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  1. I tried to report him to salt lake and they didn't do anything. my case was severe where i was severely depressed and suicidal all the time and it scared people in the ward. my doctor gave me an estrogen pill which fixed the depression, but that doesn't take away the emotional trauma that happened.
  2. The stake president told people to not talk to me because I was diagnosed with pms.
  3. I have been hurt by so many people at church that I dont want to go back.
  4. I am very hurt and angry at the church and hold a lot of resentment towards how I was treated. I have been to other churches and was treated a lot better even though they knew what was going on. Heck when I was in a psyche ward one time I called my bishop and he refused to come and i called the pastor of the unity church and she was there almost instantly hugging me and trying to comfort me. A church is a hospital for sick souls not about politics and rules. There are boundaries, but tht does not mean that we should view people as a pestilence with their issues. We should recgonize the divinity in each person and honor and respect it. Thats how unity church views people.
  5. I just feel that they discriminated me because I have a mental illness and rufused me my right to practice my religion at the time.
  6. no he made it quite clear i wish i could file a lawsuit but i don't have the finances to do so
  7. It's still not fair what happened. I know Jesus himself would have resolved the situation with total love and compassion with best interests for all parties involved. Jesus doesn't turn away people who are in desperate need and god has told me that the bishop and stake president will get to experience the tears and the heartaches i shed as if it was their own when they cross over someday.
  8. I don't believe that a loving God would kick people out of his church because someone has a mental illness.
  9. I have cried so much because I thought my ward was my family and now people in the church treat me like i am the enemy and the stake president was acting as jesus himself. i have cried because i am not allowed to talk to my friends in the church nor talk to the bishop whom i became good friends with. no one stook up for me. i lost so many friends through this....the people in the church rumored that i was having an affair with the bishop when i was only looking for pastoral guidance. even my therapists said they can't offer that to me that i had to go to my bishop for help for spiritual matters. i did what they asked and my local church leaders cut me off because i have a mental illness?
  10. I was trying to get pastoral guidance from the bishop along with my cbt therapy i was getting for my depression and the stake president said it was innappropriate what i was doing. i told him it was what my doctor reccomenned for my health, but the stake president didn't listen to me. the stake president asked me some very personal questions about my mental health that i didn't feel comfortable answering because he was not my doctor nor my therapist. I said I don't feel comfortable answering your questions and he said that I shouldn't have any contact with anyone in the church because I have mental illness. I told him he could talk to my doctor and discuss the situation with him, but then he said i am not allowed to have contact with anyone in the church because i would not answer his questions. i was only enforcing my right as a human being to set appropriate boundaries between the stake president and i.
  11. after the run in with my bishop and stake president and after for being shunned and kicked out for being diagnosed with mental illness i've decided to join the unity church and become a minister there. the people are very kind and open there. they don't treat me the way the stake president did.
  12. Hi everyone...i have recently been asked by my stake president not to have contact with anyone at church because i have been diagnosed with a mental illness. i don't think this is right or fair. i am very hurt and angry. i filed a complaint with salt lake. no one at church seems to show pity or compassion for me. i have never felt so hurt and alone.
  13. maleahstar

    Does the church offer pastoral counseling?

    hi i was receiving pastoral counseling four times a month from my bishop because thats what my therapist asked me to do. the stake president put a halt to my pastoral counseling because i was seeing the bishop too much. i explained to the stake president that i was diagnosed with a mental illness and my therapist said i needed pastoral counseling along with my therapy because i was having spiritual problems. he said i cant do that and he and my bishop cant help me...that i need professional help instead. he also said i cant have contact with the anyone in the church except the stake president because i have mental illness. i have tried to negotiate peacefully with him and he is being stubborn. i was preparing to be baptized and havent been to church since. i am very hurt and angry at what happened. was what he did right? should i file a complaint aganst him??
  14. A friend of my father is an immigrant from egypt and has invited me to a coptic orthodox christmas service. (They celebrate christmas on January 6th) I am very fascinated an interested and will be going tomorrow. They have strict rules like women must wear a veil, everyone must not wear their shoes in the church, and the men must stand on the right while the women stand on the left. I just want to go to experience a different culture of things and to experience this. Lots of incense will be used and I think a lot of Arabic will be spoken. The service will be 3-4 hours! I have no interest in joining this church, but thought it was kind my fathers friend invited me. This should be an interesting experience!
  15. I am bisexual (but I do not act upon it) and have felt that for some reason it is best for me to remain single and celibate. Many people I have confided in say oh you are still young and will change your mind someday, but I get this strong feeling that in order to complete my personal mission here on earth that it is best to remain single and celibate. I want to learn how to love people in a more christlike way and not in a romantic or lustful way while still remaining celibate. Jesus was not married as far as we know...yet why do people single me out or judge me for not desiring not to be married? I can understand the plan of happiness and that eternal marriage is viewed as one of the highest goals in life. There is a passage in scripture that really comes to my mind when I say all of's in the new testament. 1 Corinthians 7:34 I want to make a promise to the lord to serve him with all my heart and soul. To be able to get to that higher spiritual level to the point where i have that christlike love that i can have that unconditional love for everybody. I have spoken to my bishop about my feelings on this subject, but he strongly disagrees with me. I dream of someday serving the poor and offering comfort to the hopeless and depressed people because of what I have been through. I want to be able to give all of myself without having to worry about a husband and children. I sense a great sense of freedom and sacredness to my choice. I understand what some people will say oh you can find a husband that shares your goals, but to be honest I want to look at christ as symbolically as my spouse. I am not attacking any church doctrine here, but just wanted to share my feelings. My peers pressure me to go to the single's ward and date young men my age, but something doesn't feel right about it. If it were possible I would love to be sealed to christ as my husband for all eternity, but know that is not possible. he would make the greatest spouse ever ladies. :) Please understand I come from an orthodox christian background and this is how I we were taught lol. Anyone else feel this way?