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    Damaged goods?

    I have the same feeling so often. I'm 23 years old, divorced, new to the church, and a mother of two. I always wonder when a good man is going to scoop me up. I wish it would happen, but keep your head up. I have found that men in the mormon church are awesome.
  2. JamieLynneLotus

    Recent convert in Albuquerque from Britian..

    Welcome! I'm a new convert too, from Nevada.
  3. JamieLynneLotus

    Advice on nonconformity

    To me, if you're not hurting anyone, go for it. That's always been my belief. I'm a non-conformist with a lot of things, especially the way that I dress. I treat others with respect and they do the same for me. I have piercings, dyed hair, tattoos, and I wear slacks to church instead of skirts. I'm Mormon. No matter how I look, my people are good to me. Outside of church, I wear tank tops with my jeans. I don't consider it a bad thing at all. Just me being myself. I understand how some people view my style, but if I'm not dressed like a total floosy, I don't need the fuss. Use your best judgment on dress. Just from my perspective, if it were my daughter, and she wanted to wear a prom dress that wasn't exactly church friendly (IE: strapless or thin straps) then I would definitely let her. It's prom, if the dress was still elegant and not trashy, then I would be fine with it.
  4. JamieLynneLotus

    Hi from Nevada

    Hi, I'm Jamie! I'm a relatively new member to the church, looking to meet other mormons for friendship, and I'm also looking for someone to spend my life with. I'm a single mother, and I'm in school to become a nurse. I live in southern Nevada, and I'm super close with my family. So anyone that wants to get to know me, yay for you!! I have a pretty open mind, and I've been told I'm really nice. I write on my free time, and a couple favorites just off the top of my head is Hello Kitty and Zombies.
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    Fresh New Member of the Site

  6. JamieLynneLotus

    I'm a marriage counselor in Southern California

    Welcome Brian. I'm new, as of today so it feels weird to say welcome to people.
  7. JamieLynneLotus

    New on LDS.net

    Welcome. I'm new as well.
  8. JamieLynneLotus

    My testimony.

    Really inspiring.
  9. Welcome! I'm new too.
  10. JamieLynneLotus

    Would you let your child date a teen parent?

    That's really dependent on the situation, for me. I would be looking more into what kind of a person this kid was, not so much that he/she is also a parent. People make mistakes. I was a teen parent myself. I would hope that my kids are smart enough to know right from wrong and be a good example to the person they are dating. I would probably allow it, if my child wasn't dating a scumbag.
  11. JamieLynneLotus

    Wills & College Funds

    I'm doing a college fund for now for my kids. Everytime there is any change left over in the house from people's pockets, laundry, or left on the counter, it goes in the bank. Also, family gives the kids a little money as well as toys on holidays, to avoid having too many toys to keep. Right now I have about a thousand per kid, and they're still really little. When I get a call back from the job I'm trying for, I will budget more toward college and life insurance.
  12. JamieLynneLotus

    Son leaving the church

    I'm sorry you're going through this. But try to think of it this way. He's your son, and it's your job to love and support him in anything that isn't damaging. He's probably finding himself. Hopefully he will come back around.
  13. JamieLynneLotus

    Infant Ear Piercing

    I'm a huge fan of piercings. I have many of my own, but I would never pierce my infant's ears. Not that I think there's anything medically wrong with it. I don't see how the little ones don't yank them out, though. I just see it as a matter of personal choice. I will let my daughter get her ears pierced (or my son getting one earring) when they're old enough to say, "Mom I want my ears pierced, please." And when I know they will keep clean and take care of the healing process. I thought to myself when my daughter was just a wee one, "What if she doesn't want her ears pierced?" And I just left it up to her.