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  1. Are there certain pictures of Christ that have been sanctioned by the Church? I never wondered before - but recently I purchased a picture off Amazon and when it arrived I couldn't look at it without feeling creeped out. Then I started to notice that all church buildings have basically the same few pictures. I've resolved to buy only pictures from stores like Deseret Book, but I was just wondering if there was some kind of church rule or advisement.
  2. Hey, just recently found out my husband has been addicted to porn for the past three years. It has hit me harder than I would have liked - so everyone just brace yourself for a lot of porn addiction/spouse support related questions. I'm in my early 20's, have one child, live in northern UT and am an active member of the church.
  3. I've heard some women say that if their husband keeps getting back into porn over and over again they'll leave. Others say that relapses are a given, and they'll keep working through it. And there are others who say both--that they expect relapses but if he keeps viewing it they're leaving. Just wondering what I should think. How many relapses is enough? Is relapsing more forgivable if he's honest about it? Does the leaving part come from relapses that have been kept secret?