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  1. Barbocoa=ed awful (weird recipe) cookies ok I didn't know what to wear so I went inbetweenish (ended up being Sunday dress some quorom of 70 guy was there) Discovered not that many singles conclusion I need better barbocoa recipe (miss Texas tacos)
  2. I will try to get pregnant! lol I don't know getting rid of boredom seems like a good idea. I have tried. I had a job to kill the time, but I did not exspress a positive enough attitude about wiping off stickers. I really, really want construction season to start. I don't do good sitting at home collecting unemployment! I have been looking for work to kill the time. I did very well on my interview to get in the apprenticeship school here.
  3. I won't have to worry about this (single) for a while, but here is something I discovered. I don't know how to put up pictures but heres the link to one of the most beautiful metals in the world mokume-gane (Japanese for wood grain metal). I hope this helps someone! Titanium Tungsten Mokume Gane Rings
  4. Anyone quit? How did you do it? I have quit alot of stuff already but that monkey is stubborn! I quit before for two years (started back when I got a horrible job). I don't think I could go through that withdrawl for two months again!
  5. These are my favorites (I havent tried the altoids stuff) I like to duplicare some of stormdranes paracord projects. I am at the very early stages, but if any young men get interested in that as a hobby people will buy it! Stormdrane's Blog 22 Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin | The Art of Manliness
  6. Well tomorrow is the Single Adult pot luck. I was going to make barbacoa (I still might), but right now I am waiting for the butter to thaw out for chocolate chip cookies. If I get the stuff for barbocoa the cookies are staying home! I am glad I am single I don't think I would of ended up to happy with any of the girls from my past life style. I hope to change that before I get too old though!
  7. CountyComm - AAA Waterproof Delrin® Battery Locker Bullet proof made in usa soldier proof! Titanium ones are cool to. You can anodize them several different colors.
  8. I was told you have to post 5 times before you can srart a thread. All the while you will be reminded you need to post an intro.
  9. What does it mean to deny the holy ghost? If you say to yourself you don't want it anymore? I did this many many years ago and sometimes feel as if trying to repair the mess I have made of my life is a lost cause.
  10. It was nice reading this thread! One of the fears I had about going to church was being a 34 year old single freak! I just got the impression 18-30 year olds were all there were! I am attending whatever is this Saturday (my first singles activity). I don't know this is all still new to me.
  11. and hurt this guy and his family and her you already knew the answer!
  12. Well I messed this up pretty good. I always get chewed out on other forums for not posting an intro first. This one is a little different. Your suppose to post before you make an intro! About me I am 34 male, single (real rough place for a mormon seems as if you are not married by thirty you hang with the widows). I had been inactive for 16 years or so. Got tired of the life I was living and decided to give church a shot again. It is very hard, I have quit many of my bad habits (working on the rest). I feel so lost at church but, my new ward has been very welcoming though. So please don't be rough on me. This is pretty new to me and I would like to change for the better. I will make mistakes, ask dumb questions, and I have no idea what most abbreviations are.
  13. If you have not had a sex change and are straight do you need to see the ga (whatever that is) to get the proper authorization to post an intro thread. I am very curious because I am that predicament!
  14. Hello! I am new to and would like to post my introduction, but I am not allowed to post new threads for some reason. I am a 34 year old male in Iowa. I have been inactive, but am trying to fix that! I would say more but don't want to hog the thread!