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  1. Spartan117

    Am I new?

    I mean technically no, but it's been like 5 or 6 years so maybe? I missed Pam and PrisonChaplain and wanted to say hi and everything is all new and shiny here now. So who liked Avengers: Endgame?
  2. Spartan117


    Nope, I can change and edit all my account and profile info. Many thanks
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    Mine as well
  4. Spartan117

    1/2 sacrament partaking

    Years ago my wife showed up late to her singles ward and missed the passing of the bread but took the water when it came around. She told her Bishop about it right after church, she said she was so focused on on how late she was that it didn't occur to her that she was only taking the last half of the sacrament when the water was passed to her. Her Bishop said it wasn't a huge problem as long it didn't become a habit and it was just a case of absentmindedness. I've never been in that situation myself, but I did attend a sacrament meeting a couple years ago where the water was blessed and passed before the bread. I think the young men were waiting for someone to bring them more bread and they just went ahead with the water. Whatever the reason, the Bishop somehow didn't notice that the prayer was for the water and not the bread because he gave the nod of approval and the water went out to the congregation. He apologized after and assured us that it still counted even though it was backwards.
  5. Spartan117


    Well for me, I converted to the church, got married, and went back to school full time in just over a year. All of those things gave me ties to people, groups and communities that I never had before. I can't just pick up and move like I have been, too much stuff going on. And even though I've perfected the art of moving throughout the years, NOT moving has been GREAT these last 18 months
  6. Spartan117


    I kept having the same recurring dream all throughout my childhood that I was a member of the Ghostbusters. I wish that followed me unto adulthood.
  7. Spartan117


    I've moved around a lot too. 15 times across 9 states in 10 years, mostly on the east coast and in the south. Most of that was during my time in the military. I never liked staying in one place for too long. Then I met my wife, got married and went back to school. We've been at the same place now for about a year and half so maybe this place will stick. Anywho, welcome to the forum.
  8. Spartan117

    F-16 Bird Strike And Eject

    F16 bird strike and eject - YouTube I was an Aircraft Structural Me maintenance Journeyman when I was in the Air Force, and in the maintenance field the F-16 is nicknamed 'The Lawn Dart.' It's a well earned nickname.
  9. Spartan117

    TV Shows

    Firefly and Serenity. Quality show. Way ahead of it's time.
  10. Spartan117

    Harvard Hosts Mormon Apostle as Speaker

    That's brilliant. EDIT: Didn't Elder Holland go to Yale, though?
  11. Spartan117

    Best Tactics for Asking A GUY Out?

    Firstly, congratulations with being truly single and moving on with your life. I'm not familiar with your personal history outside of this thread, so my advice is based only on your post here. Righteo. From what you said it sounds like he's trying to be a gentleman and respect you and your wishes. If it were me, I would want to know very clearly that I wouldn't be overstepping my boundaries by showing interest or pursuing you again. Especially considering the history of mixed signals with you and your family that you mentioned. Tell him you are in a different place now and you know want. Be as clear as you can. YES. He's going to want to know exactly where he stands with you. You're changing the rules on him and being direct is the best approach. You'll avoid all kinds of unnecessary awkwardness. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but be clear and direct. Tell him how things are and what you want and see where it goes. I personally think a standard issue 'dinner and a movie' kind of date with another couple would be perfect. My wife and I have been the other couple for more than a few of our friends first dates. There's so much less stress with a double date. That's my 2 cents. Hope there's something in there that's helpful and whatever you decide to do works out.
  12. Spartan117

    An 86-year-old gymnast

    You guys don't play bridge together?
  13. Spartan117

    Didn't there use to be more users of this forum?

    And number of new people who are great
  14. Spartan117

    I wish I had never married

    And as you can see, flattery gets you everywhere around here.
  15. Spartan117

    A class survey

    Somewhat fair. Totally unapprove. Totally unapprove. Totally unapprove.These questions are optional: What is your age? 29 What is your gender? Male What is your ethnicity? European What is your marital status? Married