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  1. GreenDragon, I hear your worries. I was once very much like your son, and worried my mother constantly. Having been in a very similar situation, here is my unsolicited advise: It is my personal opinion that slapping a label on whatever your son is going through will not ‘solve’ the situation. Whether it is from God or the devil is also irrelevant: value matters little where life’s situations came FROM, but instead depends on where a person chooses to GO with the cards they are dealt. Your son is going through a rough time, is very caught up in the emotions of others (whether real or imagined) and probably has some degree of clinical depression. He wants space to sort himself out. Meanwhile your budget is strained and you need to cut the bills (you’re paying for his rent). My suggestion is to have faith: in your son and the Lord. Trust in them. Trust your son to do what’s best for himself— if he says needs time and space to sort things out, then step back and let him have it. I know how hard stepping back is for a concerned mother, but if he needs your help he knows your there for him, and you can help the minute he asks for it. If you can no longer afford your son’s rent, then step back from that too; if you don’t take care of yourself now, then you won’t be able to help your son when he asks for it. Most of all, trust in the Father to keep watch over yourself and your son: He knows what’s best. -Jane