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  1. Oregon is a hardcore liberal state, which means sadly the state government feels the need to dip into many places it has no right to be in.
  2. M_T_E


    Currently I am a self employed Process Server, serving the Clark County, WA area. I am also a Verizon Wireless Sales Rep. In time I will go back to school and pursue an MBA and dual major in infonomics, long term career choice is to start up a Cyber Security and Forensics firm. Oh, and I am a full time single father as well to a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter.
  3. M_T_E

    Guards at temples?

    Portland has a booth with a guard and in the visitors center you see a room with monitors.
  4. I second the wise words of Vort.
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    Hello!!my first post

    Welcome! Here you will find a wealth of knowledge and amazing members.
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    Hey Hey

    DMAX as in Duramax dielsel engine? Or am I way off? Welcome. :)
  7. M_T_E

    Unsure if I am ready for Baptism

    Go forth and be baptized when you are ready, I have been investigating for nearly a year now. I turned down baptism and they have set a goal for baptism on January 18. If I am ready I'll be baptized on that day, or will push it out if I still feel not ready. If you seek answers the Sisters can help as can this forum. The members here have helped tremendously with my growth and knowledge. Keep us posted. :)
  8. M_T_E

    Elder Romney

    It would be interesting to see the Romney family tree.
  9. I would recruit some who are preparing for a mission. Or we'll, my father would just tell me to do it myself haha even if I have no time.
  10. M_T_E

    Doctor Who

    I've watched one episode... I should download more lol
  11. Usually there is one or two temple workers walking around, but it as dark so I imagine they probably walk the grounds a little less due to the cold and for safety reasons? And she may have had a bad day or a rude investigator. I try to be patient, but even I get grouchy sometimes.
  12. M_T_E

    Elder Romney

    It was obvious he was only a week into his mission but he is very smart and surprisingly direct. I declined the baptism offer just as I had done with previous missionaries. However they set a goal to have me baptized on January 18th, something the others had never done. So I guess I now stand as a potential convert? I told them we will see and nothing is set in stone. They say they want time to officially do my lessons in crrect order and have a baptismal interview done so it can happen when the time is right, even if it gets pushed out further. Going to Sacrament with them tomorrow at the ward id fall under. I'll still likely attend the YSA Ward though if I do convert.
  13. M_T_E

    just looking for some advice

    Depending on how aggressive he is pressuring you for money either slowly wean him from the cash flow and make it known he has a three month deadline before the money stops coming or just do an immediate no I am not helping good luck kind of move.
  14. I am glad you had a chance to go atleast! A bit bummed about your experience with the sisters. Every missionary is different. I have met some that are easy going and some that are very direct and to the point. Sister Quent is who I have met with several times. Sister Melgaard is pretty good and Sister Heaton is very smart. Sister Friday was very attentive to a group of investigators that had come in. Deseret Books I think is the name, I can pull the address and post it here. There are the stairs closest to the Temple and the parking lot is the way around if you decide no stairs. There is almost always someone walking around that can help guide you too. I've been there about 20 or so times and everytime day or night there is someone walking. In the Visitors Center they can also help. :)
  15. Usually in this Forum and TheSpeedFreaks (Jeep forum), social media and skip tracing hard to find serves for my clients.