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  1. @Daboosh: Great to see another NZer on here. :) I was worried I would be alone, haha. And you're preparing for a mission too, that's awesome! Of course I have Facebook, who doesn't these days? @Onhech: Thanks! Yeah, New Zealand is pretty peaceful. People here don't really realise how good we have it, I think. I'm just about ready to send them off, just waiting on a couple of blood tests. With any luck I should be able to submit them next week! @Sicily: Nope, I'm an invader. European New Zealander with blood from all over Europe but not a drop of maori in me.
  2. Hey howdy, all. Been a member for just over a year and a half now. Aiming to go out on a mission in November so I won't be around for all too long, but hopefully I can learn something from y'all here. Bit about me, I'm from Wellington, New Zealand and have lived here for most of my life. Learned about the Gospel when I visited a friend in Utah and then invited the missionaries around when I got back home. I'm the YSA rep of my ward and (as already mentioned) will soon be serving as a full time missionary.