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  1. We have a sister that can't hear. we got her a large print of the lesson and she reads while we talk around her. There is a sister that sits beside her and makes sure she gets important announcements and such. But then she is nearly 90, got baptized about 1yr ago, and loves doing anything to get out of the home for awhile.
  2. I have never thought of it as 2 sperate places as much as 2 different states of being. The spirit world is one big waiting room, some are in a state of paradise and some are in a state of prision. "Prision" is a halting of progression. If I need something to move forward (like baptism) but I am dependant on someone else to provide it (proxy baptism) then I would feel imprisioned. After the ordinances are complete then one can progress as they chose, agency is restored which is a state of paridise.
  3. A statement from the weather forcaster that everyone was using to make decisions. A pretty stand up guy. A Botched Forecast/Dose Of Humility : The Alabama Weather Blog
  4. Sorry not you you, general you. Lol I have been explaining this all day to my northern friends. The most understanding one being the one that lives in Alaska. I'm just tired. I have a good article that explains it but it has some language. Lol
  5. The south doesn't get snow. You can't judge others based on your experience. This is the most snow I have seen in my entire life. I am not personally prepared or have the experience to deal with this weather. I don't even have proper clothing for it. Our community preparedness is no better. Why be prepared for something that rarely happens. If we admit our limitations we get laughed at and called names if we move forward and things fall apart we get laughed at and made fun of. I don't mind the joke or two and make them myself. I know my kids sledding with a boogie board on frozen grass is funny. The problems come when the jokes shadow the seriousness of the situation or ridicule and name calling begin.
  6. so you are the one that wanted snow....... now we know who to blame.
  7. I think this is probably the case with the fitness site. We are trained that modesty is to be covered. So it's logical to think uncovered is sexual. By default it doesn't matter anymore the why or how or how much one is uncovered it's immodestly sexual, aka porn. I hope such ppl never take a biology class. Context and personal vices do matter.
  8. I've seen hamburger/shampoo/rice/etc commercials I would consider soft porn. Not so much because I was stimulated by it but clearly the goal of the creators was to cause stimulation. Anatomy and education (nursing/birth pics/videos) are not soft porn ................. that said if you have had a problem with porn in the past anything that shows the body in any way may be stimulating to you personally. I would advise that person know their strengths and weaknesses and avoid such images. That doesn't mean they get to regulate it for the world, they just need to accept who they are.
  9. If he can behave like a normal person then I'd have no issue inviting him to my home. That is an environment I control. However, I might be hesitant to let my kids go to their home without me. Not for fear that he would do something to them but what if he's had a slip and has porn around the house the kids could find? I find it very rude to invite all but one member of the family to an event. It's a family event or not. To address the question in general topic of the thread title..... I think we should keep our kids safe from danger but that is not the same as not exposing them to "other's sins". I try very hard not to shelter my kids from different ppl. They need to learn that everyone has different values and lifestyles. They need to learn how to accept and respect that. They need to learn proper manners around it. My kids have seen my brother covered in tattoos and smoking. They understand this is their uncle and we love him. As they get older they will begin to understand what the bar in my other brother's garage is. He is their uncle and we love him. Both men respect my family as well, they don't drink/party with my family there and when smoking they take it away from everyone outside. They are coming to understand my sister's partner, they know our personal values but they also know that is their aunt and we love her and anyone she loves. My kids are safe around all of them but they are not sheltered from "their sins". I think it's more important for them to learn unconditional love than to be sheltered from ppl who are different.
  10. If they see it as social hr some may bring a friend (thus the talking and odd numbers). I would be blunt about it. I would tell them to leave or take their child. If they take the kid then it becomes a RS problem. lol If they insisted on staying I would put them to work. Give them lessons or songs to teach, remind them that we teach by example and demand that they set the standard for prayers and reverence. I would not move the class forward without their setting the proper example for the basic church behavior you are attempting to teach the kids. It wouldn't be long before they grew tired of me and left. lol Be respectful but straightforward and honest. If you want I'm sure you could find many quotes to include in your discussion/letter (if you choose to go that route) to back the teaching by example and the problems with not going to class (that is part of our covenants by the way). You could also give their names to the bishop explaining that they seem to have a lot of energy and words they want to use each sunday and maybe they need to be considered for a calling. :)
  11. Personally more awkward is the fact that he thinks he is returning to his mission while actively dating and snuggling with girls in other ppl's houses (invited or otherwise). I'm not saying he's breaking the law of chastity but he's clearly not mission focused. lol
  12. Here the changing tables are in the handicap stalls. They also sometimes have wall chairs (not sure what else to call them), a place to safely strap the baby who can't stand so mom can pee. If you have children who can not take care of themselves you have no choice but to use the handicap stalls. The normal stalls are too small to help a child unless you leave the door open which always bothers me. The reality is we all sometimes have to wait for a stall, handicap or otherwise. One thing that bugs me is when ppl with handicap stickers park illegally because all the handicap spaces are taken (by ppl with handicap permits). If the spaces are taken you park somewhere else or come back later, the fire lane isn't an overflow. It also upsets me when cops park in the fire lane so they can run in for a sandwich or something. Here most places have a parking space right next to the handicap reserved for cops only. It will sit empty while there are cars in the fire lane.
  13. LOL So I had a random memory after my last post. "I think they called them a teddy. You would pick up a jumpsuit, teddy, and a pair of socks." And then I questioned if that's what they really called them so I did a search for "undergarment teddy"..... don't do that by the way. lol I am correct that is what they called them as a teddy is simply a one piece undergarment.... however, the majority of today's versions are designed as lingerie. Imagine my surprise to discover that... lol
  14. The ones I've used were a cotton one piece (covered about like a one piece swimsuit area) that usually ran big so the crotch never really touched you. lol It was just an extra layer just in case. The baptism jumpsuits really are thick enough that I'm not sure you would know if someone wore them or not. Colored undies will show through but that's due to the color so...... The boys from what I saw were just normal white briefs. And no I wasn't "looking through" their wet jumpsuit. We would line up along a counter and as you walked through the line they would measure you for a jumpsuit and at the end of the counter were baskets of socks and undergarments and you picked up what you needed and then went off in different directions to the changing rooms. So I could see the boys basket of undies. lol For endowed members doing baptisms there are the one piece garments they use for initiatory that can be used. However, the last time I did baptisms was nearly 13 yrs ago. lol
  15. A thought that just crossed my mind..... If we don't learn to receive then how will we ever be saved? After all we can do Christ will fill in the gap. If we can't accept/receive his gift and are bound to accomplish it on our own we will always fail.
  16. lol This reminds me of something from an article I read this morning. Everything gets bleached, it's clean. You also have to consider the length of time they are worn and the circumstances (heavily chlorinated water). I can't see how "dirty" they would get. As a rule I won't share undies (won't buy them from a thrift store either) but the temple circumstances never bothered me. Go figure. However, as stated it's a personal decision and if you aren't comfortable bring your own. Other than the quote the article is a bit off topic, but excellent. lol Experimental Theology: Elizabeth Smart and the Psychology of the Christian Purity Culture
  17. Not sure you can. Someone has to want help before you can really help them. However, if she is open to discuss it there are some christ centered principles she is missing. For someone to give/serve another must receive. We learn the true love of christ through service.... again if there is no one to serve then how will any of us learn. I understand being independent but in a way she is denying others of the opportunity to learn and feel the growth she so much enjoys. I'm pretty independent and there are a couple of sisters here that I'm constantly helping out with rides to grocery store or laundry mat or what have you. They will sometimes offer to help me out if I ever need anything but I never call on them. One day I decided to actually take one of them up on an offer. My kitchen had just gotten out of control so after dropping the kids off I picked her up and she spent the day at my house helping me get it back together. Could I have done it alone? yup. Though I've also seen a difference in her willingness to help at church and in our friendship since that day. What I learned is that sometimes it is service to another to allow them the opportunity to serve. A recent talk on the subject. The Good and Grateful Receiver
  18. When I was going to the temple and doing baptisms everything was provided. Though it has been awhile. Though even in the smaller temple here where you are supposed to bring your own temple clothes undies are provided for the baptistry. As long as they are white I'm not sure it really matters. The biggest issue is what do you do with the wet clothes when you leave? I think they are provided as a matter of convenience more than anything. If you have a plan and would rather wear your own then go for it.
  19. If you have done a total block then you should be invisible to him (no matter friends in common).
  20. I am "friends" with my stepson's grandmother (mother's side). I really don't like her but for various reasons it was the only way to have any idea what was going on with my stepson for nearly 2 yrs. It was a very very hard decision. There are still days I wonder if it's been worth it. lol I assume anything she comments, likes, etc of mine everyone on her friend list can see, including the ex. I know the ex has us blocked and I can see things she likes (though her name is black instead of blue with a link to her page) but I don't know if it's blocking comments or not (I've not noticed any but I don't go looking for them). Anything you post on fb assume it can/will be seen some way, some how. Having mutual "friends" with ppl you have tried to keep a distance from is hard but it's something with fb you just have to get used to. I am friends with my ex sil. I also have several friends that I was just friends with the wife until the divorce and then the husband sent me a separate request (we were friends just kept in touch with family life through the wife). The only real secrets left today are the ones you never let out of your mouth or past your fingertips. lol
  21. My kids went through a pb&j phase. Then they discovered pb&h (honey) and switched to that. They did eventually get over it. I have one that puts ketchup on everything. I have one that has decided she doesn't like "melted chocolate". Yeah, I don't know where she came from. She will eat things with chocolate chips in them if I use the mini chips but otherwise no chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, etc. lol Some of mine won't eat if there is anything touching or if you put something on their plate they don't like. I'm trying very hard to teach them to just ignore what you don't want. But I figure those are more a sign of the Asperger's in the house than anything else. lol Buy good quality jam and don't worry about it. lol I'd put jam on peas if it meant my kids would eat them. On the chanting, that is only a phase that goes away if you don't put up with it. I've known 10 yrs olds that chant at the table. In my house we don't chant, never have, never will. If you chant you have guaranteed that you will not get what you want. I just sat down and refused to put dinner on the table before because of chanting, never had a problem since. lol When other kids visit and decide to chant my kids put a stop to it before I can. Did I mention I don't like chanting. lol If food isn't coming fast enough then get up and help or wait politely.
  22. God brings ppl into our lives for all kinds of reasons. You have to figure you out before you are ready for marriage. All marriage is work and there will be hard times to overcome. Get yourself straight and the rest will work itself out.
  23. So I'm gonna share what isn't the most popular opinion. I am by no means saying it is everyone's situation or experience. I am not saying it's what I think you are experiencing. This was my experience, that's it. I seriously dated a great guy who met all the "qualifications" one would be looking for. All my friends were "planning the wedding" and even my parents were supportive. We both prayed about marriage, not together and didn't talk about the fact that we were going to pray about it beforehand. I got my answer, he wasn't "the one". We were meant to meet and date but nothing more. He called me up for a date and said we needed to talk. I just knew what he wanted to talk about. He got a similar answer, we were not to take the relationship any further. That was our last date and I was devastated. Some time later I met another guy. He was nice, fun to talk to but didn't really fit "my list". And yet things just kept growing. There was a bit of an age difference and he had been married before with a son. At 20 that's not really what I was looking for. Every time I tried to back off I was pulled back, not really sure why. I decided that he was like the other, there was something I was supposed to learn from dating him so I went from there. I never directly asked if he was "the one" because I didn't really want to know. I got a very clear answer anyway. After I accepted the answer my feelings for him grew very quickly. That's when I figured out why I had to know the first guy. I needed the experience of learning that what seemed good to me may not be what the lord wanted for me. I needed to hear a no and learn to trust it. I also needed to learn that there is a lot we don't know and had to trust god on that unknown. That lesson has come back to me many times over the last 12 (almost 13) yrs. It hasn't been easy. The things I saw as red flags did cause problems for us and not always easy to overcome. There were times that I desperately wanted something and was told firmly "no". There were times that I felt like I was in an arranged marriage, this wasn't who "I" picked, it was who god told me I was going to marry. But we are making it work and have amazing kids. Like all marriages it's work, no matter how you go about the choosing you will have to work at the relationship. Though I don't think everyone has the experience I did I do think god cares who we marry. There is way too much counsel in the scriptures and from latter day prophets on the subject for him not to care. In fact in the scriptures god arranged marriages all the time, not a new concept. lol
  24. I think it's been cleared up but our branch is under the stake leadership not the mission pres. As for where they sit, what I've always seen, is sacrament meeting they sit on the stand and preside but all other meetings they sit with the group and whoever is teaching that meeting is in the front. However, when our stake leaders come they almost always take over sunday school and priesthood (and sometimes relief society) and do their own lessons. We just skip the scheduled lesson that week. So it is possible that he sat next to someone in priesthood but still presided in sacrament. One of the coolest things I've seen was when our newly called stake pres left the front (we don't have a stand) to share his hymnal with a sister he noticed didn't have one. After the song was over he left his book with her and returned to the front.