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  1. Hi all, My boyfriend and I are considering getting married in a year or so. We've just been discussing it, no firm plans or commitments yet. I'm 17, turning 18 in September, he is 20, turning 21 next year. We are both college students so the age thing is not an issue-I'm not in high school dating an older man-I graduated early last year. We have been going out for 5 months. Not a terribly long time, and I'm not going to make any cliche comments saying that we feel like we've known each other for a really long time. We are realizing though, that we like/love each other enough that maybe we could and would like to spend eternity with the other person. I've had worthiness issues in the past that I have discussed with him and my bishop-will that be a concern? I'm still struggling with some of them, and am planning to ask my Bishop of time periods of how long before I can get a temple recommend so I can know for whenever/ifever it works out. What should we be taking into consideration? What are some things we should be discussing? How do I know if it is right? Thank you
  2. Anon16

    New to YSA?

    I asked for that and they said no. That I needed to be with fellow students. It was of course the opposite at home!
  3. Hi! I'm 16 and attending YSA. I'll be 17 in a month, but I'm still younger then a lot of people attending. I'm going to college(not byu) that has high standards so that isn't as much of a problem. Hopefully. It's a fairly small ward-just 150. What are the guidelines when dealing with your bishop. Is it any different then a family ward? Any tips for me as a newbie to it? I went today and really enjoyed it, first time I've gotten something out of sacrament in several months. It was more interesting. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I am attending college this fall and today was my first time at a ySA ward. I'm 16,17 in a month. What are some things I should keep in mind? I don't feel ready for a calling and will need to ponder anything that I am asked, other than visiting teacher. The nice thing is that my new bishop's daughter did what I am doing a few years ago, so I think he has a general understanding. The difference though is she was local. I'm not going to say exact locations because of things I've posted in the past but I am across country. I got to skip 2 grades because I was home schooled. I'm nervous about it because I know that I'm not as experienced and I'm not on their level spiritually. Also, for those of you who have read my previous posts, you may remember that I've had to work with my bishop for a year. He said he was going to talk to my new bishop. How long is that going to take? I'd like to just get it over with. My current bishop did 5 minute interviews which I had today and when he asked if the was anything preventing me from serving I said that potentially but I was hping not that I'd worked with my bishop for a year and he'd be calling him. He said we'd visit at that point. Should I do anything, or just let it go. I could see my previous bishop forgetting and my new bishop is new and is very overwhelmed(he also teaches here) it is literally his second week being a bishop. I'm just scared that I'll slip through the cracks. I'm not to the point of being over it of completely repented, forsaked, etc. I'd like to at least know my bishop a little bit if there is a problem. I also need to get a blessing, don't have a home teacher yet. Who should I talk to?
  5. Anon16

    What we teach our young women.(what we shouldnt)

    I am currently a young women and I can honestly say that yes, they do make a big deal about it and that is the general attitude in most women. I know one girl who turned 18 yesterday who said she wouldn't consider someone who isn't a RM. For myself, there are 2 things that have influenced me with this. Both of my parents are converts. Neither went on a mission. They have their challenges though. My mom dated a RM that ended up being a child molester. Thankfully she didn't marry him.As stated above, RM's are not perfect. The other reason is my current bishop. He is a wonderful man, but he is not a RM. For me, I am not immediately going to turn down someone that isn't a RM. I try to be open minded.
  6. Anon16

    Starting to hate Church

    Yes, I do agree-3 weeks isn't enough to make that much of a difference. It is going very fast for me, and I don't always realize how much time I have left. But I feel like he is maybe beating himself up of not making more of a difference and has given up. I don't know but you do bring up a good point. As far as the girls, it is a situation in which my friend is gone for the summer and the other girls my age are also gone. I like the beehives, but there is a experience level difference in some areas. Generally I get to class first, so that isn't really an option. I know about the age thing and I am nervous about it but I'm going to work at it. I'm just hoping I'm not a social outcast.
  7. Anon16

    Starting to hate Church

    Recently I have been struggling with the social aspect of church. Overall I am fine with the doctrine, that isn't the problem. I am leaving for college(church) in 3 weeks. I am 16, 17 in 2 months. I have found myself being dragged down by attending my meetings-especially Wednesday activities. For whatever reason, I find that I am always very upset in some way after them. As far as church, nobody in my Sunday school class that comes on a regular basis will sit with me. The class is mostly boys, but the 2 girls I am not good friends with. I am good friends with the girl who doesn't come often. Currently I am the only laurel for a few weeks going to the Wednesday activities. It is literally me and the beehives. I have no issue with that, they are all very nice, but there is a big age difference and they are all friends. I have, if you've seen my other posts had to work with my bishop on a couple of things for the past year. I feel like he is really starting to dislike me and doesn't want to help me-like he has given up almost. He said that hefelt like his job had changed to helping me to hold on until I left, that nothing of real progress could be made. The last meeting I had with him, I thought it was a waste. I'm struggling but I am making some progress. In some ways he makes it worse. So, any suggestions on how I can change so I enjoy church? It isn't all me. It has sort of been like this all my life, but not as bad as it is right now. I could see part of it being my transitioning into being a college student but it makes it very hard to want to go to church. I think I am really starting to hate it.
  8. Anon16

    Need some info...

    Call the office of the seventy. My dad had a similar situation and that is what worked.
  9. Anon16

    What should the role of the bishop be?

    No, that was asking how bad cutting was in relation to sin. This is asking if it merits a discussion with the bishop/what is his role in this.
  10. Hi, I have been trying to learn more about the gospel, and am reading as many books as I can get my hands on. The subjects I'm focusing on are the atonement, recognizing the spirit and collections of inspirational stories. I'm currently reading Divine signatures, and the infinite atonement. I've been considering the continuous atonement - is that good? Thanks
  11. Anon16

    What should the role of the bishop be?

    I'm on and off those 24 days. I try tolimit every other day. There have been times I've gone longer though.just 24 since I started. I'm very honest with him, that isn't the problem. More that other topics come up. Yes, he has suggested counseling and I did go for a few months. Can't call today. It's not an urgent enough problem. Ik'm not suicidal right now. I've had enough contact with him about other things.
  12. Anon16

    What should the role of the bishop be?

    I haven't been cutting very long. Forgot to say that. Is a recent thing, 24 days.
  13. I have been working with my bishop for over a year on another problem,(go into more details on my other thread) He feels that there are a lot of distractions in our meetings. I agree, but want to understand what that means. I don't want to burden him unnecessarily, so what would that constitute? I've talked about my family some - he knows us pretty well. I've been feeling very strongly that I need to talk to him about my struggling with cutting and suicidal thoughts. Is this something I should tell him, or is it not really his place? Am I completely out of whack as it relates to the spirit and an just deluding myself? There is a lot of me that doesn't mind seeing him. I like him, he is very decent. But, I don't like being on informal probation and I don't like still struggling with this. I'm trying to make more progress. I'm trying to understand what is causing me to act this way. I don't want to depend on the arm of flesh too much, so I want to understand what his role is. Thanks
  14. I have read that you need to pray before starting a fast. Is it the same as a normal prayer, essentially letting heavenly Father know you are fasting and why, or is there something some format I'm not getting? I want to fast properly but am not sure how. Thank you
  15. Anon16

    Coming unto Christ

    I would say the one you feel correct about that you know for yourself,f.