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  1. How can I not have anxiety over our need to keep all of the commandments all of the time? Any suggestions for things I could read or study? Thank you
  2. Wow thanks! You guys are awesome. What you said especially made a lot of sense, James.
  3. I know that through repentance I can receive a remission of sins, that I, through having a broken heart and a contrite spirit and doing whatever the Lord wants me to do, can be justified and sanctified and get "back on the right track." As I understand it, this should be a regular experience as we continue to become more like the Savior. If I can retain a remission of sins and all of the blessings of keeping my covenants by virtue of repentance, what then, is the principal reason that I need the sacrament? Thank you. I always love to hear what everyone has to say. God bless.
  4. Wow this is great stuff! You're absolutely right though, I'm stuck on "then cometh the night of darkness wherein there can be no labor preformed." What does that mean? Verses 34 and 35 make all the sense in the world to me: If we procrastinate, our spirit will be conditioned to wickedness and Satan will have tremendous power over us. I also recognize that if someone were to knowingly not keep their covenants in this life and then somehow turn it around in the spirit world, they could obtain the terrestrial kingdom at best (D+C 76:74, Joseph Fielding Smith in Answers to Gospel Questions, Vol. 4). So, it the spirit world, the wicked who had the gospel and knowingly rebelled CAN repent, but can only go to the terrestrial kingdom. But what is the reason that the celestial kingdom is ABSOLUTELY closed to them? Yes, it will be very very hard for them to repent and it's very unlikely that they will, however, that is not saying that they CAN'T go to the celestial kingdom. I'm guessing there is some sort of penalty for not enduring to end or maybe some opportunities to fully repent are no longer there, therefore the celestial kingdom is no longer an option. Am I making sense to anyone? :)
  5. I apologize for making this second account. I was unaware it was against the rules and probably should have known it was anyways. I meant no harm by it. It was essentially for the purpose of changing my username and I planned on then sticking with this account. Can I just delete the other one? ...As far as this thread, I'm getting a lot out of it. Thanks everybody. I think it's necessary that I mention that I have no plans on breaking my covenants by either premeditated sin or sins of omission. I'm just trying to understand a doctrine that hasn't quite sat right with me lately. I apologize for playing devil's advocate in my style of asking. I just thought it might illicit a more direct answer. I always have questions about the gospel because I'm always thinking about it, but I'm the only member of my family and I'm fairly new in my ward so I don't have a ton of people to direct all of my questions to. Sorry for any confusion. From everyone's comments and from the scriptures I have read since I made this thread, I believe God will judge everyone's situation individually, but generally speaking, we have to endure to end to inherit eternal life (2 Ne 9:24, 3 Ne 27:17, Mosiah 2:38-39, and Mosiah 15:26). I'd really like to understand why though. I believe the answer is stated in Alma 34:32-34, but I'm not completely understanding.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I'm sure Alma 34 does answer both of my questions, but I don't quite get it. I feel Elder McConkie's talk about the "second-chance theory" offers similar insights. What is the exact reason that waiting until the spirit world won't work? From pondering over the scriptures I see a few different reasons alluded to... a) Even though there is repentance in the spirit world, it will not be enough for me to be found worthy to go to the celestial kingdom because I wasted the days of my probation and, according to the laws of God, that sets me outside His kingdom. or b) It it will be very difficult to repent because of the condition of my spirit coupled with Satan's powerful influences on me, and I probably don't want to "take those odds" for lack of a better phrase. or c) something I haven't thought of Thanks again for your help. Any references that you have are greatly appreciated as well.
  7. Speaking generally, what happens if I knowingly don't "endure to the end"? And, why? Can't I just repent in the spirit world? If I can't do that, then for what reason can I not? Thank you.