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  1. I collect the figures as well so would want to get some exclusives! I forgot it had a chapel... I'd go there since it's there, wouldn't hurt.
  2. I'd be surprised if it wasn't nice.
  3. Then what do you think we came from?
  4. Well we had to evolve from something, we weren't around, peoples like them were...
  5. well if course a new one can, I am not the same species as homo erectus (I believe the one "before us" is called), which I, as a homo sapian, am evolved from. And if I am of the same as that, then if it was alive today it could mate with modern homo sapian. And yes new species can be made as evolution goes, I mean go back far enough and mammals all came from the water, and from little fish and such. Those were most certainly different species then what we are now.
  6. I was aiming at something a tad more substantial... even if evolution is a thing on faith, it has far more going for it then creationism, to me and a lot of others.
  7. You know what I see everytime I go down the 401 to Toronto... a giant smiling apple... Though considering what I "add" to my photography (the dolls) visiting a place like that would offend a LOT of people... I would, however, like to see the Precious factory thing, that's... well its Christian but far less churchy and far more cute.
  8. Please elaborate What beliefs can I have that aren't taken on faith then?
  9. I don't take things on faith, the idea for God to me is probably quite different then it is to you. I believe scripture can be uplifting to ones mood, but I don't pray or think that when I die I will go live in a paradise. To me the fact I am alive right now is a paradise. And to your other question, the "other side" isn't science. It may be close minded, but I just don't consider them, at all, credible ideas and theories.
  10. Because people are real deadset in their beliefs, especially when it comes to religion. An athiest says the same about someone who believes in God "how can that person believe in God" or with politics or with sports teams, people's ideas get real wrapped up with things and there are people who, even if you laid everything out infront of them, they'd still not buy it. To give you another example, the LDS feel there is evidence for the BoM and non LDS do not, to them it is most certainly real and the restored gospel, and yet to others it is just a book belonging to a religion they consider strange.
  11. Okay well I don't have any of those versions nor can I read those languages, I mean that does put the problem that how can the modern bible we have be trusted at all being translated and tampered with so much.
  12. What do you want me to give you the origin of species or something? the evidence is everywhere, do a google search and its all there...I don't see why you need me to go gather it for you.
  13. well yeah pretty much; 19 And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered. 20 Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.
  14. I mean a global one like the bible says
  15. And where do you get all this? Where do you get the whole there "isn't any empirical evidence of a fish becoming anything else but a fish" do you have any like sources for that? I am on my desk top so give me a few moments to go on my laptop to gather some of my retorts. Here's a site to read I have heard all that language and words before from Creationism believers and... I mean there's a reason the scientific community doesn't consider what they believe science. I am no scientist but I do trust them about things like age of the world and evolution over clergymen and creationists.
  16. I refuse to believe in the flood because science has said such a thing never happened and laid out very well why. I explained what I saw and my mind (and neo pagan ideas at the time of seeing said lights) felt they were faeries, but that could easily and most likely is, some thing I just do not understand and have not figured out with logic and science so have given something I can understand to perhaps put aside the wondering. It is not a faith thing, it is something I saw, like ghosts. Now does that mean I was simply seeing things? Quite possibly. And how is there a lack of evidence for evolution?
  17. The Noah's Ark story sounded dumb to me as a small child and I was shocked people would think it was real, I never believed in Santa, since I lived in an Appartment as a kid lol I did and still do believe in faeries and spirits and dream interpretation, which I do know disagrees completely with my normally logical science-leaning beliefs. I honestly have seen faeries and ghosts (and no not the tiny naked women with wings but they are like... floating orbs that dart around you rather quickly or twinkle around at the corner of your eye and vanish when you go to look at them). And if there is a logical, proper explenation for them and the ghosts I have seen I shall reject my previous thinking, since I was proven wrong. I couldn't imagine what name you'd give to my belief system since it takes from so many things...I certainly don't properly fit into any church but I don't properly fit into anything and it would scare me if I did lol
  18. Do you believe in Creationism, or do you believe in Evolution. I believe in Evolution, though I think if there is a God, the moment our universe came into being was its doing, and everything perhaps that has transpired. Evolution, dinosaurs, the dawn of man...I always felt creationism sort of made God look less divine, seemed like a primative human's explenation for creation when the reality was so much grander and much more worthy of a divine power, at least I think so.
  19. I don't consider my parents failures for not kicking me out at 18. Sure I've acomplished very little in life and don't see myself doing much with it (I'll be honest-not gonna be any family in my future, maybe cats, and certainly nothing like collage or university) but I look at everything I do have and thank them for giving me all the chances I got.
  20. My parents loved to tote the "you pay some rent after 18 if you're not in school" and going on about collage, until that time came however, in which I had a rather serious surgery in my mouth (removing 6 teeth and reparing some damage to my jaw), the job market not being very good and me not having any friends until I got to be like 22, obviously there was no collage, no one had the money for that, I finally did move out at 25 (just in July) and my parents always have said I have a home with them, regardless. I did pitch in, anyway I could and am glad my parents are the wonderful people they are. I mean if they weren't good people I would have no issue tossing them out of my life, I did it to most of my extended family and feel nothing. Had they kicked me out I'd have never spoken to them again, and had it been at 18, well I was far worse off since I would have had no support network if things got rough, no family or friends, I'd have probably died.
  21. Only topic I can't discuss with LDS is Star Trek... best I never discuss Star Trek outside "nerd rage appropriate" forums.
  22. Closest I can think of is all the Buddhist texts I'd read when I was young. Though really, isn't all religion a philosophy? If I don't believe in this faith or that faith, what are their holy books to me?
  23. Maybe that's my I was so lousy at school. I had no idea the Book of Mormon even existed