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    Welcome Brother.
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    The 12th Doctor

    I don’t think a female Doctor will do. No offence, but he is married and that would have to be taken into account with the storyline. I think it should be someone not well known outside of G.B. . I personally liked David as the Doctor, for companions Rose for the simple fact that she and the Doctor were in love and they played it so well and it played a big part on the show. Now with Matt and Amy WOW, what a relationship, best friends, son in law, mother in law. Just wow, I cried in angels in Manhattan. The Doctor finally had a family with him and traveling.
  3. arod31

    Book Collecting

    Sorry that it has been a long time from my last post. I have just gotten a new book. Its Family Ties A Message for Fathers by L. Tom Perry. I have not finished reading this book, but from the first chapter I can say that it is good. Again I love anything that will make be a better husband, father and priesthood holder.
  4. arod31

    Testimony Meeting and Texting

    That’s a first for me. I always was under the impression that one got up to bare their testimony by the inclination of the Holy Spirit; at least that is what I do. But I do have to admit that this is a good tool to have and use to keep people from staring blankly into the walls.
  5. arod31

    A date... at your ex's place

    Wow, thats a, well wow. Id have to say over the normal and into the higher awkward portion of the spectrum. And out of the spectrum if the date knows that this is your ex's place and this is your ex.
  6. arod31

    Amateur Church Historian

    Good, question. Well how they go about doing their research, if they have tracked down actual letters, pictures and documents, and if they have visited any historical church sites.
  7. arod31

    Amateur Church Historian

    I was just wondering if there are any amateur church historians out there and if they would like to share their experiences with fellow history lovers.
  8. arod31

    Book Collecting

    I know this is not a book but can any of you Utah brothers and sisters give me any information on these LDS Church Welfare Plan Commodity tokens?
  9. arod31

    Book Collecting

    I just purchased Mormon Doctrine, but I’m not sure what edition or printing. I am working on a curve having to do all my purchases on the net and not being able to actually look at the books. And when the books get here “Kosovo” I will be able to tell, but that will take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. I did just purchase one of the gold foiled Book of Mormons, but I am trying to find more information on that edition of the BoM. On another note I can’t wait to get back home to the states to my Wife, Son and Ward.
  10. arod31

    Book Collecting

    I only eat wings like every time the wife and I order from papa johns and dominos. Oh yeah and every other week when I’m not deployed.
  11. arod31

    Book Collecting

    Can anyone tell me about a Book of Mormon with a gold foil cover with hieroglyphic characters?
  12. arod31

    Also new

    wayward and valdree, Congratulations on your baptism and welcome to I pray that you will grow stronger in your faith and I celebrate with you on your new start to eternity.
  13. arod31

    Book Collecting

    I have some bible dictionaries but they are not from the Church. I have had these from my days before membership. I studied theology and was a ordained preacher before joining the LDS Church.
  14. arod31

    Book Collecting

    I have just purchased Mormon Doctrine. I don’t know what edition or print yet, got it from amazon. I will definitely let you all know when it gets out here. It will likely take 2 to 3 weeks to get out here to Kosovo were I’m deployed to. But in the end it does not matter much to me what edition or printing it is, I was told that that is a really good book on Mormon doctrine to have to be able to study. Any comments on the book Mormon Doctrine?
  15. arod31

    Book Collecting

    So sorry to hear that. I am told that unfortunately that is the way many books end up. For example I saved my quad from a house hold that was going to throw it out because it had water damage, and let me tell you that I love this quad and I use it every day.