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  1. Magen_Avot

    Concealed Carry

    When I carry it's a full size Sig P227 in .45 ACP with alien gear holster IWB and loose fit shirts. I love Sig... had a 226 12 years ago and miss it still.
  2. There is a blog on LDS.Net ( about NDE's. I'm wondering if there are forum readers who have experienced an NDE? I am much more interested in the 'experience' than clinical research, though it does have it's place and 'proof' would be important to some.
  3. Magen_Avot

    Happy Pancake Day!

    I can't resist:
  4. Hmmm,... so am I reading that marriage is a treatment method for male/female attraction?
  5. Magen_Avot

    Is it a spiritual gift to feel that God loves you?

    Sorry for my tardiness... I will be 55 this summer next. I went my whole life just believing Father loved me, I mean, I read the scriptures, sang the songs but it was not more than that. Two and a half years ago I experienced His love. Not a "hey I love you". It was His love that filled me. It FILLED me. It is impossible to describe and it changed my life. The thing is,... I don't believe anyone can just feel it,... rather it must be experienced,... or KNOWN... not without also "knowing" His love fore everyone,... just EVERYONE. I thought about it for a long time and I think of the first Matrix movie when Neo stepped out into the hall and saw everything in ones and zeros. I saw Gods love in the fabric of the all creation,... in me,... in everyone and everything. Especially in the scriptures. It is an experiential knowledge and deeply personal. Profound. Is it a gift? Oh yes. But so much more. It has been the single most precious treasure of my life, what must have been less than a second... It must be experienced,... no words can convey it. Lehi and Nephi spoke of tasting the 'fruit' which is the "love of God" and I know what Lehi was trying to say. Mortality is such an inadequate vessel for the greatest gift "charity". John Prather... I know the Father and the sons love for you. That sounds so preposterous, but it is so real. More real than this dream we call life. I don't know why He gave it to me, I just don't know. Some are blessed with this, and others with that. Your experiences have been planned just for you though. Sometimes,... well, a lot of times we humans are very messy so there's that, but I don't believe He will keep the knowledge of His love from us, so why not start talking to Him about it,... and be patient,... listen and did I mention be patient?
  6. Magen_Avot

    Is Vort Clark Kent?

    LOL! Yeah, you may look like a girl but but behind those beautiful brown eyes lurks your real alter ego, should things reach that point: ((( )))
  7. Magen_Avot

    So, I'll be posting less often, now.

    Hairflip indeed! LOL. Found in Google: "It means when someone thinks they're too good for the board. When someone says "BLAHBLAH U GUYS SUCK I'M LEAVING THE GROUP" that's a hair flip. ;D" But onward... I have taken the time to read every post in the thread. Whew! For the record I believe those who can should, out of a desire to serve God and our fellow man, do what can be done to lift those in need of lifting whatever that need is, but it isn't always this simple. Also, I have been absent for a fair bit, but I did skip the theatrics... I think. I'm curious about this OP though. ...I digress... 2rm I got the feeling from your opening statement that you consider yourself on high ground, something of a moral globalist? (perhaps),... a robin hood of sorts? I also sensed you came here to "judge" as opposed to, perhaps, a search of faith. Not that there are any requirements for being here, no far from it. You also seem to resist being nailed down, found out, or perhaps you prefer to remain enigmatic, aloof ect. (I could be wrong) To each their own, I'm not judging... just an observation. It'd be interesting, I think, to know you better but I've never been closer to your bounds of habitation than Scotland. Though I am all to often guilty of less than Christ like conduct, as you pointed out (generally), I remain a work in progress. I think your experience would be different in person as you would meet those "not online" and not have to parse poor writting skills like my own. Solution you say? Why not start a letter writing campaign to all those elites you speak of? Oh yes, of course. It will not work will it? Who in their right, worldly, mind would feed, clothe and house the poor and starving populations of the world, diminishing the well deserved life of luxury their posterity deserve? (not my own opinion... just pondering the elites perspective) One could argue that most poor would soon be housing their livestock inside their homes, burning the siding for cooking fires built in electric ovens. It was already pointed out more than money and 'stuff' is needed. Education and a lot of time... perhaps 20 years to bring social, long lasting change. Yes, Robin Hood and his merry men would have to "force" the elites... bows, arrows and AR-15's all. More than that though. The world population would have to be "enslaved" to your version of "fair"... utterly whipped into submission and creating a new class of elites (like the men in tights who made it all happen?)... hmmm, I am reminded of Russian history. But... wouldn't your plan require a global power base to be possible?, like the current global power base? I think the truth would be that the very elites (aka: illuminati ect.) whose meager portions were taken by force would end up manipulating the very 'vehicle' you dream of... and out of your revolution... and it would have to be a revolution, those same elites would be found to be the power behind it, the same power base behind the global movement today and the custodians of the world's wealth. How could such a revolution not decide upon forced chemical castration or sterility? Can anyone support such a plan without also, at least, considering a mandated decline of world population in the billions? And just what would that agenda look like before everyone ends up with a home, full pantry and a suitable array of clothing? While I understand that to "some" your ideas look great in a pre-genicide and future oceans of blood sort of way, but I'm afraid your version of a better tomorrow is coming sooner than we know... it's called the tribulation imo, not utopia. So I agree to disagree because of what, I feel, can only be a less than desireable outcome. How do you see it playing out?
  8. Magen_Avot

    Gun opinions

    Well, history is replete with unarmed societies. Someone always showed up to let 'em know how much appreciated it was that no one could stand in the way of an otherwise successful and 'peaceful' exchange of cultures. At least for the invaders. I guess if we were more righteous in our desires we would make oaths like the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's and prostrate ourselves to be slaughtered by the misled invaders (should that occur). Maybe a few might come to Christ. Or perhaps someone who is looking out for us will protect us... can the government really fulfill that role? I have difficulty with that one. There may be some who can't wait for WROL, but I for one do not relish any situation where life may be taken. I don't even hunt (or lol, own a pressure washer), but I may need to someday. Maybe. I hope for community strength, but I don't believe an unarmed community would stand a chance in some circumstances,... I ponder the crime figures where the citizens are armed against where they arn't. But... more power to anyone who wishes to live so. I hope the modern Anti-Nephi-Lehi's remember how to cultivate gardens for a program they might call "food for protection". In the meantime we can enjoy sporting events and barbeque's without mayhem and death... (soccer aside) but now a nagging question... can I come unto Christ and still own a gun? Now there's a debate! Could I live long enough, through the coming days to come unto Christ without a gun? Oh,... and congrats on the purchase Bytor... even if it is a glock.
  9. Magen_Avot

    Gun opinions

    I have a Sig Sauer P227. Love the .45 ACP. I also have my CCW, but alas, no carry in the Middle East, but that will be changing in a couple of months. I haven't carried yet though. I've never needed to (yet) and now I worry that I actually might find myself in the wrong situation. I won't let my wife know when I do though,... she will, no doubt, give that 'give away' look and then I'm toast. Once home I will spend that nest egg from my allowance I've been saving to purchase a Ruger Mini-30 using the AK round and a Ruger 10/22 if funds hold out. I'm trying to get my wife to spring for that Mossberg 500 I've been wanting as well,... when I got the Sig she seemed to think I didn't need the shotgun anymore. What?... I do plan on making a few stair handrail and rebar spears, a pvc 80lb bow, a pvc 100lb crossbow and an atlatl. Other items may include rebar bungy sticks and if I can just figure out how to get my pressure washer to spray gas.... Do call ahead before you come over after WROL comes nocking.
  10. Magen_Avot

    How do I remove my name as a member?

    Bini~ Thank you for your post, and I hope that once things calm back down you'll be posting again. LOL, not like I post a lot, but your absence would make a big difference. Journey with Christ.
  11. Magen_Avot

    New moderator staff members

    Mirkwood? He's a sniper! We're all zombie bait for sure!
  12. Magen_Avot

    Where is everyone?

    I was not 'comphy' with the new look and feel. I loved the old look... the angels were awsome and connected with my self-identity... as LDS not as an angel. I miss some of the old days, posts. Really enjoyed 'em,... but I was a bit snotty sometimes and regrett that.... didn't get a time out though. People, and I include myself in that, surround themselves with things that *fit* their expectations or personalities ect. The new look didn't do that for me and I've only been back only a couple of times and I think this is my first post in the new forum (not sure though). It's just not homey *for me* and carries a *feel* that, perhaps, makes unintended statements.... and I uh,... may be a tad bit sensitive about it but that's unintentional. I've also undergone much change... Bytor kinda says it for me. I have found a couple of blogs that address things I've since found importance with, but that was after the change. I just stumbled by today wondering what the scuttlebutt might be about. Sorry for intruding.
  13. Magen_Avot

    Emotion before the fall?

    I'm sorry,... I just can't help myself. "GUMMY WORMS!"
  14. Magen_Avot

    What are some ways?

    Hmmm... When the Melchizedek Priesthoom wakes the heck up, pulls their fair share and walks the path of Christ then women will be more equally included. Is that close?
  15. Magen_Avot

    Presiding over scrament prayer

    The presiding authority gets the sacrement first and, well, presides. The Bishop still gives the nod if that's what you're asking. I've never seen or heard of a presiding authority of ever giving the nod, though, I might expect the Bishop pays more attention than normal. I once saw a Bishop miss an error and there were a number of heads turning, but there were no presiding authorities over the Bishop. I'm sure he was thankful for that, at least.