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  1. If these sort of visions were faulty, why would they be in compilations given to those who are given Emergency Specialist callings or whatever the E-Prep guys are called? The emergency guy in my ward has a book full of these sort of accounts. I am not sure if all emergency people get them, however. You should ask the one in your ward.
  2. Kinomon

    Personality Types (everyone should take this) ^^

    ENFJ Extravert(56%) iNtuitive(62%) iNtuitive Feeling(50%) Judging(1%) This was pretty accurate! I want my friends to take this test!
  3. Hey there! I'm Keenan, 16, single, musician, actor, cartwheeler, and I'm a mormon! I love Charlie Chaplin.
  4. Kinomon

    The Death of Pretty

    There's a difference between being immodest and taking care of yourself. If you use meat as your bait, you will attract piranhas. So what I'm saying is, YES. Look beautiful! I'm not saying you shouldn't. In fact, I wish you would; I love being around girls who have proper hygiene and treat their bodies right. When I see girls at school or at the park or wherever are showing of their "meat", I feel like looking away and not associating with them. Not because I am not attracted to that, and that I don't have sexual desire, but because I'm just trying to be good. Sure, those girls may attract other men, but do you really want to be around guys who like immodesty or guys who appreciate a girl who is trying to live the Lord's standards?
  5. Kinomon

    The Death of Pretty

    Do you mean, like, someone who is in spiritual warfare? It all depends on which side wins. :) Feed your spiritual side instead of your carnal side; it's what life is all about! You are always either progressing or receding.
  6. Kinomon

    The Death of Pretty

    Well, coming from a guy's perspective, I like young women who try to be "pretty". It's not like those who are not according to skippy's definition are not important. Girls who dress immodestly or present themselves "hot" just sell themselves short. They are daughters of Heavenly Father, and lived in His presence for thousands of years. I suppose some may not know any better now; because of the Veil. But concerning girls who have lived darker lives than others and are struggling and trying to make the best of themselves, I commend you. You have gone through horrible, terrible struggles, and these things in your past have the potential to draw you closer to Christ, who suffered for everyone. Your Father has such great blessings for you in the world to come. Don't ever give up! I love you, sisters of mine.
  7. Kinomon

    Do U Date?

    Dating is the best! On my first official group date, a girl asked me out. She was a friend of mine I had met at Education Week, AND she was from Utah (THE HOLY LAND! ). I'm from Southern Oregon, where "friend dating" is less common, so I had such a good time! We played music at an old folks home, had a picnic, and then went bowling. It was such a good time! That was awhile ago, and I have gone through all sorts of different situations, many of which I wish I had avoided. Word of advice when dating: think of it as being a survivor, trapping animals for survival. If you want to make the best catch, you don't make one trap. You make 15-20 of them! That's how dating should be. Young men, ASK LOTS OF DIFFERENT GIRLS ON DATES! Become friends with a ton of them. When you get home from your mission, one or two of them just might not be married yet. Remember, friendship is the foundation of romance. And keep away from creepy, clingy, manipulative women. And most important, live by the spirit, and date girls who genuinely do the same.