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  1. Also bear in mind that some places that aren't technically gun free still have an abnormally low probability of anyone being armed. Churches often fall into that category, and the El Paso Wal-Mart shared its lot with a mall that posts signage against carry. (Not sure if they have signage against both open and concealed or not, but some very lousy photos were posted to a state group showing at least one legal-looking sign.
  2. It's a daily phenomenon. Original posts range from car wrecks to found dogs and everything in between. The latest was a head on between two 18 wheelers, both drivers died on impact, neither from this area.
  3. If course, FB could just catch up with software written before Zuckerberg was even born, and allow everyone to set up their own simple content filters, but that's been "in consideration" since it went live.
  4. But in every other context I'm familiar with, those people either say that to the victim(s) or to a person connected to them to be passed on to them. These are replies to a news item, usually posted by some random staff member, and often about travelers who were only passing through the area on I-20, US281 or US377 anyway. Really, it's like picking a random name from a different city's phone book and using a megaphone to announce to everybody within a couple blocks that you're praying for that guy; your odds of winning the lottery without buying a ticket are better than having that person find out you're praying for them. (Trust me on this one; I've won something like $400 now on tickets people threw away because they didn't understand the game.)
  5. Agreed; congregational prayer is a different item, so, have you ever had anyone stand up at the beginning of a meeting (Church or otherwise) say only "prayers" and then sit back down as if their mission was accomplished? Or do they do their best to represent the shared intent of all present, so we can all say amen feeling that He received our message? IMO, all FB announcements amount to is "Hey everybody, look how holy I am, praying over here!"
  6. Here's part of one from a while back, and bear in mind I've blocked at least a couple dozen people who reply to every news item with "prayers." Now, imagine any major news item having 20-30 of these every hour for days, and trying to find actual information in the comments.
  7. But what could actually be shared by posting only "prayers" to a group of people almost certainly unconnected to the incident? It's not even "hey, I'm praying for you" but "hey, random people, I'm praying for this other random person."
  8. Well, after a few requests that folks not flood an ongoing breaking news post (with updates happening in the comments) on FB with posts of "prayers" (and worse: some actually type out their entire prayers in the posts) I finally gave up and posted the above Scripture, and now I'm being accused of "twisting the words of Christ to suit my preferences." Now I don't claim to have always been innocent of that, but this particular passage seems exceptionally clear to me: keep your prayers between you and God through Christ, and don't announce them to everyone. Am I missing some other interpretation?
  9. Seems reasonable to me. How much idiocy do you really need in a single dose? Another good time to use the Thunderdome format, though. Maybe modified to put them all in at once, though, and weld the door shut.
  10. Always good to test these things in Canadians before applying them to real people. I'm still holding out hope for the super predator.
  11. Did I miss one of these happening here or is it still only Canadians with this problem?
  12. So, for the first round, we start with prisonchaplain vs... <looks at FP and Q12> ...guess it really doesn't matter much; either God really is on their side or even the Pope wouldn't have too much trouble taking them on one at a time.
  13. I just go inside and use the table as a table. Drive through line around the building, 1-2 people in line inside. If I get a shake the food will usually be headed to the table by the time I get there anyway. Plus they have a place to wash your hands inside so your food doesn't get any extra earwax or well-used money flavoring.
  14. They probably thought the same about your Abe Vigoda in a Speedo poster.
  15. Well, locally, we've got a jeweler named Swindle and an accountant named Cheatham.
  16. Considering what I keep hearing when she speaks, it's a possibility. Foust is hardly the first white basso profundo. Thurl Ravenscroft, JD Sumner and Richard Sterban come to mind just off the top of my head.
  17. Well, are you gonna be the one to tell Him no? Nevermind...just remembered who I'm talking to.
  18. Well, the way some sports' governing bodies like to ban things as unfair to those who choose not to do them, it can't be long before practice makes that list.
  19. I still say we need to get the word out as to how awesome you'd be if you stole these signs. Might get a few more idiots to go.
  20. Gee, that needed to happen about as much as there needs to be a modern polka remake of Freebird.
  21. Because that's the official designation for a triathlon that length. Half-Olympic is sometimes used if the main event for the day is an Olympic distance tri, but USAT and others call it a sprint.
  22. I said do the race, not win the race. Just finishing within the time limits (usually 2:15 total, with 30 minutes for the swim and an hour for the bike) qualifies. So far, every tri I've seen gives a finisher medal to everyone who manages that, in addition to any place medals or trophies. Just finishing is more of an athletic achievement than 95% of people will ever even attempt.