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  1. I have a question: I f a spirit is inside a baby when it's miscarried, does the that spirit get to try again (meaning that, since it never really got the chance to actually live and progress, doe it get to inhabit another body)?
  2. Last Sunday I was visiting my grandmother and decided to got to her church. There were several none theological differences I noticed. 1. They do a lot of standing. 2. Their dress code seems a little more casual. 3. For the most part, only one speaker. 4. People tended to say "amen" a lot. 5. Lots of praying. Overall, a rather interesting and enjoyable experience.
  3. I saw it and I thought I do not regret seeing it.
  4. Welcome to the site! Good luck on your spiritual journey.
  5. Thank you all for the answers. I now have another question. Does the patriarch do something similar to laying on of hands, or do you just receive a piece of paper?
  6. I was just wondering what to expect. I've heard that it involves foretelling future events and temptations. Does that mean the Patriarch actually sees these or just gets a feeling?
  7. Be glad when tomorrow comes and goes. Then I can focus on Halloween!
  8. And someone posted this comment: I just prayed for everyone that has viewed and will´╗┐ view this. Nothing we make to "bring reverence and glory to God" will ever be enough. Believe in Christ, and like scripture says, He dwells within the believer. This is the sacred, mist high place, us. Let us consistently be in repentance and only read God's Word, the Old and New testaments. We are not to add to or take away from scripture, so God spake, this includes Joseph A. Smith and his run in the devilish influence to start a "reformed" movement. Don't be fooled. Satan often comes´╗┐ as a bringer of light. Are they saying we're sinning by reading the Book of Mormon? These kin of comments make me uncomfortable.
  9. I don't know. I guess I have a tendency to fear the worst. And usually when people claim that Christ is returning, they always make it sound more frightening then comforting.
  10. Remember that "Homeless Christ" thing I told you about a few weeks ago? Well the girl who posted it on youtube now has a Flickr account. She's put up what she says are sightings of Christopher Elson (The Homeless Christ). I have trouble telling if these are fake or not. I need someone who knows how to spot a fake photograph. Here's the link Christopher Elson Sightings - a set on Flickr