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  1. @mnn727: I do all that, but he won't do it with me, says it makes him sick to his stomach :-/ Even if he wanted to go to church right now he can't because of his work schedule. He is a tour pilot and has only been with the company a year and the list for getting Sunday's off is long. He prayed with me for a week or so after he told me for the first time. Back then he was still very open to getting answers, but something changed.. Now he just doesn't want to. I'm hoping that if I keep living my life the way I know I should he will see what it does for me and want to have that too. What hurts me the most is he sees how much this upsets me, how hurt I am and that isn't any kind of sign to him that it could be true. I think he sees me as some brainwashed naive woman. Which is the opposite, I went through my own trials and struggles and even stopped going to church for a while, but I felt what was missing and came back.
  2. @All_Apologies: That gives me so much hope! Thanks for that, I needed some hope. As I'm sure you understand in the situation it's hard to see the positives and the hope.
  3. @mnn727: That is a really good idea! I will talk to him about that! Thanks so much! :)
  4. @anatess: Thanks so much for that. I'm going to continue to try and do that, it's really hard right now. If I think about it too much I get into this rut. Hormones make me cry, a lot... Which in turn makes him feel like he isn't being a good husband and that I deserve better. He says he doesn't want to "waste my life" which hurts me even more and then I cry more. Never ending cycle. As much as I try to show him that I love him, I know when I cry it hurts him which is the last thing I want to do. Hormones make it harder to close the floodgates....
  5. @Loudmouth_Mormon: Yes he did come to me. And I respect him completely for that and am grateful he did, although it hurts. I know that it's better he tells me these things. We talked last night, it didn't go well. He has decided that the Church is hiding things and lying and now is pretty positive that it isn't true. I pray we can work something out. He won't pray or read scriptures with me because he says it makes him feel "sick". I'm kind of at a loss again. I keep praying and doing what I need to do. @garyw: I agree with you, but that isn't what happened. Can't change the past, so I'd appreciate if you are going to comment to make it helpful, not telling me what he should have done in the past. As I said before, that can't be changed and I need help for the now. I say that with all due respect, and hope you take no offense to it. But telling me what he should have done really doesn't help my situation. Or make me feel any better.....
  6. Thank you so much for the advice so far, it has been helpful! My husband isn't ready to meet with the Bishop, but the Bishop is aware of the situation and often asks how things are. @Pam they are very supportive groups. They are for men who feel they have not received answers to these questions and ideas on how to hear the answers and ask for them.
  7. So basically when I was about.. oh.. 3-4 months pregnant, married about a year and half my husband talked to me about how he had never really gotten an answer about the church being true, which lead to doubts about the existence of God, he doesn't disbelieve, but he also doesn't "know" As a hormonal, pregnant woman, this hit me pretty hard. He has been raised in the Church, although his parents were only members shortly before his birth. He served a full time mission, we got married in the temple. It was all really overwhelming. I love my husband so much, and the only thing that would cause me to leave him is if he broke his covenants to me, which he hasn't. Leaving has never been, nor will be the option unless that happens. He wants to raise our children in the Church, which is a good thing, and he is still looking for answers and reading support groups for men struggling with the same issue. I'm very thankful he is at least still putting effort into it and not just giving up. I am just looking for support from other people who have dealt with this situation. What have you done to help your spouse? What things did not work or caused controversy? How have you been able to deal with the situation and feel OK with everything happening? Please share your story if you are alright with it and help me figure out this difficult road.