishop told her I had held the longest calling of anyone in the ward....Organist....Then she said they all had a good laugh about it. So, do I ask when I don't really have a good reason? Or just plan on this being a lifetime calling? ?
  5. GrandmaAng

    Just a bit of inspiration...

    Diet is very important! My husband and I have both changed our eating habits--eating healthier, exercising regularly. I have lost 24 lbs and he has lost 26 since February. It's coming off...slowly but surely! We also keep track of our calories every day by logging our meals using an app. It's helped us to be more aware of how much we are eating and which foods that we thought were healthy that are really not! We are educating ourselves :)
  6. GrandmaAng

    Eat to Live (ETL)

    I've lost 24 lbs so far from just eating healthy and exercising regularly :)
  7. GrandmaAng

    old newbie

    Hi everyone I have been on these forums before but not for a long time. I'm mainly here to hang out in the Health forum as I'm trying to eat healthier! Angela
  8. GrandmaAng

    Eat to Live (ETL)

    Hi--I was wondering if there is anyone else that is following a modified version of the diet Eat to Live? Angela
  9. I have really been struggling this week with understanding why sometimes prayers are not answered. It's my father-in-law, whom I love as much as my own father (maybe more). He has been having back problems since April. He had surgery twice in May. He has had pain in his back since after his last surgery the end of May. The doctor cannot figure out why. As a family we have been praying for him since before the surgeries. All summer we have fasted as a family, continued our prayers and my father in law has had many blessings. He went to the emergency room last night because he couldn't take the pain anymore (he had a blessing about 6 hours prior to having to go to the emergency room) I am having a really hard time understanding why our prayers have not been answered or why the blessings he has received have not relieved his pain. Is the Lord testing our whole families faith?! I'm sure I'm not the only one with these thoughts/feelings...but this is a family that will be faithful and strong to the very I really have no one to talk with about these doubts. I tried talking with my husband about it and he just shrugged his shoulders and says he doesn't know. Do I just shrug my shoulders too and figure "in the Lords time" and continue to watch a loved one in pain?
  10. GrandmaAng

    hello from a newbie

    Hi, I just joined this site. I'm from ID, married, 5 kids, in my late 40's. that's about it!