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  1. David O McKay when I was born and Ezra Taft Benson when I was baptised a member.
  2. We shall see how the court case goes and whether the Government wins it appeal to not have to get authorisation from parliament for triggering article 50.
  3. And I thought politics in the UK was mad! It's all done and dusted now, in January we will see if the president elect is going to be the president we all hope and pray he can be, and unites the country that seems to be split over the his election. As a European, I must admit I was very disturbed with most of his rhetoric, but since the election it does seem that he has stepped back from some of his more worrying ideas. Lets hope this is a sign of good things to come!
  4. Compared to the old testament its pretty tame in the violence department.
  5. Context? Cherry picking surah without looking at the context is a bit like when those nasty people quote from the bible and do the same. What is the context of that particular passage, do you even know? And it doesn't say infidels, it says idolaters. This link gives you a clear interpretation of the whole passage, not some out of context snippet.
  6. Did he really? Has one been quaffing the cool-aid? He certainly conquered Makkah, unarmed. Yes, in times of conflict caravans on both sides were raided.
  7. That's the thing, I'm not anti-jewish, I'm very pro jewish.
  8. There was no muslim occupation, Muhammad (PBUH) had been invited to Yathrib and he did so with about 70 followers, hardly an occupation force. That the Muslim population increased dramatically was through conversion of the indigenous arabs and many jews. Why is there such an anti-islam undertone on this site?
  9. Considering what they did, an act of treason, then they suffered the consequence of their actions, that's if the event actually even happened as many now doubt the historicity of the event or that if it did happen that the numbers killed were exaggerated by the living relatives of those killed.
  10. Having read all the Qur'an I haven't a clue what you're talking about. Also Islam hasn't been around for 1,500 years unless of course you subscribe to the Islamic tradition that Islam as a religion goes back to Adam.
  11. I would disagree with that, the hatred has only really been apparent since the begining of the 20th Century, the root of which being the rise of zionism. There has been down through the centuries large populations of Jews living in Muslim lands very peacefully.
  12. Interesting, I haven't had a look at their magazine, and won't mention it as if I did, and being in the UK I would probably be put on some watch list or worse for googling/downloading material promoting terrorism, which is a criminal offence here.
  13. You equate the modern political state of israel with the biblical state of Israel? And it certainly does seem to be the case of the tail wagging the dog in the relationship of the US and Israel.
  14. Israel as a nation has only been around for 68 years, so not very long, and its always good to have the good ole US of A in your back pocket, that is who you were referring to as your friend in high places?