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    TV Casting Call: LDS Courtship

    It's not "courting" in the modern context. I'm not arguing the point or definition, just saying that courting is a movement. If you don't know what it is as a movement, you are not right for this show. :)
  2. courtingproject

    TV Casting Call: LDS Courtship

    Vort, no, that is not entirely correct. It is a more formal method of intermingling. Some LDS and many fundamentalist Christian families do not approach "dating" the way non-religious families do...which is, "hey, a guy is here to pick up my daughter...have fun honey, be home by 9"
  3. courtingproject

    TV Casting Call: LDS Courtship

    Dating is going out alone with a boy or girl on a "date". Courting is a bit more of a formal process with guidelines. Like asking the father's permission, having chaperoned outings, no kissing, sometimes gifts for the family before dating the daughter, etc.
  4. courtingproject

    TV Casting Call: LDS Courtship

    Casting call for families with daughters age 14 to 24 who practice Courting instead of dating. Established major production company behind this project. More details upon reply. Compensation available for families that are selected to appear. We want to portray LDS and the topic of purity/courting in a honest light. Please contact me at *moderator edit Please do not post personal email addresses publically*