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  1. My Stake President actually suggested I waited a couple of weeks and then write to him, so you're on the ball. A hand written letter would be nice, and I'll make sure to mention respect. I planned on keeping it short and sweet. Basically a note to ask how he was doing and let him know he is in my thoughts and prayers. Nothing too romantic though. I want to keep it easy going. Very true - invitations are much more pleasant than suggestions!
  2. I've grown up in a family where my brothers are all much older than I am, and people have always commented that I am mature for my age. I've already completed a university degree, have travelled extensively, lived on my own etc... Your case may still stand though. There is 8 years between us which is a decent amount of time. He may have viewed my way of dealing with arguments to be immature. I see it more as sensitivity than immaturity though. I'll take that into consideration.
  3. I understand that this is merely one-sided. I wish I could go into greater depth of what he is feeling! It was such a whirlwind month, everything happened so fast, I have barely had time to process it all. He has shut out a lot of people. His parents described him as being completely flat. That's why I agree that counseling would be a wonderful option. Even if we cannot work out our differences and he believes separation is best, at least I will have some insight on where his mind is and why he made such a drastic decision so swiftly. Thanks for taking the time to reply :)
  4. We really wanted children! Not immediately.. But we were planning to try in about a year's time. I would have loved to start right away, but I think when faced with the reality of how much effort goes into sustaining a happy marriage, we both decided it would be wise to get that in order first. Why do you mention children? My husband is almost 30 and I don't think he is immature in an everyday sense, but his immaturity in relationships has definitely surfaced! Agency - a blessing and a curse lol.
  5. You could be right. I think my husband wants a family and children and happy marriage, yet perhaps he wasn't ready to face the reality of it. It isn't easy. It takes hard work. I've heard the first year is the most difficult. Your husband's story sounds very familiar to mine in some aspects. Thank you for sharing that. I'll continue to pray for him and pray that my desires will coincide with the Lord's.. I'm sure he doesn't want our marriage to be over, but he has little power of my husband's choices. I will also continue to pray for myself. I don't know how people get through these sorts of things without prayer!
  6. Thank you for your words. I have a good relationship with his family. One brother lives near us but doesn't want to get involved.. His parents flew over from overseas as soon as they found out this happened. They said they had no place in giving him advice - he is a grown man - but they were going to support us both in whatever the outcome was. I didn't think that was a great attitude to have... I was hoping they'd offer encouragement to go through with marriage counseling or at least convince him to reconsider shutting the door on our marriage completely. It is a Temple marriage after all. Surely they would see the significance in that. I think I'm beginning to come to terms with the fact he has agency. At times I think this is a pretty harsh trial to go through, but you are right. Blessings will come if I stay true. Thanks again
  7. I don't think that is right. He works extremely long hours. He is an investment banker. He is basically married to his job. I don't know when he'd have the time to juggle a girlfriend on the side. Thank you for your sympathy though.. It's a horrible situation.