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  1. Hello, I'm 18 at the moment and I live in mapleton ut. (10 mins south of provo) I fell away from the church when I was 15. Due to family issues.. I have been a good person and have made mostly good desicions except for a problem with two young women I felt horrible and did not do anything of the sort again. Untill My senior year of high school my best friend died in a car crash and i was the driver. I soon after got a girlfriend she is a awesome child of god and beautiful young lady. Me and her dated for quite awhile and because of that got very close. We made some big mistakes and had sexual intercourse. The relationship ended and I'm stuck here now. And just tonight I was with a friend wjo has been making some wrong choices and it hit me really hard that that life is not me and I refuse to be apart of it... And the spirit hit me hard... And I feel like I need to go on a mission... Is it even possible for me to go...? I would love some help... I simply can't wait for Sunday for some input... :s