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  1. Nope because its not true. This same logic i could say anything you agree with that he has said you also agree with an excommunicated person. Or if you agree with any Michael Quinn or any of the others have stated. Good thing you cant substantiate any of your claims. You or I have never read PTHG. Just looked at claim 9, still no mention of when the lord came to restore again the priesthood. Its a simple answer. Its a simple answer. Show me when the Lord restored the fulness. Greg smith did not do that.
  2. But this is a problem. ONLY The adam-God theory was incorporated into the early endowment. heard of the lecture at the veil? In the st george temple from 1877 until it was removed in 1990. However it was not given usually to the participants except the early years. Guess this part of history really did happen than? this revelation was in the year 1841, joseph died in 1844. this is the nauvoo period to reference. Explains a lot.
  3. If such a prophet does that, and it failed because THEY received revelation than they are a false prophet. Could it be possible for a man to think its prophecy when its not? Yes sure its possible, if they are deceived or still lack the gift of discernment. There are circumstances were prophecies CAN be fulfilled different than WE think they will be fulfilled however. Also there could be times when one is stated, and the people repent changing it. Or in essence, its a conditional prophecy based off "the people". Though such a prophecy I would think would be stated AS such, ie "Repent else be destroyed". Back to the OP, Policy or doctrine?
  4. ElectofGod

    Millenium and Temple Work

    Reiterate one comment in the quote, " till the[y] are connected to the ones in the dispensation before us " "Baptized for Relatives and Friends (With Permission) but it must be first revealed to the man of God, lest we should run too far...." ... millenium is living in a terrestial word, not telestial, its focus is different.
  5. So according to what others have said, the church was at one time allowed to lead others astray with a completely false doctrine, yet they fix it now. So good thing we won't be damned but they must be for believing and practicing such false doctrines. What a ridiculous view point! Fairmormon quotes hinckley, Soo ALL the early prophets cannot consider themselves disciples of Christ. Difference between policy and doctrine? This is Doctrine they are teaching. Took us 3 generations I guess to correct this one, what one or two generations to correct lectures on faith, 3 generations to remove the church patriarch... the church has just stated the following people were wrong, Brigham Young John Taylor Wilford Woodruff Spencer W. Kimball Maybe even others. It would be nice if the leaders could receive a reveation on this matter, you know actual Doctrine. Instead of stating everything as policies or public statements.
  6. Loudmouth, its partially quoted in the official statement. number 8. It summarized parts of it here, Mormonism and racial issues/Blacks and the priesthood/Policy or doctrine - FairMormon
  7. This is exactly the issue here. And this is the issue that should be addressed as MANY are losing Faith in God because of these things. I think this would be a beneficial discussion to many people that are struggling. There are SO many things that have changed. Its nice to just state what you did. But it would do more for those struggling if we stated WHY we shouldn't give in to that notion that "so and so got this wrong, hence others could also be wrong".
  8. Or Brigham young, and many other quotes including other presidents such as john taylor. Racism could be one reason. But who knows who was really right.
  9. ElectofGod

    Violence in Mormon scripture

    Yea in highschool my favorite movies were Running Scared, also American History X. Full of profanity, violence, and a great actor paul walker for the first movie Not recommended for anyone. I won't watch it any more. But still it shows many great points of what our society has come to especially with American history X. Too over the top but I just used to love violence. Now looking at the world I see it and all I can think is this...
  10. ElectofGod

    Violence in Mormon scripture

    Because we love violence. Its what will befall us when our nation is destroyed. Romans loved to watch people fight to the death. We love to watch people fight, kill, have immoral acts, and far more than they did with even more graphic reality in our movies. We are no different, if not more wicked. We are in a world of violence and the BOM teaches us how to live righteously among such wickedness.
  11. ElectofGod

    Apostasy and restoration

    Not PC but I love these questions. Does it really TAKE 3-4 generations to become Zioni? "to become of one heart and one mind". How do we do that? When two people have the same purpose they become one heart and one mind. When two people are entireliy focused on Christ, with an eye single to his glory, having been sanctified through teh blood of Christ, having their blood cleansed through His garments and washed clean, when two people have the same purpose to serve Him in all hazards, in all places, at all times, and Have eternal life, they also become one heart and one mind. The Lord gave the early saints the united order. They wanted to know WHAT to do, outwards things, lists, items, Do this, this and this, than you can be Zion. It didn't work. What was missing? They were not united IN Christ. When two people gain an eye single to the Glory of God, are clothed in Charity, they are united in consequence of their actions of being Christlike. They don't need an outwards law for the law has been written in their hearts.
  12. ElectofGod

    Apostasy and restoration

    Interesting. Thanks for this. I think it applies to this too. We go through the following stages. Unbelief Belief Faith Knowledge Relating Unbelif, Belief Or as I would say from going from unbelief, which is not understanding knowledge (doctrine) or incorrectly believing "the philosophies of men mingled with scripture" as truth, to belief. Belief is understanding truth, having had the holy ghost witness all things to us relating to Christ and the father. When we have finally cast off our unbelief. Faith, knowledge, Just a few references.
  13. ElectofGod

    Moroni & Other Resurrected Beings

    Thanks for that quote! :) I agree with this 100%. I love the orson Hyde diagram, makes things simple. Orson Hyde's Diagram of the Kingdom of God
  14. ElectofGod

    Apostasy and restoration

    Great question I don't know the answer. Titles can be used in many different ways. I would assume in that reference I posted it, the jews, refers to jerusalem, or judah. All the people as it was "the kingdom". But when it brings the idea of john overthrowing it, it refers specically to what you said, the teachers of the law.
  15. ElectofGod

    Apostasy and restoration

    How about the apostasy with the jews? They had the gospel, the covenanted people, yet fell into apostasy. This is a good place to look at because its one of the few places we have some information on. Johns mission, A new dispensation is started after an apostasy occurs. For there is not a need for a new dispensation when there is no apostasy. Thats my personal opinon that could change in the future. How did John wrest the keys from the jews? This occured because the priests, the leaders, etc had become corrupted, and those who were not had no keys or authority. So john "wrested" the keys from them to prepare the way for the Lord. Did he wrest them because they rejected him? Was it the rejection of John, being the servant to prepare the way for the lord, that caused them to lose the keys, kingdom, power, and glory? Their inability to recognize the truth that was once part of their religion?