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  1. I just created an Android app that makes it easy to listen to faith-promoting LDS-oriented podcasts. You can get it from the Google Play Android market here:
  2. tholyoak


    When I first joined the site, it wouldn't let me post an introduction, so I forgot about it. Today I remembered that I still haven't done it. :) I guess I'm the typical lifelong member, served 2 years in the Texas San Antonio Mission, Spanish-speaking. I met my wife at BYU and we have 4 kids. We currently live in Utah County about 10 minutes away from the Timpanogos Temple, and my wife and I teach one of the 9 year old Primary classes in our ward (yes, there are more than one - in most age groups ). Before that, I was the ward membership clerk for many years, which was my all-time favorite calling. My hobbies include collecting books, enjoying good music and movies, and I am involved in LDS apologetics. I also enjoy computer programming, and collect all the Atari stuff I couldn't afford while growing up.
  3. tholyoak

    Don't Understand

    It might help if you clarified what the situation is. Are you talking about going to the temple for the first time? Returning to the temple after a period of inactivity or some kind of transgression? Or??
  4. tholyoak

    Did I Sin?

    Sorry about the way that came across. I didn't intend to be mocking or rude. I've seen people making rationalizations to avoid visiting their leaders when it's actually needed, and that concerns me. But I shouldn't have responded to you the way I did, and for that I apologize.
  5. tholyoak

    Did I Sin?

    Um, yeah... That's the kind of attitude I was talking about. I think most bishops would rather you ask about something you're unsure of than not - as long as you're not going overboard and calling them at all hours of the night like Ned Flanders.
  6. Of course, attitudes on this are a product of our culture. Women used to marry much earlier - as soon as they were physically able to bear children - and often to older men. For me, it's more a matter of when you meet the right person than it is how old you are (assuming you're at an appropriate point in your life, such as post-mission for LDS men). I met my wife when I was 21, we married when I was 22, and I've enjoyed sharing my life experiences with her since then. We started having children within a year of marriage, so we will be able to enjoy our grandchildren while still being relatively young. I believe families are a big part of what life is about, so there's no point putting them off.
  7. tholyoak

    Did I Sin?

    As others have pointed it, there's nothing sinful about shaving. However, I can see how there might be questions, as the church has spoken out about things like tattoos and piercings. I think it is good that you're open to asking your bishop when you're not sure about something. There are many people that do things that actually are sins that should be discussed with their bishop, but they are unwilling to do it.
  8. tholyoak

    Church apologizes for baptisms

    For those that are interested in LDS-related news, and in helping make a difference in how we're represented in the media, I would encourage you to get involved with MormonVoices: Join MormonVoices
  9. I have a hard time reading the same books over and over again, including the scriptures. So I've found different ways of reading the Book of Mormon. I'm currently reading the "Reader's Edition," edited by Grant Hardy. It is exactly the same text, but reads like a contemporary novel. Somehow it is much easier on the brain to read and enjoy when it's reformatted that way. And by the way, just the introduction is worth the price of the book.