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  1. Zarnes

    Coconut Oil

    I meant This is very low in Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a very good source of Manganese but very high in Saturated Fat.
  2. Zarnes

    Hi people.

    Hey guys! I am Zarnes from Chicago USA,just joined the website.Found a very good discussion board here. I want to continue discussing stuff on different,I hope you guys will give me good suggestions.
  3. Zarnes

    Health Awareness

    If you are doing some work in which you not getting time for any physical activity then you should control you diet first. Eat fruits and vegetables they are good source of nutrition avoid junk food and fast food.Do a little walk about 30 mins that will keep you fit.
  4. Zarnes

    Coconut Oil

    Yes coconut oil is rich in benefits,It is high in nutrition.A very good oil for skin and especially hair. People use it in cooking as well,Because if its benefits.It is low in fats and and a very good way to lose weight.
  5. Zarnes

    Oil pulling

    I didn't get it oil is basically for skin or hair.what is the concept of this post?Anyway if we are talking about oil here so there many oils and we don't really know that what are you actually talking about?please clear the question.
  6. Zarnes

    Herbs for joint pain?

    Hand crafted cures produced out of soil grown foods pectin and grape juice can mitigate joint torment, and decrease swelling and solidness. Pectin is discovered in the units of many plants and fills in as a thickener in arrangements for example jams. Grape juice is stacked with cancer prevention agents, around them, anthocyanins, noted for its impact on lessening irritation.
  7. Zarnes

    Healthy Diet Foods

    Exactly eating healthy is very important for a better life,People do exercise and running but they doesn't change the diet i mean a certain section do it.So they should know that controlling diet is more important than exercising.Eating correct is basically health.No doubt exercises is as important as diet but when you eat right you get the proper physic and actual benefit of exercising.