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  1. I signed up for this site a while ago and it told me that I have not posted anything on the forum. So I thought I'd going do it anyways. I am a deaf twenty-nine years old woman. I'm the youngest of five in the family. I was born and raise in the LDS family. I was fairly active for the most part of my life. Now, I am on and off in the past three or four years. I am currently disfellowship since 2008. I know it wasn't suppose to be long. I was told to return to the bishop when I feel ready to gain my membership back. Apparently I am still not ready. I do not want to leave the church, yet at the same time, I feel I am not truly living the gospel. So things are becoming complicated for me. Anyhow, Merry Christmas Everyone! HUGS.
  2. Hello & Welcome! I'm from Virginia too! HUGS.
  3. Hello & Welcome! I'm from F'Burg VA, too! HUGS!
  4. Hello & Welcome. I'm from Virginia, too. HUGS.