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  1. SpiritDragon

    A Modesty Article that is going around.

    Thank you for your insight. I find analogies to be a lot like parables, they have a useful lesson that is taught in a memorable way, but certainly can be overworked into unintended meaning. I don't believe that anyone who has ever taught the chewing gum analogy has intended to portray that those who have sinned are worthless (we've all sinned). That said, I have no problem with the chewing gum analogy falling by the wayside in favour of other teaching styles that are less likely to be misinterpreted. I should also clarify before it gets turned around on me - I'm not suggesting this analogy rises to the level of the Saviour's parables, I just find parables to be very similar to analogies as far as being a way of teaching something through imagery and story for effect.
  2. SpiritDragon

    A Modesty Article that is going around.

    That's how the gum analogy was taught to me in a combined Sunday School class many years ago. The object lesson involved bringing out a stick of spearmint gum and asking if anyone wanted it (plenty of hands went up) followed by chewing it and reissuing the offer (no hands went up). We were taught breaking the law of chastity has permanent (in mortality) consequences like the gum that had been chewed. It's best to stay pure in the first place for this reason. However, some of us may have already strayed from the ideal and it's important to understand that through the atonement we can be made clean again and just like a fresh stick of gum... with the caveat that some consequences like STD's and pregnancy could still bring about lifelong challenges that we would not have had to face if we hadn't strayed in the first place. I've never understood the push back against what seems to be a fine analogy.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through this. It sounds like you're mostly better now, but for what its worth the following may help: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC139995/ Wakame seaweed appears to have a reasonably potent antiviral activity that helps with all manner of herpes infections from the common cold sore, to Epstein Bar, and even your current pain-in-the-face Herpes Zoster/ Varicella Zoster. You can see in the charts how those taking the preparation were able to clear lesions faster and reduce pain. Although the preparation used in the study doesn't appear to be commercially available, wakame seaweed is very available. Unless you are allergic to shell fish which can contaminate seaweed products, or really need to watch your iodine levels, it's quite safe to simply ingest seaweed or pulverize it and encapsulate it if you can't take the taste. It might help. In the mid-twentieth century Doctor Fred Klenner also reports having successfully clearing both chicken pox and shingles lesions within 72 hours with sufficient vitamin c. This was done intravenously, but many claim to have had success using oral dosing protocols to bowel tolerance similar to the one I'll link below: http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v01n05.shtml The bioflavonoid Quercetin is also thought to exhibit potent antiviral activities and also helps to act as a natural antihistamine which could make it helpful for reducing redness and itchiness. B vitamins help the nerves to function at there best and may help the damaged nerves heal and reduce the likelihood of post-herpetic neuralgia. Of course, none of this is meant to act as medical advice. Simply sharing information that you may find valuable in researching for yourself which very well may, and probably should, involve discussing ideas with your doctor and/or pharmacist. Here's to a smooth recovery!
  4. I don't so much think that science has lost, or at least not that the scientific method has lost, but that the way we fund and disseminate "science" has lost credibility. The problem is that science is bought and paid for by corporations with financial and political interests. Even if the scientific method is applied properly the stink of biased funding makes it hard to believe results. This goes for nutrition, climate change, economics and basically everything that can be scientifically studied. By discontinuing studies that start to show preliminary results that aren't in the funders best interest useful information stays out of the literature while plans can be made to set the conditions such that the desired outcome will be found. Continue to fund enough studies designed to bring about a certain outcome and others that may show contrary information can be dismissed as outliers which will statistically happen but shouldn't cause any great concern. I don't have the answers, but it seems like as a society we've lost more and more trust in government and corporations to get things right.
  5. SpiritDragon

    Failed Movies -- Good or Bad

    Indeed. People want to be entertained and real world violence is gut wrenching and not as much entertaining. For real violence I can simply watch the news and look out around my neighbourhood (like the fight in the street last night). I just find the theatrics of fight scenes too much these days, but I can still appreciate the time and talent that go into it. Kind of like how professional wrestling barely resembles wrestling at all, but is still entertaining to those who enjoy that type of thing. The athletes still need some serious conditioning to pull off the stunts they perform and need to be able to take a beating, they just also need to be able to follow a script and act out a persona. My point being that I'm not really suggesting the movies have to change how they portray violence (though they are and do change over time), but that to a large degree my knowledge of the topic has decreased the entertainment value for me. The movie makers can focus on making money by entertaining their base and don't need to cater to me - they'd go out of business as the last time I saw a movie in a theater was three years ago and that was because it was free, it was at least another three years prior to that where I went to a movie I paid for.
  6. SpiritDragon

    Failed Movies -- Good or Bad

    I really enjoyed that movie as a kid. I might still, but haven't seen it as an adult. Having trained in a variety of martial arts in my youth I really enjoyed martial arts movies. Having focused more on pure self defense as an adult, most action scenes are somewhat ruined for me because it seems apparent too many opportunities to resolve the struggle are wasted in the name of entertainment. Sword fights that are supposed to be struggles to the death using wasted strikes like punching with the hilt of the sword or kicking someone over when it could have just as easily been a death blow among other similar themes just irritate me a little these days. The quest might stand the test of time for me though because it's supposed to be showcasing different styles in a tournament, so it's understandable if they're not using the most effective means to the end because it should be against the rules and may not fit the style being trained. I haven't checked out the bad reviews, but I'd venture a guess that some of them are because of feuds over what style should have prevailed.
  7. This is a completely fair point, and perhaps because of mortal weakness this is something that those who need to adjust the most are the least likely to do. It seems to be that there are legitimate snowflakes running around being offended at everything and legitimate bullies out there bringing everyone down. There might not be much hope for these. As for those of us who don't go around looking to be offended or trying to be obnoxious jerks there is hope that we can all do better at finding middle ground and recognizing that the person asking us questions we'd prefer they didn't means no ill intent and also perhaps those who go around prying into people's personal lives can also learn to better recognize when a relationship is deep enough to go to such places.
  8. SpiritDragon


    For what it's worth, when I could continue to visit people that I had home taught it was easy to just continue. Having had people move and having a less active companion recently replaced by my wife and getting assignments from the relief society to drive little old ladies around which wouldn't be able to get in our vehicle through all the car seats anyway... the transition hasn't gone so well at this point. I knew the old system and could simply broach the topic of, "hey I'm your home teacher, when can I come by?" but now it seems so much more awkward like I'm supposed to just naturally strike up a friendship with no clear reason to express why. I don't imagine this will be everyone's experience, but in my ward they wanted us to pick people who aren't as active as they could be and befriend them without them knowing we are ministering to them. I'm now re-assigned to someone I used to home teach but hadn't really kept in touch with since being reassigned. It's incredibly awkward to try to find reasons to spend time together without just coming out with it. It'd also be awkward to just come out with it because it could so easily appear that I only care about getting an assignment done and not the individual since we weren't in contact other than the odd encounter shopping for the last few years, but not because I don't like him or don't care, but because life is busy and we don't share common recreational pursuits and are at different life stages making visits challenging. The fact is I only visit my own family every three or four months and have friends over/visit them in their homes even less frequently than that. I also have heard others mention difficulty with people not making time for ministering brothers and sister because they are no longer "required" monthly and they prefer less frequent visits.
  9. SpiritDragon

    The Justice League Movie

    Sounds like the pendulum has swung too far since the days of shark repellent bat spray I haven't seen the movie in this topic yet, but it sounds like they missed the boat on some comic relief. Granted audiences today may not appreciate a rubber shark that can't pierce human flesh - but somehow I still get a kick out of it anyway.
  10. SpiritDragon

    So um... I have an announcement.

    @unixknight Way to go! This is truly exciting news. All the best to you and your family.
  11. You should have found a different dealer
  12. This is all very interesting to me and I will need time to fully formulate an opinion and digest this. On the one hand I can see how it could alleviate tensions and make wedding days possibly more friendly to many. I can even see how getting all of the wedding nonsense dealt with on a separate date and then being able to focus on the sealing without everyone else putting in their two cents and packing the day to stupidity with non-essential "stuff" would also be nice. I can say that for my own wedding day it was fortunate that this policy was not in place because my meddling mother in law would have surely pushed for my wife and I to do a fluff ceremony to cater to a plurality of relatives that weren't and aren't worthy to attend the temple ceremony. My wife has too great a need to please her parents that she would likely have decided to go along with it even though she didn't want to as they were/are not relatives she actually cared to have around anyway. I personally like the idea of having the wedding/ sealing combined and intimate, just really close family and friends. In fairness, I never have understood the big deal about this either though, people can still go to the reception and/or dinner to take part. I only attended one of five siblings sealings as they either took place before I was endowed or while I was on my mission and I never felt I missed out on anything. I can't help but wonder if this is going along with the policy change for children with homosexual parents to allow for less family alienation when family members are clearly not living up to standards which would allow them to participate otherwise. Hopefully it helps more families than it hurts. I can't help but feel that some people will just find something else to be offended over. As it happens, I have a brother-in-law who's family boycotted his wedding for various reasons and my sister and he didn't even notice their absence until some time later it was brought up and his family were all the more miffed at not being missed when they didn't show. It wouldn't have mattered what was done, they were just going to find a way to be upset and try to make a stink.
  13. SpiritDragon

    Funnier than SNL

    The mini me does appear to showcase greater intelligence than who she is dumbing herself down to portray.
  14. SpiritDragon

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Or an emoji throwing a tomato
  15. SpiritDragon

    Replacement for youth programs

    I did actually do scouting both in and out of the church, and while the experience in church troops was different, neither of them excelled in actual scouting or at least my perception of it. Not a navy seal, but Scouting originated with the military discipline of scouting - as in surveillance, detection, avoidance of detection, sending signals and so on. I just happened to wish for it to live up to the purpose of it's existence from my understanding as a child. Lord Baden Powell put together the scouting program first to prepare boys to be more useful in military application and things were later revised for a more civilian take on improving life and building character, but the useful military application shouldn't have all but disappeared into history. Fair enough - I should have stated how to minimize odds of detection. From an actual scouting perspective the ability to get back and relay information without being detected is incredibly valuable. It could also be highly valuable to the innocent person who witnesses something that puts their life in jeopardy. Perhaps more of an urban movement course would be appropriate for most, but still a valuable skill set. Indeed, if my father had been a hunter I could have learned many of these skills. He wasn't and didn't - and that's okay too. Interesting points. You've hit the nail on the head. There is a lot that is/was SUPPOSED to happen that doesn't/didn't. It's easy to blame it on how the church ran things, easy to blame it on parents not being involved enough, easy to blame it on scouting in general... none of which is entirely true, and all of which contributed to the issues. My primary point in all of my pointing these things out is that at least I wouldn't have been disappointed by the new program for not living up to it's legendary potential, perhaps I'd be dissatisfied for other reasons - but not because it failed to meet expectations.