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  1. A few years back I started playing a real time on-line game called Evony. It got so bad I was playing 6-8 hours a day, all day Saturday, Sunday mornings before church and after church. It was a very addictive game...if you didn't play you lost things, you went backwards. I finally realized after 8 months like this I was wasting my life and my families life and I erased my me I went through withdrawals. There are a lot of these types of games out play and build and get to a point where you hate to quit because of all the time you invested in getting to certain milestones within the games. My 11 year old has been playing Disneys Toontowne online for a few years now...we pay $10 a month..he enjoys it but has maxed out his characters levels...he cannot get any better. I told him he could play a different game. He knows if we stop paying every month his character goes away and all the work he put into it goes with it. Don't let anyone fool you....internet games are addicting and are designed that way.
  2. I have found through my travels that the Spirit touches each and everyone of us a different times and in different situations. I had the Spirit profoundly testify of the Atonement when reading the parable of the bicycle in the book "Believing Christ". It was a simple 3 or four pages but it made a huge impact on epiphany if you will. Keep up your search...the Spirit will testify......
  3. I came across something on BYUTV that I did not know or realize and I am fascinated by it. The stable where Christ was born was very significant and symbolic to His birth. In those times there was a special stable kept within the cities gates to hold the lambs for sacrifice at the Temple...those unblemished lambs....those that were deemed perfect for the sacrifice were kept there. And it was within this stable that the Lamb of God was born. I never knew that...very profound!
  4. Hey Danny...I am a returning member to this board and if I remember correctly there are many here who are not members of the LDS church. It always seems to work out when we engage each others beliefs and doctrine on common ground. In other words talk about what we have in common and go from there. However there will be times of spirited debate and when that happens it's good to be respectful, polite and agree to disagree. Welcome dude!
  5. Hello Smiles....I'm in Oregon also...Forest Grove Stake.
  6. Hi.....I used to post a lot here years ago and recently stumbled back here...had to create a new account. I'm in Oregon, have a wife and 8 children (what do you expect I'm Mormon....we just look at each other and get pregnant). Only one left at home. I am very active in church and an avid defender of the faith. Good to be here!