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    Sent to a YSA....

    Am a 25 yo recent convert and was sent to a YSA ward. I am just not fitting in... I started supporting myself and my mother when I was 16. I left HS early and got my BS just after my 21st birthday. I've been supporting us for almost a decade. I have a good career, own a modest house and got about 6-9 mo of food storage put away. I am also fat (yep there I said it, and I am the only fat person in the ward...) 90% of our ward is under 25, most are college students or just starting out. They are all into missions, school, and learning how to be adults (and checking out attractive people). And thats great I am happy they have been cared for, loved and supported into early adulthood. I hope to do the same for my own kids someday. Have contemplated trying to go to a family ward and actually get a feel for how that operates but am warned that I will never ever find a husband then and will die an old maid! Getting married isnt at the top of my to do list this year but I haven't been brave enough to say that... Ive had 4 boyfriends thus far and all have been in the 32-38 range. Never been asked out by a guy under 30... so I'm not really sure how much being stuck with a bunch of college mentality guys is going to help.... I also can't dance to save my life. I have muscle spasticity which makes me a horrible klutz and dancing just doesn't happen. Pills help me walk like a normal person but no pills have been invented that gets this body dancing. Apparently I'm also doomed to old maid status for not dancing. LOL. I don't know if I'm asking for advice or just venting... (thanks for listening ehh reading )
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    Another new person :)

    and thanks for the welcomes :)
  3. MesaGirl

    Another new person :)

    Yikes 50 search bots! Truthfully I give more thought to creeps than search bots but suppose I should be thinking of both. thanks for the reminder!
  4. MesaGirl

    Another new person :)

    Hey everyone! My names Alicia and I just joined I'm 25 and I converted a few weeks ago. I'm from Mesa, AZ and grew up around the temple area and was fortunate to know a lot about the church before finally converting. Hope to have lots of fun and meet new people on here!