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  1. Santa adds to the spirit of Christmas, the notion giving and sharing and encouraging of 'good' behaviour. I believe it is up to individual families where they place their Christmas focus, and in our house there has always been room for both Christ and Santa (with a heavier focus on Christ) I do not believe Santa alone brings about the commercial side of Christmas, that is excess shopping and the need to make every Christmas more material than the last. As children we had very modest Christmases, with a present from our parents and siblings and then a small token from Santa i.e. a book/video for us all to share. Children should be allowed to believe in Santa, and learn in their own time that he is not 'real' but that the spirit he represents mimics that of Christ.
  2. Black (missionary tags) and the sound of LOTS of talking! lol
  3. Sister_N

    Greetings Programs

    Welcome to the forum. I am also in the UK, and have epilepsy (though mine is controlled enough that I am able to hold a drivers licence) I know where you are coming from with people being distant at Church, I had this for a long time (even harder in a small insular branch) It came to a point where I decided if others weren't going to make the effort then I needed to, and it seems to work most of the time :)
  4. Sister_N

    I am BCGuy and I approve this message

    I can see why they think the idea would work, however it is not something I would do to a child. There is a fine line at which tough love becomes detrimental to a youths upbringing. When we live in country's that have free speech and allow parents to parent in whatever way they choose fit (as long as it does not harm the child, which the Police decided this did not) then we have to expect extremes on parenting methods.
  5. Sister_N

    Missionary ditches?

    I believe the UK sent Missionaries aged 18 years ago, something to do with our University systems. It may of got changed up to 19 and then back down, but they were sent into the field at 18.
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    Joined today

    Welcome and enjoy the forum :)
  7. I believe that in order for children to be encouraged to make their own righteous decisions (with parental guidance and support) that they need to be allowed to have some access to materials that contradict how they and their families may live. If a child grows up knowing only one way of living (be that 'traditional family values, abstaining from alcohol or swearing) how can they decide for themselves whether that is the right way to live. Furthermore how can they reach out to people to help them 'see the light' if they do not even know what they believe or why the live/act in the ways they do. I believe such books should be available to children (with correct supervision and explanations) the same way as books on other cultures and religions should be. So that other peoples life choices can be explained to children. I understand we are talking about elementary school children here, but young minds are the most open and willing to accept differences.
  8. Sister_N

    Going to church today

    Praying all goes well and that you feel welcomed back :)
  9. Sister_N

    Sister Missionaries Preparing to serve

    I am preparing to serve! The only difference is that I cannot serve full time (health reasons) so am looking at other options open to me with help from my Branch President :) I am slightly older at 26
  10. Sister_N

    Ex-Communicated Twice...Any Hope?

    I believe in a loving and forgiving Heavenly Father. I believe He wants all his children to be able to come home to Him. We are on this Earth to learn and grow, equally I believe that means to repent of wrong doings and move forward spiritually and closer to Heavenly Father. I agree with what others have said seek out the Bishop and ask, I am sure they will be willing to help. You are in my prayers.
  11. Sister_N

    Completed Ordinances - sources?

    Thank you :) I have been doing ancestry work for a fair few years, but am new to the Temple Ordinances and the Church systems (having only been baptised last year)
  12. I have just started putting all my family tree names across from another site I used to the new family search so that names can then be entered for Temple Ordinances as appropriate. Anyway, it appears some of my ancestors have already had Ordinances performed on their behalf. This does not in itself bother me, I am curious about whether it is possible to find out who may have performed these Ordinances? Or whether something starting with (Source type: Other, Repository name:) means extraction, and so not likely to be family members as such?
  13. Sister_N

    Church Service Missions

    I was struggling to find many options for Church Service Missions (as I live in a rural area in the UK) which is why the family search seemed perfect :) I have spoken to my Branch President and he is looking into things further for me. Does anyone know whether you have to go through the Temple before serving a Church Service Mission?
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    How to tell them?

    Becoming LDS just sort of 'happened' - it seemed like a natural step in my life at the time. I am the only member in my family, but am blessed to have a close friend who is an active member (who introduced me to the Church). I am not really sure what my family believes, and religion never really comes up much in our conversations. Though occasionally they will ask questions, like why I can't drink with them now when I might of had a glass of bubbly a few years ago, or what is so special about the Temple. Back at the beginning my parents were convinced I was being taken advantage of, brainwashed even! but by staying calm and answering questions they had (as they wanted to ask them) they quickly realised that I was still the same daughter I had always been, only with a more positive attitude and happier! They have now reached a point where as long as I am happy being LDS they will support me all the way. I know there maybe some challenges ahead, like not having any family at a Temple marriage, however I will faces those when they arrive and know that Heavenly Father will provide a way for them to all be apart of special LDS occasions. My Baptism was attended by very few people (about 6 including me!)and I was very happy with that (as I hate being the centre of attention! lol) it did not make it any less special or uplifting! and there were so many miracles that led to the day including me overcoming my fear or water (though I wouldn't/couldn't submerge under water now!) Other members from your Branch/Ward would be happy to support you at Baptism and can make the day special for you in a way that makes you comfortable. I have seen Baptisms of people with no friends/family in the Church that have ranged from my small gathering to a packed Sacrament Hall! it really depends on the individual and what they want/can cope with :)
  15. Sister_N

    Church Service Missions

    Has anyone here served a Church Service Mission? I know that Heavenly Father wants me to serve, but I cannot serve a full time mission (due to health, finances etc) I have looked at Church Services on and have found one that I think would be perfect for me - family search (based at home) I guess I am just interested in hearing about other peoples experiences with regards to Church Service Missions :)