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  1. Yeah even someone as friendly to the GLBT community as I don't quite get the whole other genders thing. I understand transgender, but they got things like bi gender and tri gender that apparantly exist though I have never met anyone who identified as that, there's pansexual which is confusing though does have to do with this, mind you like bisexual, a pansexual can be with someone of the opposite sex. There's Genderfluid where someone "shifts" back and forth, I've met two like that. I think most movies are terrible no matter who you put in the starring role.
  2. i found this the other day "It is easier for a camlel to go through the eye of a needle, then for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God" Mark 10:25
  3. Depression is a thing that does not have a one cure all thing. You can't be perfect and striving for something like that when you are in such a state will only make it worse. Placing the blame on yourself is the worst thing you can do, i know I am not the best to answer at it from a religious angle, I don't have one, I can't commit to the church because in times of deep depression I simply drop it like a stone. Mental illness will be with me when I die and is hand in and with depression, so I at least understand what you feel. Ultimately you need to find out what will make you happy, and reach for it. You can't blindly hope for things to get better because the world is cruel, you need to work at it. I wouldn't think God would want us to be idle and wait around.
  4. Also as a Canadian the idea of guns is strange... hand guns at least, since they are totally illegal. I can buy a hunting rifle but there are much more strict laws about it (eg it has to be locked and unloaded, the ammo must be locked in a different place).
  5. Since I live in Canada if the government collapses there's more woods then I could ever imagine out there for me to hide in.
  6. I had asked the lady when at the... the thing you look up your family tree (I also use such things for finding unique names) if she could ask the missionaries to obtain for me all the "Teachings of the Presidents of the Church" books. I do wonder what they will think of that request. I saw some on a shelf but didn't know if I was allowed to simply take them, better to be sure. Haven't met any missionaries since I've been back yet.
  7. I guess for me I just try and be a bit better of a person. Not be so angry all the time and not say how much I hate things (I became very well known for my just general hatred of most everything in the MTG circles). I'm able to debate more and talk to people without blowing a gasket and I feel I am at least a bit easier to get along with. I read the scriptures a little everyday now and pray when it feels natural. I feel a daily struggle to keep hold of perspective and balance within myself, and the Book of Mormon is always there to give me something, weither it is a nice verse to ponder, an idea for a painting or some such art, or just something enjoyable to read, even if I lash out at it.
  8. I actually saw a really interesting theory about race and the BoM
  9. I thank you, but ask not to be the focus of attention anymore, it makes me very uncomfortable... Just my books.
  10. You're responding to something I said like 6 months ago, I am hardly in the same frame of mind then, or even as I was at the beginning of summer. I promised pam when I came back that my old ways were behind me, I've heard that Peter Tosh song, though in my past I was renown for being a hippocryte I knew by and large a good chunk didn't like me, (or still don't I imagine) and normally my additude was not to care, you develop those feelings when you go threw life where most don't like you, but I thought I should try to exist and not be crazy all the time with everyone here. I am not proud of a lot of what I've said here, and do apoligize for a lot of the crazy things I have done and just general annoyance I have been. I don't wish to publically discuss what "I used to do" because it's embarassing, I'm perfectly happy to talk about it in PM, but I want to try and start anew here.
  11. Suppose it depends on how big the city is around it...? I ought to find out for next Anime North since its somewhere in Toronto and I know the subway network very well.
  12. Do all Temples have like visitors centers the public can go to and... I donno look around and ask things?
  13. Suppose so... sometimes even I feel at a loss for words.
  14. If I became rich, like won a lotto, I'd go crazy...Like far more then I already am. Maybe I'd build the sets to my favourite movie, maybe I'd just burn it like the Joker in Batman and watch people go nuts, I donno... I don't really wanna find out.
  15. I wasn't gonna start a new thread because of this, but I finally got a good start that I liked and wanted to share it with you all. So it begun with the breaking of the friendship chain, some thought it was the (non Christian) Vespertil's who did it (these hairy-winged humanoids that only live to about 150-200 years vs the Lunar Human's 1000 average span) and there arises much problems over it. Eventually even the church (The Lunar Church of Christ they call it) splits and the ones who feel the Vespertil's are innocent leave and are excommunicated. They are soon run out of many towns and go live with the Vespertil's who welcome them with open arms. Soon after the two join societies their religions meld and the Vespertil's take on the Lunar Bible (which is a lot like the regular bible save for a few books taking place on the moon) as cannon scripture and create a unique brand of Lunar Christianity. But soon the Lunar Humans (called Lunarites) want to see Earth again, having been gone for so long, create a rope and attempt to rekindle the friendship we (they call Earthenites) and they had.
  16. People will talk to you, like saying hello and stuff. It is geniune kindness I found, and I am not one who normally likes talking to people, they have a sort of way in bringing people out of their shell. Or maybe its the spirit, I donno, but get all you can read and read! That's the best thing to do to really learn.
  17. I keep getting stalled due to bouts of creativity, paintings usually. I had drawn the designs for a little clay temple, something to put on your desk or something as a paperweight, I donno its function-if any. That happens often when I read scripture, though you and I probably started round the same time I am way behind lol (Though I've also read much of the old testament as well).
  18. I can't even see that title without laughing (there was a Simpsons episode where Mel Gibson "remade" that movie and shot a bunch of peope... it was symbolism! he was mad!") For me "Le Voyage dans la Lune" trying to get a good mindset mind, for a book I am writing. Started it many months back but it got pushed aside (Quakers on the Moon).
  19. I think it's really to get people talking, to be in the news and on people's minds is what they want, they want to show they are a relivant thing, as a lot of people still have no clue what a Mormon is and I think the worst thing that could befall a church is becoming obselete and being seen as a thing for old people. While such things may not be a problem now but it will be for a lot of churches. Consider my generation, often called the "generation of nones" for people my age are none too interested in religion and eventually that will be felt. I mean it already is, I've gone to several churches and there's hardly ever anyone between 15-30. No one I know goes to church or has any clear belief in a higher power. I don't go to church regularly or have a set belief you could fit into a neat label. (Though to be fair my reasons for not attending are more due to anxiety then being lazy). Religion these days is looked at by a good chunk of my generation, as an outdated, cruel bunch of old men seeking simply to control and steal money. A church has to look at itself and ask "why would someone want to be in this church?" I do think, from the description given on the homepage in that article, that this movie could be going in a better direction, showing why people are LDS or why they may consider being LDS, not doctrine, but what it means to people. In their own words.
  20. Well its a I gotta do to it what I do to every movie I end up seeing... riff it lol I am generally curious what route they're going to take with it, I still think the internet is a far better medium then print, movies or tv. But I'll wait and see its results before I give my opinion, I do wonder if it will play up here (outside of Alberta, our Mormon belt)
  21. I wonder if people would actually like my D&D style D20 Missionary game lol Dunno what to call it, just drew up a cover of 2 elders with the suits (as well as adventurer style backpacks) handing a Book of Mormon to an Orc. Who knows... I also wonder what that cheese was, I think it was chedder something.
  22. Oh jeez... now the past me would have ruined him with info like that, being a very vengeful person, but these days... I donno...I would probably just leave but I can understand how that's not a good point of advice, and not really even desireable especially if you like church. Maybe talk to him again? I donno... harder then I thought to give advice that isn't "destory that person's career"
  23. One cannot dispute the fact ancient egypt existed. It's there, all there. One couldn't say if tomorrow, evidence without a doubt was found, sure one could say "oh well I don't believe in Jesus talking to them or whatever" but... they'd have far smaller a leg to stand on wouldn't they. Even an athiest knows the places in the bible existed. We know where most of those places were, its the divine stuff that is where faith comes in. I think the Book of Mormon would benifit even more since people kept saying it was false then all of a sudden they find it's true. No one said that about the bible (in terms of cities existing and peoples existing, just certain people and certain events).