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  1. and it quite difficult to feel the spirite when i often get prejudice from other buddism that live around me and also try to bring me back to be buddism.
  2. yes, there is a reason i can't fast. my family think that it quite stupid and start attacking the church and say something like " buddishm never get to strave themself!" you gotta see my family member faces when they learn about this fasting, taiting, and church attending cause we don't have this sort of commandment in buddism. so they always compare mormon with buddism. so now religious talk is quite forbidden in the house. 90% of people in my country is buddishm and only 1-2% christian = =" (and only about 3000 mormon)
  3. okay, i'm leaving home to visit my family for 4 months. and my family are all buddishm and they still can't accept my mormon way such as fasting and keep sabath day holy(it is normal in my family that we go out on the week-end). also we don't have church in my town,,the nearest is about 3 hr driving and i'm certainly sure that no one is going to take me there = =" so for 4 months i can't keep those covanent,,,would that be okay? i can still study gospel regularly as much as i want. but i also super sure that they gonna ask me hard question, try to bring me back to buddishm. i'm pretty worry and scare about it.
  4. so i have 2 questions. i just recently start reading old testament. all this in Genesis. 1) the curse mark of Cain mean black skin right? some anti-christian told me that black slavery happend because white people believe that african people are decendence of Cain, they are curse. so here is my question. i read that God send flood on earth and every people die accept Noah and his family. so it mean that all of Cain's decendence were all death,right? is that mean the curse of Cain is stop also? the missionaries told me that Cain still alive on earth...but they not quite sure. 2) the curse that Noah put on Canaan because Ham ( Canaan's father) saw Noah naked. i don't understand why Noah put that curse on Canaan to be servant of his brothers. Noah should put the curse on Ham!! i really don't get it ... (i think tjis story is in Genesis9,,but i not sure..it just after Noah and his family get out of the boat)
  5. seriously, i have been praying for a while that God will send a sign to him. and i always pray and said the same thing Jesus did, "Father please forgive him, cause he didn't know what he said" yes, may be i need to give up and move on = ="
  6. hey guy, please tell me i had done enough. the antheist guy i talk to still keep repeating revelation21:8 he said that the mormon way of interpret is wrong, and for normal christian , he said that God's a psychopath that burning people alive( non-christian) and other bad people for eternity. for mormon, outer darkness also form of torturing even with no fire. he said that God is a psychopath, and we are worshiping a psychopath. i don't know what to do anymore.
  7. Revelation21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur." fiery lake of burning sulfur >,< (i think that a lot of people really believe that there is a fire hell) --this is what a guy asked me,,, um,,, i don't know how to answer-- Okay, how do you "interpret" the following passage?--the revelation21:8 (For the record, I don't interpret it; I take it at face value. I think if Christians or you "interpret" it to mean something else it's code for "I'm in denial about what the Bible says God is"):
  8. i mean Hell like burning fire for eternity i believe that in Mormon..hell is an outer darkness. but hell doesn't have fire. that what the missionaries teach me.
  9. so how about ppl who are good,but live far away from God? peoole from different religious who are good, and those who never know God(like ppl from far away island) would they be send to hell too? and chatolic believe that human were save by faith alone, but people will be judge acording to their work. this part is quite confusing to me.
  10. Hey i'm Lds member so i dont belive in hell. but when i read in the bible, it talk about hell and fire and tortue forever for those who won't accept christ. is that true or it is just analogy? also , do the bible support slavery? i was quite amaze to see what it said on this website What the Bible says about slavery i think i need to read it and find explaination point by points, but if some of you here know the answer. please help me out. one person asked me "is it ever occure that Holy ghost ever told the bible writers(prophets+apostles) that slavery is wrong"? i couldn't explain this 2 issues to my non-religious friends: eternal tortue in hell, and slavery. please help oh, by any chance, if you guy also know... why in the old testament God was so mean, so scary. in the new testament, Jesus was so loving and caring. why is it super contradict.
  11. hum,, i think that you should believe that it is from God and then tried it out. you know sometime it happens to me that i received some answer that i don't think it make sense, but i have faith in Him and do what the answer told me to do even it sometime against my want. but a week later, i am so happy that i followed Him and stop doing what i want to do, because if i follow my brain and do what i think is right...i would feel so bad now. i follow what the Lord told me, even it hard at first , but eventually i now see the result of the Lord's will for me. my testimony grow and i know that the Lord has a good answer for everything He chose for us. my advice is that you should exercise your faith :) read Alma32 again, it is my favorite chapter! the good tree bare good fruit. the Lord's answer always bare good fruit ^^ that how you know that it come from the Lord :)
  12. i'm listening to the song "o,Lord my redeemer" and start to cry again. the bishop is a guy and i scare of that eventhough he's nice. my best friend at church said that sexual feeling is nasty... i dont know what the bishop would think of me cause i always be good girl.
  13. okay, i am a new member of the church (less than 3 months) i am a girl ... i have been doing a sort of masturbation..since i was like 5 years old (kinder garden school)...the pressure, it helped me go to sleep in the afternoon at school or else the teacher would get upset. ofc, my family didn't know about this. the behavior didn't stop until now when i am convert (i'm 20 years old). i learned about the law of Chasity. at first i though it only mean no sex before marriage. i really scare of men and i don't like to be around men and i never had sex with any men before so that it easy to me to accept. but i learn later that it mean no masturbation also. i tried to stop masturbation. from almost everyday (not everyday of cause) to once a week, to once every 2 weeks. and now my longest record is 20 days already ,but i just broke it yesterday. when i want to masturbate i tried to think about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and i prayed so hard. sometime the feeling gone, some time it stay. yesterday, it was intense feeling again and ... i break it TT^TT. but i didn't feel good when i did it. i just want those intense feeling to go away (after i masturbate those feeling go away,,but i felt bad ) i felt totally suck. i prayed a lot for forgiveness. i felt better after i prayed but when i read on internet to find how can i resolve this problem. i want to completely stop it. normally people said i should consult with the bishop. but i talked to the bishop only few time and i not sure if i can talk to him about this problem. in any other area of the church. i was consider being good girl. reading scripture everyday, participate in church activity, helping new investigator, i keep other commandment. it just this one that i can not get away. i am so weak!!! ps. i hate pron movie, i don't look at men with sexual pressure, i scare of men actually , i just used to love the pressure i received when i masturbate. but i don't want that pressure any more and it no longer feel good when i masturbate!!! but those intense feeling always get in to my body.... last time it happened when i was in my class room TT^TT i am scare. i am so sinful!! i scare that Heavenly father won't love me any more
  14. everytime that share my testimony , either talk to other, writing on letter to my friends, post on internet, write diary... i always feel like crying, there is this feeling in ny chest/heart that bring me joy. and i feel like crying everytime. there were tear in my eyes,buti dont actually cry. make me feel weird cause i not often cry
  15. hi there i am a new member of the church. i actually been to christian school for 8 years and had finish bible several times , but i have been inactive for 3 years(i still pray but not often and not read bible) i have been baptize to the church about 2 months ago. i have been reading Book of MOrmon to 2Nephi18 how ever i felt it is quite hard to understand because sometime it has cross reference to bible. i lost almost all my knowledge about bible already (i can still remember some concept) i got often confuse about law of Moses , and the house of Israel, Isaiah etc. so i pray and i feel that i need to study bible first. the old testament , then book of mormon and then the new testament. but my sister missionary told me that i should start with the book of mormon and use the bible as a reference in sometime. what should i do? i feel like i should start with bible so i will have strong start. but the sister said that the president teach that knowing the book of Mormon is more important. not sure what to do,, i couldnot go with both option cause it is too much to study in one time