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  1. SpiritDragon

    The COVID thread

    Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
  2. SpiritDragon

    The COVID thread

    Sorry to hear that. Is it a temporary job loss, or the end as you know it? My jobs have also been closed down for the time being.
  3. SpiritDragon

    The COVID thread

    I should add to that - this also assumes we are tracking all cases of the flu, and that is surely not likely to be the case either.
  4. SpiritDragon

    The COVID thread

    I don't disagree with that premise at all. I think that could very well explain higher death rates in certain parts of the world compared to others. If you don't look for it, you won't find it and should logically end up with a higher rate of complications and deaths because only the worst cases are being tracked. The thing is that to bring these death rates into the range of the flu we'd need to concede to there being around 17X more cases out there than we're picking up. Sadly, we'll never know the true rates because we only ever have the imperfect monitoring systems in place that we have and whether there is more of the disease out there than reported (I'm confident of that, but not confident were 17-fold behind) or the disease is as lethal on a case by case basis as the charts show, the fact is that a lot of people are going to get very sick and many will die. The big questions that remain for me are will this disease mutate like a flu and get added to the list of ubiquitous diseases going about? The good news is that so far it's not really problematic for kids so even if it does continue to circulate once it has made it's rounds initially, it will have killed who it will kill and the rest *should* be immune or at least partially immune via recognition of a previous mutation. If for the foreseeable future kids get a non-serious illness which leaves them immune to a serious illness later in life than it's really best to have them get it young, but this presupposes that a later mutation isn't worse for kids. My other concern is to find out if it could be a virus that can go dormant like a herpes virus and resurface anytime immunity is compromised - that will not be a good scenario. Time will tell, we just don't have the info we need at this time, but the info we do have is compelling enough to warrant some concern and not simply dismiss this issue as over-hyped scare tactics.
  5. SpiritDragon

    The COVID thread

    Great visual in there:
  6. SpiritDragon

    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    Yeah, I wondered if I should bring that up too. I'm not going to go digging for sources, but I've been hearing that flu case fatality rates are thought to be around 0.1% in an average year. 20% mortality should be self-evidently false as we don't see one in five people drop dead every year from the flu (not even one in 20 assuming a 20% case fatality rate and a 1/4 of the population being infected). Even in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that is so widely touted as the worst in recent history, the death rate among those infected is predicted to be around 2-3% (according to Wikipedia for what it's worth), which is quite comparable to what we are seeing with the new Coronavirus, which puts the latest outbreak potentially among the worst viral killer in over century, but the common seasonal flu is nowhere near this catastrophic. It won't be the end of the world, but it is certainly worth taking some precautions such as making sure some food storage is in place and so on... nothing Church leaders haven't advocated for years
  7. SpiritDragon

    Censorship at its finest

    This seems pertinent to the discussion at hand.
  8. SpiritDragon

    Vort the Seer!

    I missed that. In fact, I rewatched it and still missed it, but it sounds like a noteworthy point for sure.
  9. SpiritDragon

    Vort the Seer!

    What a sadly concerning thought. Strangely, I can see this being not only true, but somehow the media will have painted a weird picture of how normal it is that while everyone condemns pedophilia now it will be thought untenable that we held that position even though it's the position nearly everyone holds.
  10. SpiritDragon

    Canadian election

    @Vort I can appreciate your take on this. I don't feel that I have missed @Sunday21's point as much as I was responding to her OP asking fellow Canadians what we think of the upcoming election. I had already shared my likely voting intentions and expressed that I hadn't seen the racist Conservative ad yet and would need to look into it. After looking into it, I shared these thoughts to further articulate my position which I realize is very different from hers. The province of Alberta is typically the most conservative in the country and as far as Albertans go, I tend to be even more conservative still. I'm not surprised that my opinion differs from most Canadians, but I do struggle to understand how one in three Canadians in the polls can still back Trudeau. We do have many Canadians that are greatly concerned about freedom of speech, but unfortunately not enough voters realize the importance of it, seeming to think it's already protected while turning a blind eye to the fact that someone like me can't even express my opinions out loud or in social media because I would lose my job and have an incredibly hard time finding another one. As far as I'm concerned I've already lost freedom to express myself without the thin veil of anonymity offered by a forum such as this. The very censorship they opposed when it was censoring them, they favour now that it's censoring me. While I don't like a lot of what the left have to say, I stand up for their right to say it too.
  11. SpiritDragon

    Canadian election

    @Sunday21 Okay, I'm a little bit more caught up on this. First of all, I have to say I don't actually see the pulled Conservative ad as racist. I find it racist that it is considered racist. I see a man walking into Canada (assumed to be illegally crossing and escorted by the RCMP into the lap of luxury on the tax payers dollar once over the 49th parallel). Everyone has a skin colour, be it white, black, brown, red, yellow or some mixture of all of the above. What colour would be acceptable for the ad? To me the skin colour is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that we've had a run on the Canadian border and some one needs to address it. I'm all for good people immigrating through the proper channels, but this walking across and then living off the system while I bust my butt and make sacrifices to keep my family afloat while paying into this system that doesn't pay me back except for the rare medical visit - it's aggravating to say the least. Maybe it's just the Alberta boy in me, but it seems like we don't need illegal mooches getting a free ride while continually being told our taxes need to go up to pay for all of the social programs (read indoctrination centres/leftist propaganda machines). Trudeau senior created serious East/west tension which had started to subside somewhat, but Trudeau junior has western Canada wanting to separate again because of his gross incompetence and lack of ethics and the fact that the east outnumbers the west and can continue to vote for us to make transfer payments to the have not provinces. This while trying to destroy our fossil fuel and agriculture based economy so that we'll all be a third world mess soon enough. I also see the opposite side of the empty country thing, I suppose. It seems to me that less labour would mean that jobs might actually have to pay fair market value, not because of minimum wage increases, but because to remain competitive and get the best people wages would need to go up, even for lower tier jobs, people would actually need to work instead of just show up some of the time knowing it's hard to fire them. I mean, I get that there is a balance point and we can't just have a dearth of viable employees leading to not being able to run business, but I think we're too far the other way where people seeking labour is outpacing opportunities, so why add more people looking for work to the mix (or worse, more people getting a free ride while the rest of us work to provide for them as well)? I also can't help but see the irony in the leftist policies that have left families broken and requiring both parents to be in the workforce while viewing children as an optional burden leading to the situation where we don't have enough native born citizens to carry our own economy. The solution they put forward is to accelerate the problem by bringing over an ever-increasing stream of newcomers, but not addressing the issue that our own citizens either can't afford to raise children, are too busy working to make ends meet, or too elitist to be bothered with such menial tasks as chasing babies. What we need is a strong reset of family values, wages that allow for single income families to more viable and families with lots of kids raised with good values instead of an ongoing influx of people who fundamentally disagree with our values but will gladly take advantage of our stupidity.
  12. SpiritDragon

    Canadian election

    You mean we can't just spend on everything and let the budget balance itself? (Just in case it's lost in translation this is what Trudeau has actually said, that the budget will balance itself.)
  13. SpiritDragon

    Vort the Seer!

    I just saw this today and it reminded me of what @Vort has been warning for years:
  14. SpiritDragon

    Canadian election

    Hey @Sunday21 Sorry, I'm so late to the party. I haven't logged on in months as I've been very busy and didn't seem to be being missed I have a severe dislike of Trudeau and I can't believe (okay, I can, but don't want to) that the party is supporting him. He should have been turfed when SNC Lavalin broke. Now he's had at least two major ethics breeches and his Black Face business also shows a lack of judgement (I don't actually see it as racist, though I find it absurd that as a leftist he gets a pass, but we know if Scheer or Bernier were found with Black Face it would be blown up and all the media would bring out the pitch forks and start salivating). Sadly, the Canadian media has been bought off by Trudeau so it's even worse than the usual leftist news slant because they're getting paid by the Liberal Govt. to continue on as a failed business model. Elizabeth May and Singh strike me as full of empty promises and would be an unmitigated disaster to even surpass the joke of a government we've endured the last four years. I haven't seen the ad you refer to about the Conservatives and will likely have to check it out, but honestly they are the party I'll most likely vote for. I actually could find myself supporting the PPC most of all, but don't see them overthrowing the liberals so I would strategically vote conservative for the best chance of throwing out Trudeau.
  15. I'm late to the party (as usual) but I thought it'd be fun to take the quiz. Here is my result. I was worried they'd be absolutely ridiculous questions, but they weren't. I got the one wrong about the four truths of Buddhism. Questions are always easy when you know the answer, I'm surprised that more people wouldn't have done much better since I don't feel particularly well versed in world religion and only missed one. Amusing.