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    It depends on how humble the smart person is. My I.Q is in the genius range but I don't go around telling everyone that and I talk about general topics like shopping, school, movies, etc... and I don't rattle on about harder topics unless they want me too . I realize that everyone is smart in their own special way and to think that I am better than anyone else is just ridiculous because I'm not. And that's why a lot of people like me because I always believe that people are equal to or better than me. I have friends who can sing I can't do that. Play an instrument. I can't do that. I guess for a smart person to be respected they need to respect the gifts and the talents of others and to remember that the Lord gave them their intelligence to praise and help others not to go around bragging about it. I'm not arrogant about my intelligence because I know the Lord can say it and bang just like that my intelligence will be gone .... but I am grateful for it. And grateful that everyone has different talents for different reasons and to serve different purposes.
  2. By Satan when it comes to the law of chastity. I've seen a lot of "how do I stop masturbating" threads and 90% of the people I've seen ask these question of help are under 20. Why are so many of them teenagers. Is there a reason Satan well seems to have a very direct focus on teenagers and wanting them to break the law of chastity. I mean sure he wants everyone to break the law of chastity. But teenagers look like they receive hardest blows from the adversary at such a young age of still trying to grow and develop and I wonder why? I mean it just makes me so sad that someone as young as 13 can't stop masturbating because Satan makes her feel depressed and miserable; and she even prayed to God asking him to take her life. And she's 13 for crying out loud. There was another case of a 17 year old girl who went through rape and through the adversary believes that she is nothing but trash to God so she keeps masturbating and wishes she would die; but she stays alive because she has hope she was meant for more. And she is meant for more And it makes me feel so sad; and makes me feel absolutely horrible that these people have to go through rape, depression, family troubles, teenage drama; and now the adversary wants to add more to their trouble. They're so young I get so mad I often find myself thinking "Satan attack me as much as you like if attacking me with 10 times the force means that you'll leave them in peace then that's okay" Of course I only find myself thinking that because of how much compassion I have for how brave and strong they are; and how much they're trying their best to break their habit or not break the law of chastity despite their troubles. I admire them so much I sometimes wish I could just take their pain away and throw it onto myself.
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