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  1. I'm 25 and my girlfriend is 21. We've been dating for about 2.5 months. We only ever kissed and had just started to make out a bit until my roommates all went out of town last week. Suddenly me and my girlfriend had my apartment to ourselves and each day we saw each other we got more passionate. We would make out, kiss on the neck and kiss on the arms. She would also straddle me and there was some grinding. By the end of the week I was also putting my hand under her shirt, but not touching anything inappropriate. While I felt like we were going too far, she never said anything and was participating just as much as me, so I regretfully continued this behavior. We had an argument over the weekend but yesterday we made up and ended up making out again and I ended up holding her breast for 3-5 seconds. She didn't say anything about it then and we eventually said goodnight and hugged. When I got home she texted me and told me that I can't touch her like that anymore and asked me to promise that I wouldn't. I apologized and promised it would never happen again. I feel awful about the whole situation. I feel like I disrespected her. I texted her today but she hasn't responded. I am afraid she is hurt and feeling guilty and I just feel awful for her. Also, I now feel like we need to break up. I don't know if we really need to or if I am just freaking out. But, I feel as if I can't break up with her now because I went too far. But I don't feel like we are going to get married. I just need some advice. Do we need to see the bishop? Do we need to break up?