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  1. Starting phone calls tomorrow, my sister found out today that because of the (mis)alignment of the rib cage, her esophagus is slowly starting to pinch off. My mom and I have had enough of these general doctors messing around. Two months ago they said surgery as soon as possible, now they're saying she has to wait another two and a half months to just see the specialist. Do you know how Cleveland and/or Nashville would work with lodging. My friend in Baltimore said they have a place where you can sometimes stay, but they might not work for us since it's less than four hours one way. But that's still a long haul. Any my folks have a business and my younger sisters. Mine is the most flexible of schedules, but I'm not a parent, how would that work.? And Gretchen, I don't have HT's. I've tried to get them a couple times, but I don't think the request has gotten to the right person yet.
  2. I asked, there's nothing he can do, scoliosis isn't in his area of specialty. And the only doctor in about a two hundred radius is out till February. So now' we're looking at the big hospitals about three hours away, Philly, Pittsburg, Baltimore, etc. If she has to go that far, my folks won't be able to stay with her. I'll probly leave school for a semester and make arrangement for my loans. Because I've been stuck for months in the hospital without my family, I refuse to allow that to happen to her. If that happens, I don't know how I'll convince my mother
  3. Like I said earlier, the chiropractor doesn't want to touch her, he's afraid of making it worse. Plus there is the risk to her chest cavity because of how out of alignment it is. No doctor has even bothered ordering an MRI to see the extent of the damage/issue. My mother has started going to appointments to be an advocate since my sister isn't much of one
  4. hHi everyone, It's been a while, but school keeps me busy. Four weeks till finals are done. Can't wait. Anyways.... Let me give a short background, and then ask my question. My sister is 23. Recently they did x-rays and realized her regular scoliosis has degenerated into double muscle scoliosis. In a nutshell, her pelvis is so messed up she won't be able to have kids naturally, and her ribs are pushing against her heart and lungs, giving her periods where it is difficult to breath. She's also experiencing periods where she will go partially numb. She is unable to ride in the car, play with the little sisters(8 and 12), or even tie her shoes. Her chiropractor is the one who did the x-rays and found this. Now he refuses to touch her. He sent her to a scolosis clinic. She saw a PA there who said surgery was a last resort, the doctor took a look at the x-rays and said she needs surgery, and she needs it soon. Her PCP is sending her to PT, and to pain management. PT is making her hurt worse, and all pain management does is prescribe muscle relaxants. Those, combined with her being numb, have us afraid she will move wrong, and do serious damage, and won't realize it till too late. The rest of the doctors are giving her the run-around, sending her all over. In the meantime, her workplace refuses to let her back, meaning she has no income to pay for all of the additional copayments. They say she can come back after the surgery. In my ward are several medical people, including an orthopedic surgeon, who is very well-known and very good. He's done surgery on different members, and has gone beyond regular duty. I was telling one of them about my sister, and she recommended I call him, because if I call the clinic, I'll never get thru to actually talk to him. Which I did, with some reservations. I know me, and what I would do were it reversed, but what do you think, is it wrong to ask someone like this for their help outside of convention? I don't want to overstep on his kindness, but at the same time, I almost hope my connections will help me sister. Make sense?
  5. I'm going to touch on the Ativan point. Did you discuss it with your doctor? There are other anxiety meds that aren't as addicting as the benzo's(Vistaril and Benadryl being two of them), and stopping cold turkey really messes with the brain chemicals. In addition, if you were sleeping too much, you could have been put on a lower dose to wean you off. You can end up in serious trouble going off it like that. Feeling as tho things are out of control is nothing new to me. I know how hard it is to scramble to hold on to some sense of control. The best advice I can give right now is to make lists. One page, list all your sources of income, vs your bills/debts/obligations. Second list, pros/cons of moving in with your girlfriend. If you're having issues sleeping, and you aren't taking the Ativan, depending on what medications you may be, consider talking to your doctor about taking Melatonin. I find it helps a lot when I'm not able to sleep, and a proportioned dose doesn't really cause issues. It doesn't make you sleep, like a lot of the anxiety meds. Instead it relaxes the muscles so you can sleep. I hope this helps. And don't give up on prayer, sometimes Heavenly Father tells us to wait, and as hard as it is, he has an ultimate purpose.
  6. Quin: I did go back and read your previous post. And it makes sense. However, at this point I can't drop it. Because if I do, I drop below full time, and if that happens, my loans will come due in six months. Having finally got a decent sleep last night, things don't look quite as horrible as they did, but it's still a lot. More considering that I'm now in a half-packed house. Thankfully, I have an absolutely wonderful caseworker who came today and is coming tomorrow afternoon to help me finish/help me with some of my work. I think if I can just get some of it done, I'll feel a lot better about it, if I don't start the week behind already. If I have to, I'll just remind myself that the Monday after next is a day off. Once my house is in order and stuff out of storage, I won't be stressing quite as much.
  7. I have thought about both of those things. I can't cut a class because I'm taking just enough(13) to classify me as a FT student for the financial aid. And I did consider quitting at the non-profit, but my therapist says I need to stay involved there because they are one of my best supports(which is true. The staff there are awesome and always willing to help). I guess I'm just really scared because the last time I tried to go to college(2010) I lasted three days, and because of the stress of that among other things, I ended up in the psych hospital for eleven months. I'm afraid of that happening, even if it's only for a short period of time. I've only lasted nine months out of the state hospital after having been in there for most of the last three years(January-December 2010, May 2011-January 2012, and March-December 2012).
  8. Okay, so I've survived my first week back at college. And....I don't know if I can do this. I got out of my A&P lab today and started crying. Between starting school, packing up and moving, and trying to get the rest of my stuff out of my friends garage(it's been there since last April). Plus doing a little office work at a not-for-profit I help at. Added to this that I need to find a part time job because I'm losing some of my supplemental income, I just don't know when I'm going to find the time for it. I'm taking four classes, General Psych, English, Algebra/Trig, and A&P, plus the lab I mentioned. I've been out of the classroom for about six years. So does anyone have any advice for studying/time managing that I could use? I'd appreciate any thing you guys might have to offer. Thanks
  9. Backroads--The ones by Beverly Lewis/Wanda Brunstatter(I don't know if I spelled that right). :)
  10. It's a mixed rating, I saw that as soon as I got assigned his class. Some like him because he gives us all the test material beforehand, others hate him because his lectures cover very little of what the objectives are.
  11. I actually think I'm going to stick with this class. I know what I believe, and he isn't going to change that. But one, it'll be interesting to see different viewpoints. And two, as difficult as everyone tells me he is, he's also a very good instructor. He knows his material, and I'll learn from him. And that's why I'm going to school. I just found it really interesting. I've got a really cool English paper coming up.(I know, that sounds extremely weird, but it's true.) I just thought it was funny. And even tho I disagree, I honestly doubt I'll say anything to him, just because I don't really like speaking in large groups, but also, because I hate any type of confrontation. Oh and Dahlia, three of my four instructors are not worried about being PC at all. I've had one of each class, and I can already tell that about them.
  12. Pam- General psychology. He's also against women in the workforce, 90% of the information on the internet, and doesn't believe in any excused absences, even for a ER visit or a funeral. Edit: Oh, and one out of every fifty people is a psycopath, but most of them aren't the violent type
  13. So what kind of omen is it when on the first day of class, the instructor starts criticizing the religious groups that believe in building up a stock of food for possible future events?