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  1. I've heard some talk that missionaries will be able to pick the length of their mission anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Guess we'll see.
  2. We must receive the power of the priesthood as found in the temple. This can only be obtained through the Fathers who hold the keys to that power. Joseph earlier in the discourse said, "Now the great and grand secret of the whole matter, and the summum bonum of the whole subject that is lying before us, consists in obtaining the powers of the Holy Priesthood" (D&C 128:11). They alone hold the keys, they alone administer the power to those who will receive it.
  3. Before entering this mortal realm we had weaknesses of varying sorts and degrees. These weaknesses were not well exposed because of the glorious situation in which we found ourselves. In short, other people were good to us, we didn't deal with hunger or pain, death or disease. But make no mistake, we had weaknesses, we still needed to grow. Joseph Smith once said that, "He [God] has power to institute laws to instruct the weaker intelligences, that they may be exalted with himself..." (TPJS 354). We were and are those weaker intelligences. We are going through a portion of that instruction now. So Adam and Eve did not give us a sinful nature, they simply placed us in an environment where our weaknesses were exposed. Because of this fact our second article of faith states, "We believe that man will be punished for his own sin and not for Adam's transgression".
  4. If one is to be saved with the just I believe both will be required. But any person, at any time, may change and turn to God and it will be well with them.
  5. While we may indeed suffer for our sins, I don't believe there is any such thing as paying for our sins by suffering. When a person sins he must repent, period. Suffering does not pay for sin, it never did, it never will. Repentance, or in other words turning to God and changing, is the only way to extricate ourselves from sin. When the Lord says, "repent or suffer" (D&C 19:4) he means that we will suffer until we repent. However, he is not saying that if we suffer we do not need to repent. That simply is not true.
  6. All will repent who obtain a kingdom of glory, "And thus did I, the Lord God, appoint unto man the days of his probation - that by his natural death he might be raised in immortality unto eternal life, even as many as would believe; and they that believe not unto eternal damnation; for they cannot be redeemed from their spiritual fall, because they repent not." (D&C 29:43-44). As it says, those not redeemed repent not, all others will repent and obtain a kingdom. Just as others have said, the kingdom we receive is according to the glory by which we are quickened, "They who are of a celestial spirit shall receive the same body which was a natural body; even ye shall receive your bodies, and your glory shall be that glory by which your bodies are quickened" (D&C 88:28). That quickening has to do with who we have become.
  7. It's an interesting idea and the war in heaven very well could be a glimpse of what is a much larger "war" for the souls of men across worlds. In fact, I'll think on that. But I am skeptical about the idea that the war in heaven will end here. This idea appears to partake of some of the same earth centric philosophy related to the Savior of the universe being born on this earth because it is the most wicked/righteous.
  8. Brigham Young believed that each world had it's own Savior: I personally believe that each Savior is also the creator of the world he is to save. After he has finished his work he will become a God and will have sons who will become Savior's of yet other worlds. This is how the worlds are exaulted.
  9. I like your line of thinking. I would say that having belief or even a desire to believe is a good enough starting point. You have probably read or heard the below from Elder Holland but it bears repeating and consideration. He said: Pay particular attention to the last thought; it is the integrity you demonstrate toward the faith you do have the the truth you already know that will really allow you to gain greater faith. I have, and have had, many questions about details in the BoM, about Joseph Smith, about church history, about stories in the Bible, etc, etc. But I have learned to ask them while firmly planted in the fertile soil of faith and belief. I can ask a question of the scriptures and the Lord can trust me not to throw all the knowledge he has given me away if the answer is not forthcoming. He answers many questions through his spirit, but if there are some questions I don't receive answers to when I ask, then I just move on. Perhaps I'll come back to them at some later date, but I know I'll find answers in time. What I have gained has been hard won and I'm not going to be so faithless as to give that up and crumble to bits if one of my many questions is not answered to my satisfaction or within a certain time table. So keep moving forward in the light you do have. By so doing your light will illuminate one area and then another area. Moving in this fashion, step by step and bit by bit, you will grow until your light becomes a flame of unquenchable fire leading to eternal life.
  10. Sorry for_our_experience my heart aches for what you and your children are going through. Most of the advice has been good. I would just make a few comments that I hope will help. Determine what is within your control and what is not. For instance, your wife may try to enter a relationship with this woman at work. You can do very little to nothing about it. So don't take that on yourself. Let that worry go. Don't personalize her problems. Not all of her problems are your problems. Her drinking will create problems for herself. Try and help her avoid them but she has made this decision of her own free will, so don't take the pain of her drinking on yourself. Unfortunately you will be forced to deal with the consequences of her actions but you are not the cause of the situations she has created. Focus on what you do have control over. Your children are going to need you during this time. These kinds of situations rock a child's life. Focus on them. They are going to need a soft place to fall. Keep the Lord in your life. Your world is crashing down, this is the time you need him. Don't make the mistake of pushing him away. Now, this does not mean you take on extra church responsibilities. I am talking here about your connection with him. Strengthen it. It will be of great help in the coming months and years. I wish you the best.
  11. Here are my thoughts. I don't know you personally so take this with a grain of salt, but here are my thoughts. First the financial situation: Fill out the paperwork and apply for grants. I did this when I was 24 and was able to get some of school paid for. When I went to school I also worked part time at a place that paid for part tuition and books. Keep going to school and get that degree. Second the degree: While a lot of people say things like, "enjoy your career and you'll never work a day in your life" the fact of the matter is work is work (surprise)! It can be a bit monotonous, it can be hard, and it can wear you out. Even something you love can do this. Also note that a music degree generally does not take you very far in providing for yourself or a family in the future. But choose a field and get the degree. Third, the school: If you feel like you need to go to UVU then go talk to a councilor. See what credits will transfer and what it's going to take to make the move. You do not need to be stuck at LDS Business Collage. Social situation: I suggest you get involved somewhere. Maybe that's institute, maybe that's your singles ward, with music, or maybe some other group. Go do things. Twenty-four is a great age and you have the world ahead of you. Don't get down, things will work out. Sometimes it feels life is dragging but you'll move forward.
  12. There are a number of theories on the atonement. Some are generic christian theories and some are specifically LDS. General theories include the moral influence theory, the ransom theory, the satisfaction theory, and the penal substitution theory (many LDS members talk in these terms about the atonement). Some specific LDS theories include the demand of eternal intelligences for justice theory, the empathy theory, the divine infusion theory, and the compassion theory. You could do a search for any of these to learn more. I myself am partial to the divine infusion theory as far as it goes.
  13. Part of the creation story in Abraham 4:26 contains the words, "Let us go down and form man in our image, after our likeness". It struck me one day that they indeed did come down, but perhaps not in the way I had imaged it. I realized that the story of their coming down might be a story I had heard a thousand times. It is the story told to Nephi by the angel. Nephi relates it as follows, "Knowest thou the condescension of God?" Or in other words, "Do you know how God came down?" Deep meaning in those words! Nephi continues, "And I said unto him I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things. And he said unto me: Behold, the virgin whom thou seest is the mother of the Son of God, after the manner of the flesh...and I looked and beheld the virgin again, bearing a child in her arms. And the angel said unto me; Behold the Lamb of God, yea even the Son of the Eternal Father!" So they indeed did come down and are in the midst of forming man in their image after their likeness. But the process is not yet complete and their coming was not just to Adam and Eve but to all of us that Christmas morning.
  14. You know C.S. Lewis had a very perceptive comment about becoming a Christian, it may apply to you and Mormonism: See, joining a church is not about "them". You do not know other people's struggles you do not know their challenges. Of course there are nasty people, there always will be. But there are also good people. In fact, you said one of the best people you know attends our church. So in the end It has, and always will be, about you. As C. S. Lewis says, in a real sense you are alone with God. Consider this and think on it.
  15. Christ will not dwell on the earth but will visit it from time to time as Joseph said, "“That Jesus will be a resident on the earth a thousand [years] with the Saints is not the case, but will reign over the Saints and come down and instruct, as he did the five hundred brethren [see 1 Corinthians 15:6], and those of the first resurrection will also reign with him over the Saints.” (https://www.lds.org/manual/teachings-joseph-smith/chapter-21?lang=eng#note23-). Note also that the righteous saints will not dwell on the earth but will likewise visit righteous individuals on occasion. Sure those born during the millennium will have a chance to work and progress as did we in our time. But there is no doctrine stating that we will redo mortality during the millennium.