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  1. It did that for me too...... a little. But that is okay! I'll pass that on to my son... I know he changed something around on the site, and I'm having trouble seeing the headers to the sections myself right now. Thought it was just my computer, but maybe it's his upgrade. Thanks, both of you, for mentioning it!
  2. Thank you... he's worked so hard on the LDS Milestones store, and we really want to provide an outlet for fun Mormon t-shirts that anyone can wear. So many of the ones I see online are actually offensive. He is hoping especially to get college students and teens to wear the shirts he designed, although I just bought an Elder's Quorum moving company shirt from his for our EQ president, and he loves it. Thanks again for the vote of confidence! :) Thanks, Strawberry! I'll pass your message on to my son... he is having so much fun designing t-shirts for his store, and I am always amazed at how creative some of them are. I hope others will like them as much as I do.
  3. My son just started a website to help get him through college at BYU... it features LDS themed t-shirts. Some of them are quite clever, all are clean and uplifting. There are designs for youth and college kids, but also for LDS adults and some for Primary kids as well. I know he'd like to find out what others think of his website, so if you don't mind checking it out and posting some suggestions, I'll pass them along to him. The website is LDS Milestones