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  1. Oh, I look forward to when my husband is away at work every day. It's not because I don't love him, but I like having some time to pursue my own interests without him also making demands on my time. I imagine that's why he goes to his friends' houses to play games, too. I'm more than happy when he comes home, because I've had a chance to miss him.
  2. I don't think breaking his PS3 would help at all. It would only make him angry, and would start a pattern of escalation that could lead to separation or divorce. We have talked to the bishop, and that has helped. What helped the most was getting him a less stressful job, though.
  3. I married him after he changed and began acting more mature. I wasn't expecting him to be perfect, but I was happy with what he had become. He went back to being incredibly immature not long after being married. I expected him to at least retain the progress he had made. My mother raised me with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially concerning men's motives.
  4. I think the problem is that they are encouraging kids to sing 'Baby' as a substitute. There are a TON of other patriotic songs! Or why not alter the lyrics slightly so it doesn't say "God"? We did that for some more "adult" songs in my elementary school. 'Baby' doesn't even have a positive message.
  5. I know a woman who met a guy at AA, he claimed his car broke down and needed to spend the night at her apartment, and raped her. She was impregnated by said rape. She later found out that he had impregnated 2 other women around the same time, and there are multiple others within the area. But they don't associate in the same circles, so these women didn't know each other. Sure there were red flags, but this woman I know was just trying to be kind. A different situation than in the article, but still an example of how a woman would not know. Of course, there is also the culture surrounding sexual relations today. It is just far more acceptable to have children out of wedlock. If the guy is sending $6 or $9 every month, and does make some effort at keeping in contact with this one child then maybe he is doing all he can. He has 21 kids!! Imagine how he'd have to divide up his time and money! Yeah, he was completely irresponsible. But we don't know who he is today, just who he was then. (I've been reading a TON of talks and scriptures about forgiveness and judging others lately. I think it's starting to show. hahaha!)
  6. I hope that when I have kids who are 17/18 that I will have raised them well enough to trust that they won't hurt themselves on a train. If the train had wrecked without chaperones, would the parents have been mad at the school? Or if a kid wasn't wearing a seatbelt (depend on the train)? I just don't understand how much an adult is supposed to be able to control a young man or woman of that age. They can't really touch the kids, or they might be sued for assault. Oh, to see more parents willing to take responsibility for their child's actions (and let their child suffer the consequences of said actions)!
  7. Oh my gosh! That video was adorable! I'm also guessing that the kid's reaction was probably due more to the feel of carbonation than the actual taste of sweetness. (Though a good root beer can elicit a similar response from myself.) Either way, it's not irresponsible to treat a kid every once in a while. Yeah, that kid will want more sugary drinks right after trying soda. It's all about MODERATION. Just because he wants it doesn't mean he's going to have it. And why is this about the root beer? They're taking their kid out to a restaurant to eat! How irresponsible! Restaurant meals are loaded with unnecessary and unhealthy calories! The poor child will never develop properly because those parents are depriving him of nutrients! <sarcasm
  8. Well, part of the reason he's scared of meds is because he has seen me deal with the withdrawal from forgetting mine for a day or two. Also, when he took them as a kid he lost about 20 lbs. He's already suuuuuper skinny (once described as a prisoner of war) at 6' 2" and 145 lbs.
  9. I remember being taught in seminary that "in the season" meant "not rotten". I took note of it in my scriptures, because it was something I had thought of. If you live in Alaska . . . there will be a very short window of very limited produce that you will be able to eat if you only eat it in season. Produce can so easily be preserved through freezing, pickling, and canning. And the fact that it's all shipped in means that we have more nutrition available to us all the time. However, I do like being aware of seasons for produce. It helps me save money if I buy fruits and veggies that are in season locally.
  10. Oh man, I love beards. It makes me a little sad that my husband has weirdly patchy facial hair. But one of my good friends has had a beard for as long as I've known him, and it doesn't make him less spiritual or less worthy of respect. He was EQ President for a while, before he got married and left YSA. I always say that I like a man with facial hair because it lets me know that he has gone through puberty. I think following the example of the GAs means acting like them. As far as I see it, God gave us facial hair. It's society's problem, not mine, if facial hair becomes associated with 'sinful' lifestyles.
  11. I only wear a pair of blue fishnet-style (but with a lacy pattern to it) tights. I haven't work tights since I was old enough to dress myself. lol. I could never get down the perfect ratio of slip length that would keep my skirt from sticking to length that wouldn't show past the hem of my skirt. And if I'm in a rush and forget, I even go unshaven. Nylons don't cover anything, so I don't see how they're a modesty issue. If that came up in my RS, I would certainly have something to say about it. It was a cultural thing a few decades ago, but nothing is said of them in For The Strength Of Youth.
  12. I'm familiar with Asperger's. I had a therapist suggest that I may have it, but research and time revealed that I am just chronically shy, and that shyness led to very little practice with social interaction throughout my life. I've thought that my husband may have it to some degree, but he'd have to hear it from an objective professional. When I'm back in school, I do plan on seeing a counselor on my own. I may talk to the bishop about doing that sooner, as I've been very seriously contemplating moving out. The past month has confirmed to me that I love my husband very much, but that he has not been growing or progressing as a person and he may need a kick in the butt.
  13. Yeah, he has been diagnosed with ADHD. Part of the problem is that he does nothing about it. He won't go to counseling, won't even consider medication. He got a new job, which is less stressful for him. so things have been a bit better at home.
  14. I believe it. My YSA branch in Northern Maryland and Delaware always organized trips down to the D.C. YSA activities, because there were more people and therefore much more fun.
  15. I'm not sure why we're trying to judge this bishop.