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    Am Now Confused

    There has been an issue brought up at Church about the way the choir were dressed for the Christmas Eve Service. I don't really remember what was worn but it was nothing out of the ordinary to cause a stir. I was talking to another Ward member about the young women in particular, since I had been reading a book about what is and is not acceptable dress in Church. In that book it said that flip-flops shouldn't be worn, nor backless shoes or sandals, aswell as the usual short skirts, etc. This Ward Member said that when she was on the YW Presidency the girls had more issues than their clothing and she would rather they come to Church wearing inappropriate clothing than not come to Church at all. The girls concerned have all been BIC so brought up in LDS households. What came next stunned me. One of her family members had held a family party in a local restaurant/bar that serves families all day long. This Member had refused to go because they serve alcohol and kept her LDS husband and children away too. Yet this same Member has family that own a cafe that serves tea and coffee that she frequents regularly. I can't understand why she makes a distinction between a restaurant serving alcohol, tea and coffee and a cafe serving tea and coffee, that one is alright and the other isn't, when they are all in the WoW anyway. I appreciate that it would not be appropriate to go to a bar, even to drink soft drinks. Don't understand the restaurant issue, though. If a restaurant is considered out of bounds then what about a hotel? That seems silly to me. Am confused!
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    Church attitude towards Gays.

    So you are assuming that in the afterlife you will also be gay? How do you know that? That is assuming that someone can be born 'gay' and not develop the trait through childhood. That assumption may be totally wrong. I was born at a time when homosexuality was still illegal and quite frankly, I wish it had stayed that way .
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    17 Points To The True Church Of Christ

    The Bible is a fact - as a religious man you know that So why not accept the doctrine from the Bible that is under your nose and accept that the LDS Church is the ONE True Church. That isn't a question, it is an observation. You either take ALL of the teachings from the Bible, or you take none of it. You cannot pick and choose which parts you like and discard the rest. Which is what most religions do. I was heavily involved with another religion for over 30 years before I discovered the truth. I was not taught by missionaries, either, I found the answers for myself. The Bible = The Truth = The LDS Church That is all we need to know .
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    17 Points To The True Church Of Christ

    Yes it is a wonderful story - but - it is TRUE. We have the true church - and other religions don't like that very much!! .
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    Wait Time to Receive a Calling

    In our Ward, some have been given Callings in four months, whereas some whom have been Baptised nearly two years still don't have a Calling. You need to go to Church regularly and attend all three-hour blocks of the Church meeting. .
  6. Jezebel2011

    So many religions--why is yours right?

    However, that list of 17 points is directly from the Bible. We cannot pick and choose which parts of the Bible we wish to take heed of and those that we don't. Yet, that is what most churches do - except the LDS Church
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    So many religions--why is yours right?

    According to Biblical scholars from all fields there are 17 Signs of the True Faith 17 Points of the True Church of Christ Christ organized the Church (Eph 4:11-14) The true church must bear the name of Jesus Christ (Eph 5:23) The true church must have a foundation of Apostles and Prophets (Eph 2:19-20) The true church must have the same organization as Christ's Church (Eph 4:11-14) The true church must claim divine authority (Heb 5:4-10) The true church must have no paid ministry (1 Cor 9:16-18; Acts 20:33-34; John 10:11-13) The true church must baptise by immersion (Matt 3:13-16) The true church must bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands (Acts 8:14-17) The true church must practice divine healing (Mark 3:14-15) The true church must teach that God and Jesus are seperate and distinct individuals (John 17:11; 20:17) The true church must teach that God and Jesus have bodies of flesh and bone (Luke 23:36-39; Acts 1:9-11; Heb 1:1-3) The officers must be called by God (Heb 4:4; Ex 28:1; 40:13-16) The true church must claim revelation from God (Amos 3:7) The true church must be a missionary church (Matt 28:19-20) The true church must be a restored church (Acts 3:19-20) The true church must practice baptism for the dead (1Cor 15:16&29) "By their fruits ye shall know them." (Matt 7:20) Therefore the LDS Church is the only True Church That is why I was baptised into the LDS Church. I know that it is true. .
  8. Jezebel2011

    Seeing bishop about law of chastity.

    Sounds like sour grapes to me You get engaged. You are having sex but that didn't bother you then. Then he goes on a mission and all of a sudden you want to confess all Is this just to bring him home? .
  9. Jezebel2011

    I don't like wearing garments

    Bought some Carinessa II whilst I was in Salt Lake City and find them fabulous!! .
  10. I agree with you totally on this one. I too am a Counsellor and TRUST is most important in a relationship. The encouraged list is way over the top. In past relationships I have not wanted the other's passwords to emails etc. Why would I want that? Common sense and reality are important too. In any event, if a spouse wishes to have another relationship a second email account, a second cellphone, etc would be very easy for them to get. .
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    Don't Understand

    Being an LDS Member wanting to enter the Temple we have to prove ourselves worthy. Our Bishops and Stake Presidents have the 'power of discernment' given to them through their Calling, by the power of the Priesthood. In plain English that means that they have been bestowed with the power to recognise whether a member sitting before them is, in fact, 'worthy'. When we have our Temple Recommend Interview the Bishop/Stake President is in place of Christ, to question us, to make sure that we fully understand the Covenants that we are wanting to take upon ourselves. They are able to ascertain if a member is lying/covering up in order to get a Recommend. Believe me when I say that they definitely know what they are doing. When the member is in the right place, in the right frame of mind, in the right place as far as the Gospel goes, they will get the Recommend that allows them to take their Covenants in the Temple. .
  12. Jezebel2011

    Death and Garments

    A member whom is Endowed whom has fallen away from the Church and therefore without a Current Recommend would not be allowed to enter the Temple, so is therefore not entitled to wear the full ceremonial clothing. I thought that members were only allowed to be buried in full ceremonial garments whilst a full Temple Recommend holder immediately prior to death. . .
  13. Jezebel2011

    I don't like wearing garments

    They still sell the one-piece garments. I bought one at the Distribution Centre at our Temple in January this year. .
  14. Jezebel2011

    I don't like wearing garments

    A few questions for you When wearing light-coloured clothing why are you ashamed of showing to the World that you are a Latter-Day Saint? That is what the previous poster basically said. Whether the garment shows through clothing or not is immaterial. When at the beach if you want to strip off then wear a full swimsuit (for a woman) or shorts and a tee for a man, replacing the upper garment when dressing. Why do you feel the need to take the garment off just because you are "at the beach"? If you want to shoulder the responsibility for not wearing your garments then that is entirely up to you and your conscience. .
  15. Jezebel2011

    I don't like wearing garments

    If you wear your garments correctly, ie covered with clothing, nobody will be able to see what you are wearing underneath. Once we have the permission through the Temple to wear the garments we are required to wear them - it isn't a choice of whether we should or should not. We must wear clothing to cover the garment - so no-sleeve tank tops are not an option, they must have short sleeves, or cap sleeves. Choosing not to wear them is breaking the commandment that we made to wear them. It is not your choice to make. You do realise that come your next Temple Recommend Interview you will not be able to answer the garment question honestly and will therefore not be granted the Recommend? The question asks if you are wearing your garments as required, night and day without any alteration. If you are not wearing your garment top so that you can wear what you want to wear then you are not compliant with the requirement. .
  16. Jezebel2011

    Beautiful less expensive rings

    Very lovely rings!! The one with the diamond is called 'tension set' For men's rings the cheapest option would be titanium.
  17. Jezebel2011

    Coffee/Tea restriction actual doctrine?

    Joseph Smith “defined ‘hot drinks’ as tea and coffee, the two common household beverages of the day. Joel H. Johnson, with whose family the Prophet was intimate, relates that on a Sabbath day in July (1833) following the giving of the “Word of Wisdom,” when both Joseph and Hyrum Smith were in the stand, the Prophet said to the Saints: “I understand that some of the people are excusing themselves in using tea and coffee, because the Lord only said ‘hot drinks’ in the revelation of the Word of Wisdom. Tea and coffee are what the Lord meant when he said ‘hot drinks.’ ” [John A. Widtsoe and Leah D. Widtsoe, The Word of Wisdom: A Modern Interpretation
  18. Jezebel2011

    Record High Temps in U.S. - Pending Doom

    Even in the UK we have had much higher temperatures. Over the last two weeks we have had highs of 20C or 68F - in March???? Unheard of. We have often had heavy snowfall in March with lows of 0F - 14F London recorded the highest temperatures since record-keeping on weather began somewhere around 1840. .
  19. Jezebel2011

    Anyone planning to see the "October Baby" movie?

    Not necessarily!! I was born March 14th but I was an 8 month baby!! .
  20. Jezebel2011

    110 New Mission Presidents Called

    Our current Mission President was bodyguard to President Spencer W. Kimball. He is a wonderful man and has many many stories of his time working for Pres. Kimball. I hope he writes his memoirs so that we can all share in those times with him. Am pleased to see that he is not due to change his Calling just yet, though, am glad we have him for a while longer. .
  21. Got my first Church Assignment for this next Sunday - eek I have done an Assignment for Stake Conference which went down well. This Assignment is to be based on this talk - The Love of God - general-conference Have got most of it written already. I love this talk and it gives me a lot to work with. What was your first Church Assignment? .
  22. Jezebel2011

    First Church Assignment! What was yours?

    Had forgotten about that. Have done a talk in RS on Charity. My Calling is Relief Society Secretary. .
  23. Jezebel2011

    First Church Assignment! What was yours?

    Aha - thank you! The Primary Talk is now written. Am going to leave it alone until tomorrow and read it through to see if it still makes sense to me! Have done hundreds of talks in the past, just in a different Church, so this isn't new to me, just different. Anyway, we should be careful what we think. I had been thinking to myself that I needed a new challenge, something to get my teeth into. Was thinking more along the lines of a change in Calling. Then last week was handed the Assignment for Sacrament. So there you go. I was given it and I must do it. Thought about it for a week before I sat down to write it. .
  24. Jezebel2011

    First Church Assignment! What was yours?

    Sorry, should have explained, here in the UK we call doing a talk in Sacrament an Assignment. Same language, just different! Since I am an adult convert I never got to do Primary, Young Women or Seminary, which I would have loved. .
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    Personality Types (everyone should take this) ^^

    Visionaries (NF) * ENFJ - Mentor .