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  1. Schwesterherz

    LDS Websites

    There is much false information about the church in other churches. The temple and the Endowment are sacred, we do not talk about it and through this, that; not contributes to develop confidence at all. If this were one of my friends, I would make clear to her that the garment are a symbol for the sacred covenant into which we enter with God in the temple. No more but also not less.
  2. Schwesterherz

    Is Heather a real person?

    I do not understand something. I suspected that a member could be a troll; and they send me a letter because of this. You discuss over several sides about this, whether a person is real and nothing happens here. What have I made wrong?
  3. Schwesterherz


    We do not know this company in Germany. We have, however, heard about them in our media. It was all about that this company (or their president) is against the marriage for homosexuals. This is his opinion he has a right to say that. Clearly that [those with same sex attraction] do not like this opinion, they must bear it, however. This is America, the country of the free and the brave. Everybody can say there what he thinks. It will so stupidly be sometimes as this Westboro Baptist Church of Fred Phelps.
  4. Schwesterherz

    Ex-Mormon gives his thoughts on Mormonism

    If one is a member of a group (party, church,or what also always); one can be disappointed. Not so much of the rules in the groups most however of people. One leaves the group out of disappointed love. And love turns into hate. The former members of the church who had left the church; hate the church. They hate the church for their own disappointed hopes and wishes. And whoever hates is more ready to spread lies about the object of his or her hate. Therefore all of us can assume that most, what these people spread about the church, is a lie.
  5. Schwesterherz

    The good old days of church criticism

    I personally do not think that it is bad when one criticizes a church. Neither the LDS. "Good tone" only should be taken into a group or a church and also the mutual respect.
  6. There is much in the world which is available; however, what is not provable. Or do you know how the taste of salt comes? How it comes, that hermaphrodites or Siamese twins are born that way? One must only believe, only accept other things until we have understand how it works. If one doubts it; this is that this is the church of God, of course one comes to this conclusion. Who has a testimony of the Gospel, though the Holy Ghost; accept the will of God, as it was told by his prophets. Believe me it would be easy to leave the church for me. I do not do it because I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. And this gives me the strength to live in celibacy.
  7. There will not be any problems as long as gay members of the church keep the commandments of the LORD by themselves. I mean with that the law of chastity.
  8. Schwesterherz

    Having Trouble

    You had parents who told you what is right or wrong. Parents who wanted to protect you from faults. Mistakes which did your parents perhaps once by themselves. The authorities of the church are similar like your parents. They want to protect you from faults and wrong decisions. But whatever your parents or the church leaders identically tell to you; it is your decision whether you want to take their advice. You then also must take the responsibility for your decision.
  9. I agree with you there. She will have that fear. But shall he be silent? Shall he be pretending as if everything "is well in Zion"? He has doubts and questions. He is afraid. And, if he cannot frankly talk with the person whom he loves, it will destroy him and the family. If he tells her that he will leave the church, she will have to face three questions: 1 ) Do I love my husband unconditionally? 2) What does it mean for me if the temple marriage will be no longer valid at the eternity ) 3 ) Do I love my husband so much that I can accept it if he cannot share my faith any more? The answers of these questions will be decisive for the continuation of the marriage.
  10. @Swiper, as God restored the church on earth, he knew that we are all incomplete people. All of us want this often to go a different way. For our testimony nobody is responsibly other than us. And around this testimoy had to fight every single day. Why do you think that you never receive a testimony of the Gospel? Because you doubt? Because you think not to be "worthy enough"? Or does not answer to you because you think God would not do this? Doubts are good because they keep the human mind up. The doubt takes care that we do not believe everything blindly. We have made with blind faith and blind obedience make many bad experiences just in Nazi Germany . The doubt only may get not too powerful. To quote Paul: "Checks everything and keep the best"! God answers every person who asks him for an answer. Sometimes we do not hear his answer. Sometimes we do not want to hear the answer. Sometimes we even think we would be cleverer than God. But we are not so clever! I am a gay man. And I have also many problems with what the prophet and other leaders tell about this to the church. I struggle with this topic every day. I accept it because I have a testimony of God. I would prefer another message of God. A message, after which it is okay to be gay. But God does not say this by his prophet. It is the will of God that I marry straight, or be celibate. I submit to the will of God because I know that it is the best for me. The best is always to talk frankly with her about your feelings and doubts. Perhaps she can help you? Perhaps will you be no more member of the church but still the man whom she loves? It is important that you tell her what you feel!
  11. Schwesterherz

    Hello, should I become a Mormon?

    You're right. I forgot the whole age thing. He had to wait if his parents are against the church. But he can get a testimony before.
  12. Schwesterherz

    ABS Gay Ban

    It is not correct if somebody is banned because of his homosexual orientation. As long as they have not made a homosexual activity as a boy scout or leader, they should be part of the movement. It is not a sin to be homosexual. But it is an sin to do it.
  13. Schwesterherz

    Hello, should I become a Mormon?

    Of my personal experience I would say the following to you: The church is perfect; their members unfortunately not! I give you my testimony, that I know that the Book of Mormon, like the Bible, is the word of God. I know it because I asked God for an answer. I also know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God because all his prophecies were fulfilled. Joseph Smith was not perfect, but, if he speak as a mouthpiece of God, it was the word ofGod for that time then. So how Thomas Monson is the living prophet now. I only ask you for three things: 1. Study the Book of Mormon and ask God whether it is true. 2. Visit a church in your area and talk with the missionaries and the members. 3. Inform yourself about the church and their teachings Then you will attain a testimony and know whether this is the church of Jesus Christ. And you will know whether you would like to have yourself been baptized.
  14. Schwesterherz

    Gunter from Berlin

    My member status is a little complicated. I am a member still officially and love the Gospel; but I do not get along with the members. I am gay and therefore some members of the church avoid me. Not, that I have sex; but I feel attracted to men.