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  1. shanstress70

    Kids Need Both Parents

    Ugh, these stories are heartbreaking. I grew up in a similar situation with my mother 'brainwashing' us to be against our father. He missed out on so much with us, and we missed out on having a father. My brother did not turn out to be such a wonderful father, and this could be one reason why. Only when I became an adult and had a child of my own did I make an effort to get to know my father and have a relationship with him.
  2. shanstress70

    Heaven and polgamy???

    But if she dies, you can be sealed to another, as well as her. Sorry I haven't read the rest of the thread yet. I'm sure someone else has pointed this out.
  3. shanstress70

    Greek Food

    Greek food is a new favorite of mine. It doesn't have to be complicated, but needs to be comprised of fresh ingredients and cooked correctly. My favorite meal consists of steak or chicken kebabs grilled with Greek seasoning; salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta cheese, Greek dressing, and pepperoncini's; pita bread, hummus, and Tzatziki. Luckily, we have about 4 new Greek restaurants that have opened fairly recently and I've been enjoying it a lot lately. It's fairly healthy too, compared to other things we tend to enjoy while eating out. Sounds like fun... enjoy your night!
  4. shanstress70

    What you said isn't quite right

    NUCULAR isntead of NUCLEAR drives me insane. You'd think the leader of the free world would be able to get this right. Also, the use of the word 'basically' to begin a sentence. There are very few times when this word should be used. But so many people use it WAY TOO OFTEN.
  5. shanstress70

    Looking for a Great Place to Raise a Family

    I have to chime in to say that Raleigh NC is a great place to live. Housing is quite affordable, and you should easily be able to find the house you're looking for in that price range. If your husband is in the Computer Technology or Pharmaceutical field, this is the place to be. As far as LDS church members go, there are lots, and most of them are from Utah. Not many native NC'ers are LDS. I'm no longer LDS, but used to attend the LDS church here in Raleigh. The things I like most about living here? The beach is two hours away, while the mountains are 3 hours away. There are many parks and greenway systems for bicycling. The schools are excellent with many choices of public, magnet, charter, or private options. There are colleges galore here which helps with the job market even more. The only thing I really don't like about it here is when it is SO hot in July/August, but the rest of the year is very nice. Good luck with your search. I'm sure you'll find somewhere you and your family will be happy. Just do your research and take some visits to various places if possible.
  6. shanstress70

    Lunar Eclipse tonight

    It was great to see. I got my son all excited about it and explained what was happening, then the clouds rolled in! I didn't think we'd be able to see anything, but it cleared and we saw it when about half of the moon was shadowed. It was really cool looking with a red glow. I made him get up from his warm cozy bed and go outside to see it. He sd it was worth it though!
  7. shanstress70

    Calling all dog lovers

    Siouxz, your dog is adorable! I love labs. I've never been a froo-froo dog lover, more a big lab or retriever person... but I do love this one.
  8. shanstress70

    Calling all dog lovers

    Yesterday we got a little 7 week Bichon puppy... his name is Teddy. He looks like a stuffed animal and is so much fun. My father's neighbor has a Bichon and whenever we go to visit, that dog has so much fun running and playing with my child. I did the research and found that this is the breed for us. Like poodles, they don't shed, so are good for people with allergies like my husband. I had to drive a total of 4 hours yesterday to find him. Here are a couple of pictures.
  9. shanstress70

    Calling all dog lovers

    I'm the same way. I want a dog really bad! I had a greyhound who was a retired racing rescue. I trained him to be a therapy dog and he was great with elderly people at the rest homes we visited. Then I had a baby. When my son was one year old, my dog bit him and I was heartbroken that my perfectly laid back dog could have done such a thing. I called in a dog behaviorist/trainer to come to our house and work with him. But the next day he snapped at my child again, when he just leaned down to give the dog a hug and kiss. I immediately called the rescue that placed him with me and got them to find him another home... never have I cried so much as when I was driving him to his new home! Although he was placed in a wonderful home with no children, I was heartbroken. To this day, 4 years later, I still get teary eyed thinking about my dog, as I loved him so much. Oh he's a happy old dog now, living with a very wealthy family who still takes him on visits as a therapy dog. He gets weekly chiropractor and massage visits... something he never would have gotten with me. But I miss him so. Now that my child is older, I often think of getting a dog. We have actually done trials with a couple of rescue dogs and they were just too hyper. One chewed the wall up in the bathroom, totally ruining it and causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage! Like you, I want one that is calm and loving, and of course good with kids. We also have a cat, so that's a consideration as well. My husband really wants a chihuahua, as that is what he grew up with, but I'm partial to large dogs. Anyone have personal experience with those little ratty looking dogs? Good luck to you in finding the perfect dog! Elphaba, yours is absolutely adorable!
  10. shanstress70

    my mother

    So sorry for your loss, Winnie. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  11. Just wanted to express my condolences. Surely many will mourn the loss of such a great man. However, it is a time for celebration for him as well... talk about a long and full life!
  12. shanstress70

    Birthday Greetings!

    Pushka, you're so nice! :) I'll probably be stopping back by once all this slows down a bit. Our move happens on Fri/Sat. After that I'll be off till 1/2, so I'll surely have some free time. And yes, I'm actually happy about my promotion at work. I have more responsibilities, but it's no secret that family comes first for me. I work very flexible hours and can work from home whenever I want... so I'm happy with it. Take care, everyone!
  13. shanstress70

    Birthday Greetings!

    A sweet friend let me know that there was a thread here for me. You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I haven't been around much bc there's no need for me to talk about Mormonism, really. I do miss you all though! Also, I got many more responsibilities at work and am now coordinating our office's move across town... LOTS to do! I had my first ever surprise party. My husband took me out to lunch, but when I got to the restaurant, 15 or so of my friends and co-workers surprised me in a decorated room. Hope you all are doing well and that you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  14. shanstress70

    Being Offended Is A Choice We Make

    Am I totally on another plane today or something? This thread is about how if we are offended, we choose to be. My saying that we should also choose not to offend is absolutely related to this discussion.Just a simple observation I was making.
  15. shanstress70

    Questions About Joseph Smith And His Wives

    I don't know the answer to this question because I don't know how these children lived after they were married to him. They positively could have suffered much anguish.