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  1. I would never be able to get myself to do that
  2. He was not tempted. To be tempted He would have had to have thought about doing what the Devil suggested. Even if only for a fraction of a second. This did not happen. So He was not tempted.
  3. Last Sunday, at church, while waiting, in the hallway, for the youth to set up chairs for Priesthood opening exercises. I saw a HP walk up behind a teen girl and swat her on the butt.It made me feel uncomfortable, because it didn't seem like the proper thing to do. The girl, who is very beautiful. ( don't know if that has anything to do with it. But, it might) was not upset. In fact. When she turned around and saw who it was they exchanged pleasantries. I don't know. Perhaps she could be his daughter. But even if she is the gesture just seems inappropriate, for inside the church. I have talked to an old friend through e-mail, and she says that I should talk to the Bishop. I also belong to another site LDS Singles. I posted about this. The ones that commented on the post all said I should talk to my HP group leader or the Bishop. My concerns are. I don't want to take up the Bishop's or HPGL's time if this is nothing I should be concerned about. I was thinking about watching and waiting to see if it happens again, in which case I will talk to the Bishop. What do you folks think? Wait to see if it happens again, or talk to the Bishop now? Thanks Brother Ray.
  4. I'm sure there has been just as much anti- LDS sentiment among the Catholics over the years. Has that eased up more recently too?
  5. The cross was just another way to die It was not exclusive to Jesus. Many people have died on the cross. If Jesus had died from poison Do you think they would carve a bottle of poison on the Temple door? Do you think people would be wearing little replicas of a poison bottle. instead of a cross around their neck?
  6. Wrong. But I'm sure you knew that ;0)
  7. Here's an example of how legal marijuana is used. My friend/Landlord. ( I rent a room.) Has been smoking pot since he was 14. He is 60 now He has Cancer, so now he can legally buy pot in California. He is always having a couple of his buddies over to smoke a few joints or bowls. When he runs out, he just calls up and has more delivered. No question about how he ran out so fast. Had he got a prescription for, let's say, Codeine #4 He would be given a specific amount to last for a specific amount of time Like a months worth. If he goes sharing them with his friends, he is going to run out before the month is up He would have to wait for the month to end before he could get a refill Legal Marijuana should be regulated like that. Let's say you're prescribed a joint a day, and you are given a 30 day supply. If you run out before the end of the month you wait. I don't know if this is true or not,but I heard that if enough states legalize medicinal Marijuana, the Government has to legalize it too
  8. I don't understand your answer. Probably because I'm a dummy, but maybe because I didn't make my point clear. In 1970 I belonged to a ward in Florida. We had PPIs Today I belong to a ward in Ca. we have PPIs. How could one business mans ideas influence both? Not only are they separated by distance, but they are also separated by time. Brother Ray
  9. Thank you. I feel much better about throwing them away Brother Ray
  10. Pam. My old post was asking about the proper way of garments that were no longer wearable. My new post is asking about Garments that are old, but, in a pinch could still be worn. Is it o.k. to throw them away even though, if need be, they could still be worn. Or would that be showing disrespect. they are two separate questions. Brother Ray
  11. That's what I think too. but still, I can't help wondering if throwing them away, when they can still be worn, is showing disrespect. Brother Ray.
  12. I have been in 6 wards, in 3 states, over 4 decades. They all had PPIs Do you really think the influence of someone with a professional administration job could spread over such a large area of distance, and time? Brother Ray
  13. I have Garments that I got way back in 2000. The necks are stretched out on the tops, the elastic is stretched out on the bottoms,and they are so thin that you can see through them. but there are no rips or stains on them. So they are still wearable. Here's my problem. I have been buying two new sets at the first of each month when I get my SSI check. I am running out of room. Is it O.K. if I remove the symbols from the old ones, and throw them away, even though, like I said, they are still wearable. Or do I have to wait until they have a flaw that renders them unwearable? Thanks Brother Ray Edit. I just realized that I started writing this Post on the first window (proper term?) that shows up when the site comes up. i forgot to go to forums, and find the proper place for this post. I believe this is the " How do I" forum, and not the correct spot for this post. I don't want to type it all over. could somebody (hint,hint, Pam ;0) move it for me. Thanks
  14. Thank you, everyone, for your posts. You have all helped but my mind at ease