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    Keeping the Flame Alive, long distance

    Thanks for the advice. I don't think I could stand to watch any sort of "film" no matter how tasteful, when I consider what I would be watching. You all brought up good points. I don't want him or me finding satisfaction in anyone but each other.
  2. easterbunny009

    Keeping the Flame Alive, long distance

    So my husband is participating in a work opportunity for three months in another country. We are trying to find ways to keep each other satisfied long distance, but I am trying to do so while staying within the confines of the gospel. I was thinking about sending him some photos of me, so that he could find inspiration from them and not some random photos off the internet. He suggesting that we watch some "tasteful" films so we can take care of ourselves. Is any of this considered adultery if it is open, honest, and meant to keep our flame alive? I hope none of this is too graphic, but I could really use some advice. Thanks!