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  1. My sister and I have always been close…at least until last Christmas it seems. I am the only LDS member in my family. When my wife and I got married in the Temple 15 years ago, I knew this didn’t sit well with my sister. She never really understood why she was not able to see our ceremony in the Temple. I tried to make things easier on my family by deciding to also have a ring ceremony outside of the temple for everyone, who could not enter the temple, to see. I never looked at my sister as holding a grudge, until my family got together last Christmas. At first, my sister started having an attitude towards my wife (We are trying to prepare a surprise B-day party for our Mom). For some reason, my sister just didn’t like any of our ideas and said some hurtful things which really upset my wife. I know my sister is having some problems (marriage, jobs, etc.) and I looked at that as the stress just getting to her. Then I decided to sit down and have a talk with my sister. At first our talk mentioned certain things I wouldn’t see as problems, but then she mentioned how I am not a member of God’s church as God’s church would not separate people like her. It was then that it hit me. It was the church she still hates almost 15 years later. She has had this inside her for so long and just snapped. She mentioned her Church is much more true as everyone is welcome everywhere. My sister said some hurtful things about the Church (at least hurtful to me) and what’s worse is that this was coming from my own sister. I talked to my wife about it who said we still need to follow the rules, which is right. Perhaps I should have sat down and explained to my sister before the wedding what was going to happened (also mentioned by my wife). This may have alleviated some of the anger my sister would have felt. I’m not sure if I should try and explain about the temple ceremony, why it’s so sacred, and why only certain people are allowed inside these sacred rooms. I’m not sure that would help though. I’m not even sure the right way to approach and what to say.
  2. An interesting discussion in class the other day: The non-believers stand-point: 1. The Christian God is omnipotent and omniscient. 2. If God created us knowing everything 3. He knows who will eventually end up in Heaven and who will end up in Hell 4. If the above are true, then we only have the Illusion of free will since we cannot see the future. 5. The God would then not be moral for punishing us for something He knows we will do upon creation. The believer’s stand-point was the following: 1. Knowing and forcing are two different things 2. God created us to have free will as one of the reasons we are here is learn to love. 3. Love cannot be forced. In the end the discussion was the non-believers would state that both an Omnipotent and Omniscient God cannot coexist with free will. This is a logical contradiction since this God knows what we will do which predetermines are actions and we cannot have free will. The believers would state that this is not a logical contradiction at all as knowing does not equal forcing. I left when both sides just started claiming the other illogical and unreasonable without furthering the discussion. What is the LDS viewpoint on the above? In my view, which is limited I’m sure, our Father in Heaven must know the future as He shows the future in revelations and possibly other areas of the scriptures. What does it mean when we say God is omnipotent and omniscient? Some definitions: Omnipotent - Having very great or unlimited authority or power. Omniscient - Having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things. Going by these definitions does this mean He knows if I am going to sin 10 years from now and there is nothing I can do about it? It would seem so as if He doesn’t than His knowledge would be limited which goes against the definition of omniscient. On the other hand (correct me of I am wrong on this) the LDS views our Father in Heaven as progressing like we are. This may lead to the idea that the definitions of omnipotent and omniscient man is using are different from what God would define them as. I still hold to the idea that God may know the future, but we are the ones determining the future using our free will. Another thought would be that our Father in Heaven has perfect knowledge in all things regarding the best way to live, but does not have knowledge completely regarding our every action we will make in the future. All throughout the scriptures, Heavenly Father is allowing people to change and repent. He has the perfect knowledge of what’s best for everyone. This would possibly require that the definition man is using may not be entirely correct. Just a couple thoughts I decided to throw out there. Does the LDS hold a certain view or is this kind of left open to the individual?
  3. Hi all, Is there an LDS answer for the following scripture? Mathew 16:28 - Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. Many use this scripture as being a failed prophecy and proof the Bible is incorrect. I don't hold this view, but many do and I was wondering if there is an answer the LDS Church holds on what Jesus was referring to in this scripture. It does appear that the reference is regarding the second coming and those Jesus was talking to have long since passed away. What is every one's take on this one passage? From what I understand, no man, including Jesus himself when He was on this was on this Earth knows when the second coming will be.
  4. I heard something the other day I never knew. Perhaps this is just another misconception of the LDS Church. "Mormons hold the belief that the rest of christianity is apostate." Now I am familiar with the apostasy, but have never heard it put in this context. Isn't the apostasy simply a mass exit of the Church of Jesus Christ? If Christians (Other faiths) have not joined then how can they be apostates? Perhaps I am just over thinking this or maybe this is just a misconception about the LDS Church. Sorry if this is a double post, I received and emil stating I needed to register agains and activate my account after posting my initial one. I may have more questions. With a Mormon running for president, I receive many more questions (a good thing), some of which I'm not sure how to answer, although I have some ideas.
  5. I wanted to thank everyone for your comments and let everyone know that I have accepted the calling. After some prayer, I feel like this is just what our Heavenly Father wants me to do at this time. Perhaps I need lessons in humility or some other lesson I will learn over time. I can also use this as an opportunity to teach my son about service. Whatever the reason, I believe this is what I should be doing. I’ll miss my previous calling and I have one more week to teach. I only wish I could have taught the entire Book of Mormon and received a new calling at the end of the year, but this was just not meant to be at this time. I may not like cleaning, but that does not take away the importance of keeping the Church clean. Over time, I will learn to treasure my new calling just as I have treasured teaching the gospel. I have struggled this week, but I also feel I have already learned something, before I even started my new calling.
  6. Has this happened to anyone else? I have been in my calling (which I have done before) about 6 months now. I absolutely love it! I am a Sunday School Teacher for the youth (16 and 17 yo). These kids are great and I just enjoy being there teaching the gospel every week. If I could stay in this calling as long as I live, I would be very happy. My wife signed our family up to help with cleaning the Church last Saturday morning. I got up and since my wife was sick, took my son along with me to do some service. The next day, we went to Church and I was called into the Bishops office. The Bishop told me they were releasing me from my current calling and wanted me to be the Assistant Church Cleaner on Saturday mornings (I apologize for not knowing the proper name). This week I have been very upset, yet still accepted with the knowledge that our Father in Heaven has a plan. In all honesty though, I can’t think of one thing I like about my new calling. I hate getting up early on Saturdays, I hate mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning windows, etc. I just don’t like to clean and to have this has my calling is not making me happy. Just last night I was talking to my son. I come to find out that my son told the person who is in charge of cleaning the Church (I’ll call him Brother Smith) that I love cleaning the Church. Brother Smith goes to the Bishop and tells the Bishop he found an assistant (Apparently he has been looking for one, but could not find anyone who would like it). The Bishop then gives me this calling I absolutely hate taking me away from what I love doing. I am just not happy with my new calling; my only consolation is I am serving the Lord. Did this calling come from the Lord or was it just handed down through the ‘grapevine’ so to speak? Does this give someone reason to decline a calling? I don’t like declining callings and never have before in my 20 years of being a member of the LDS Church yet I can’t help thinking I was only called because someone mistakenly thought I would love it. I have not told anyone my feelings yet. These are only my thoughts on the matter so far. I don’t know if I should voice my concern with my Bishop or just do it? I was voicing my displeasure tonight while walking from my car to the front door and was almost struck my lightning! No Joke! Dang that was a close one!