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  1. He is 67. No psych issues per se other than that he has suffered from depression for decades and has a tendency to rush into things and take them to extremes. I'm feeling like I should ask him to slow down, to wait, to let the fog of new love fade and then decide. Thoughts?
  2. Sealing hasn't happened yet. They have to wait until they have been married for a year (it's only been 6 months). I would like to see him wait to be sure that it really is the right thing. He was so lonely with my mom gone. He met and married his new wife in 1 month and was talking about the sealing cancellation only a few weeks after. He is a completely different person, not like himself at all, and making many impulsive decisions. I fear that he will rush into something that impacts all of us. I am also concerned about her children, particularly her missionary son who they have decided not to tell until after the sealing has taken place.
  3. Thank you for your replies. I'm trying to understand. To answer questions: Yes, I am sealed to both my mother and father and no, there is no underhandedness here. It should also be noted that my dad's new wife's husband is also deceased. He passed away about the same my mom did. He and the new wife were married until his passing, although she says he did not treat her well. When I reminded my dad of my mom's feelings on the matter, he said that he felt that she'd had enough time in the spirit world to change and realize how things could be. Couldn't the same also be said of the new wife's first husband?
  4. My parents were sealed and married for 40 years before my mother passed away. One of her most emphatic requests was that while she knew my dad would remarry, that he not be sealed to anyone else. My father remarried a year and a half after her death and just 6 months into that marriage, his wife received permission to cancel her sealing to her first husband and to be sealed to my dad. Have any prophets spoken to the feelings/circumstances of the deceased spouse in instances like this?