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  1. I agree with this. I have no problem sharing emails/passwords etc, but i think that if youre constantly focused on "i need to do this otherwise he'll cheat" will just cause paranoia and hurt the relationship. Just go with what feels right and natural, not all relationships will be the same.
  2. The only thing that concerns me is if he is being dishonest. This is something that needs worked out and he needs support otherwise it will keep happening, he needs to know he can come to you about it if hes done something wrong or needs strength. If he cant do this then it will be really hard to overcome this. You need to talk to him and try to sort something out, he needs to know you wont freak out if he comes to you for help though.
  3. I agree with most here, its a little overkill. I think if people started obsessing over doing some of those things it would cause paranoia and be more damaging than anything. Trust is great, but some things are just impractical.
  4. I cant post a new thread either, just need to get to 5 posts lol -.- Welcome! :)