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    Moving but incompatible ward boundary

    My ward got split, and I would have really preferred to stay in the Beaumont Ward, but was told instead I had to start attending services at the Oak Valley ward in Calimesa. I have never walked so that was not a concern instead it sort of bothers me that we are not free to choose which ward to be a member of. I would have been much happier to stay in the Beaumont/Banning Ward, but we are excluded form that choice, not only is that ward much closer I felt more at home in it, sorry if I high jacked your thread
  2. kartvines

    I need solid advice and feedback

    Last Tuesday I met with my Bishop, and told him I am nearing becoming inactive again, he was very disappointed and encouraging, but it seems as if everything he said fell on deaf ears. So I know I must be the problem, and I am so void of almost everything as much as I want to stay active and move forward, I see no end game. With the death of my wife one year ago yesterday, I have a metal block and I no longer want to have to give up anything else no matter how trivia, and it has been my stumbling block. My bishop , like many of you told me that the Devil is working on me, and maybe that is the case, but if he can reach me so easily and if God know that then why do I still feel so empty and totally void of spirit? My Bishop asked me to fast and pray on it, and I am of course willing to try anything right now but if that too fails then it will merely put just another nail in the coffin. So I am at a stale mate, I have a testimony but it is becoming weaker by the day, my bishop told me I need to stop being so hard on myself and serve others and, that a testimony becomes stronger when you share it, but currently, the less interaction with people the better. I have always shut people out of my life, and because of that I have no friends, and at my age I don't have the trust or energy to make any, so I understand that most of this is self inflicted, but I have been this way for most of my adult life and I cant see that I will change any of it, no matter what, and after a year of being active and servicing my ward, I feel as empty as the day I became active again, and it hasn't soften my heart of provided me and solace, so I tell myself why bother.......
  3. kartvines

    I need solid advice and feedback

    Thank you for the advice and feedback....ElectofGod your post was thought provoking, thank you, Gwen I love that song, and the rest I truly appreciate all of you posts and I hope I can work my way through this struggle. sometimes I just feel it is just too hard to breath let alone make the effort needed to stay on course, having been away from the church as I was I find it much easier to walk down the broad path than to navigate the narrow one..
  4. kartvines

    I need solid advice and feedback

    Thank you for your feedback. However I am either blind or confused, where in my original post did I say or elude to my not caring about other in my life who share my lost, that is in no way the case, and I am doing what I can to help them in this regard, my chief concern was the lack of feeling anything what so ever in regard to church and the feeling that the holy sprint has abandoned my temple and seeking better accommodations. However I do understand that I am still grieving, and even feeling sorry for myself, but more so for our children and grandchildren. I have witness to many people in my ward looks as if they are just going through the motions, and I have a very hard time doing that, I over think everything, and I detests the idea of being hypercritical, I cannot lie to my Bishop or State Presidency, so my advancement most likely will never occur because of that, yet I want nothing more. I think and or feel that I should have some burning in my bosom that will allow me to push forward and continue with my church activity, but that lack of any feeling spiritual or otherwise make it hard, I should feel joy and at peace when I enter the ward but there is nothing there. That is what I need to overcome and or understand. Does that make any sense?
  5. kartvines

    I need solid advice and feedback

    I feel as if nothing matters in this life anymore, in a couple of days I will reach the date of the day my wife died one year ago. To help to fill that large gap in my life I returned to church after over 30 years of being away, gave up coffee, drink and cigarettes, and everything else that brought me any sort of pleasure and or relief, hoping I would be flushed with the spirit and engulf in the love and body of the church, and yet I feel empty completely void of the spirit, and I am discussed in myself about most everything. I have attended all meeting performed my calling and read all of the scriptures and participated in all of the meetings, and I am a full tithe payer yet I still feel nothing. Yesterday before Sacrament meeting I met the Bishop in the hall way and told him I needed to talk to him, he told me his schedule is busy and his clerk will set something up, but all during the meeting I felt lost and angry and then left as soon as Sacrament meeting was over. I have had many meeting with the bishop and have been honest with him about how I feel, been blessed and still nothing. I have begun to sit in the back pew only to discover that I am now witness too many members being in the meeting but not really being a part of it, I see many whom I thought were ward leaders , doing nothing more than playing games on their tablet and other playing on their phones, I see children being allow to run wild, I try to sit in the back row so I don’t have to sit in front of them because their parents make little to any effort to control their behavior, and all of the above mentioned things disturbs me, making me feel that much more divided and alone in my ward. Even in my calling, I am the building representative I am disturbed by how nobody feel the desire to clean the meeting hall, most Saturdays it is just me and the Bishop’s first counselor, so it leave us two old men doing all of the work, which really dosen't bother me doing the work, I feel as if I am giving back, but instead it bothers me that nobody make any effort to pitch in. I pray every day telling our savior that I am lost and the void of the spirits and this void is driving a wedge between the church and me, asking for guidance and for help to keep me moving forward in my ward and calling. But I feel as if my prayers go unanswered either because I don’t have the correct amount of faith, or instead and even worse I an unworthy to receive the blessing [help / direction] I am seeking. I am 63 years old, I don’t except change very well and I am the sort of man, that is all in and or all out, and I am now feeling I am heading back to being non active. As an old dog I feel as if I am being told of all the hurdles. I must jump over to be worthy to be a full participate of the church and temple, and my old knees are getting tired from all of the jumping, also after rereading all of the scriptures I am scared of the idea that the more I now know and if I fell to choose to the right course I will receive a harder punishment for not following the scriptures than if I did nothing at all, and that too alarms me. Losing my wife was enough change in my current life, I don’t need further charge and or distractions, I need to find some joy in my life to continue wanting to live and I have found “none” in returning to the church, instead I find that because I am not doing this and or that I am merely unworthy, and that depresses me even more, I now pinned between a rock and a hard spot and the downward course of my thoughts are leading me only in a single direction and that is away from the church, I just cannot deal with any further disapproval, please don’t misunderstand me, I have not lost my faith in regard to the core values of the church, I could never belong to any other church, but am I strong enough to stay committed to something I needed to fill a large void in my life and that seem to be getting larger each and every day. I a lost lamb and I feel as if no one is looking for me to bring me home, and I am now hearing the howls of the wolves in the near distance, I feel as if I am now entering the fight and or flee mode, and fleeing away for the church is now looking like the best and easiest direction, I need advice and help to find a way home to our heavenly father and it seem as if I am too blind to be able to follow the map that has been laid before me, or just to stupid and or lazy to continue on this journey toward salvations and the ability to rejoin my wife when my time is up, because I feel as if I have not met the challenges that God given me and was successful so the total collapsed of my self-worth is now in danger.
  6. kartvines

    Bread making issues

    What I do is put the rising bread into my gas oven and close the door th pilot light offer enough heat to allow for a good rise.
  7. kartvines

    other preparedness forums you visit

    I tried to join LDSGLO but I still have not gotten an email approving my registration
  8. kartvines

    Sugar House residents, relieved?

    Having been born in Sugarhouse I think it would have been a horrible thing to do, it was bad enough that when I was born there the town was only know for was it's prison, but I now understand it is a upscale community, compaired to how it was in the late 40's
  9. Ward building representative
  10. kartvines

    Was asked to meet with the Bishop

    Well I met with the Bishop again yesterday after service and I guess I am being pasted over, he said that the Stake President, said I wasn't ready, and they will revisit it in a few months. That really doesn't bother me, but being analyical what does is if the bishop was given the revelation that I was ready and I first rejected it, and then as I continue to study and pray about it and met all of the requirements I was prompted that I was indeed ready, so being analytical it make me think that either the bishop was following a fomula for when the should approach the subject with me and that my prompts we also false and that concerns me.
  11. kartvines

    Mormon.org Quiz...I missed one question

    I too missed one "What percentage of Mormons live outside the United States?"
  12. kartvines

    Was asked to meet with the Bishop

    Well I again spoke to the Bishop yesterday and I was told to expect a call from the Stake President office for my interview so I guess I may be moving forward, a bit concerned about that interview, but I guess if that is what the lord wants of me it will happen, if not it won't happen, so I have little control over that I guess. I am trying to put everything in his hands, and that has not been that easy. Time will tell. Thanks for everyone feedback. With 40 year of absent from the church it hasn't been the easiest road to travel, but I still have one hand on the rail, and continue to move forward no mater what happens.
  13. kartvines

    Was asked to meet with the Bishop

    Finrock To say I am not depressed would be a lie, I just lost my wife of 34 years, but that being said I have seen a counselor and have spoken to both of my Bishops. The out going as well as the new one You may want to visit Family Services to see about seeing a therapist. Talk to your bishop and tell him you want to visit with Family Services. You could be suffering from depression and when you feel like you don't know where to begin to start to heal, having someone of a sound mind, who shares your beliefs, and who is impartial to guide you, can be profoundly helpful. Most importantly, begin to trust that the atonement can heal you. You may not be able to defeat your feelings of worthlessness. Maybe it is time to do something different? Ask God to take that from you. He can heal you. Jesus can heal you. Trust in Heavenly Father and ask Him, in faith, to take away your burdens through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Regards, Finrock
  14. kartvines

    Was asked to meet with the Bishop

    Well I had a meeting with the Bishop yesterday before Church began and I guess I will be going call to be interviewed by the Stake President about moving forward. He said most likely it will before the next stake conference, if I understood him correctly. Now what should I expect and how would I prepare for this interview. The truth will always be the truth so I am unsure what to expect, being I neither want to be embarrassed or embarrass my Bishop, who put me on this path
  15. kartvines

    "Police e-Crime Unit" malware

    I was hit by the FBI one and had to roll back my system by a few days to get rid of it, being it was locked for hours. If it happens to anyone and they pay understand it take them hours to collect, so if you fall victim to it and you pay out of fear, go to your paypal account and add the number of the cash card and it will put the money into your paypal account and they will not be able to collect the ransom.