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  1. ALittleLost

    is green tea okay?

    I've heard that green tea is quite the debate when it comes to the word of wisdom, much liked caffeinated soda. I've heard some people say it's fine to drink, like herbal tea, and other's say its not. I've always heard that green tea is good for you. So is drinking it breaking the Word Of Wisdom? Or is it arm in arm with herbal tea and okay to consume? Thanks for your input in advance!
  2. ALittleLost

    really struggling

    I'm young and have been going through the repentance process with the bishop over some sexual sins. I have been going great until recently, I haven't quite been faithful reading the scriptures for the last couple weeks and I feel the difference. I got caught up in immature emotions and began sexting with a boy. No pictures. just talk. but pretty innappropriate. I started so feel awful and sick with myself. I broke down and really want to be forgiven. I will fast all week if I have too. I don't want to go back to being the person I used to be. and I am disgusted with myself for my moment of weakness. So my question is, if I've already confessed to the Bishop similar sins such as this, do I have to tell him of this one I recently did? I really hope I can work through it as a personal matter between me and the Lord but I'm not sure if that's right? I'd be so embarrassed to tell him. Especially cause he's been so proud of me lately for my progress. I understand what I've done. Can I work this out and keep it between me and Heavenly Father? Or does the Bishop have to know so I can be forgiven?
  3. ALittleLost

    No sacrament means no Spirit?

    For the last month I haven't been able to take the sacrament. I've done some confessing to the Bishop and have to wait to be able to take it again. Does this mean that I am unable to have the Spirit of the Lord with me until I can righteously partake of the sacrament again? Does the Holy Ghost leave and completely forsake someone while they can't take the sacrament? Am I unable to hear it's prompting's until I can take the sacrament again?