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  1. ozl89

    Where to find nice guys?!

    Okay, so I live in a pretty small town in central Sweden. There are very few mormon guys here, in my age. I wouldn't really like to date a 60 year old since I'm only 22. So my question is, where do I find nice and kind guys who are mormon? Is there any good dating sites or so? It wouldn't be an option for me to date someone that's not a latter day saint.
  2. ozl89

    Where to learn about LDS beliefs?

    You always have the mormon channel at youtube Mormon Channel - YouTube
  3. ozl89

    New to everything

    Thank you all. Just wanted to say I'm getting a visit from two missionaries tomorrow evening. Super excited. A bit nervous as well, but I reckon it will go well.
  4. ozl89

    For how long?

    And I'm sorry if I offended anyone, not what I ment to do.
  5. ozl89

    For how long?

    Because I've met a guy, claiming to be mormon. ( I found my faith before I met him) And he is pushing me, he wants to take the next step. And I really like him but, I don't want to do it. So, I just wanted to know cos, I don't feel like it should be the right thing to do.
  6. For how long did You date your husband/wife before you got married? And did you have sex before you got married?
  7. ozl89

    New to everything

    Well, what to say. I'm new to this site and new to the faith. I'm a swedish young woman, and I think I've found my faith. I really do. I just, I don't know how to move on with it all. I've only had contact with missionaries online. I did meet up with some here in the town I live in, but we lost contact because of me having school and a lot to do. But I kept falling back on the mormon faith and well, here I am. Any one who can share their belief with me, and how you got to be certain that this was right for you? Sorry if my english is a bit poorly. But yeah. Hope for some answers.